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Ooo, nice…New Weekend Event & Freebie.

I was scrolling through the weekend events trying to find the poses and hair I want to buy but for the life of me I can’t find them. What I did find is a new weekend special offer event called “Tokyo Weekend”.

One of the shops with a discounted-priced outfit is the Cherry Bunny shop and this is not it as this top is actually one of the free group gifts.

What made this even nicer is that I’d found a box on the floor with what I think are supposed to be futuristic headphones and I’d assumed they would be the only gift I was wrong. I’d decided to have a better look around the shop and found on the wall near to the BOM items 4 gifts, this and 3 kawaii wearables.

I’m also going to give you the link to the Seraphim blog as they have as usual all the pictures of the special offers as well as LM’s.

Cherry Bunny.

Serpahim Blog.

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Cheap and Free? You might wanna be quick though.

Ignore my “OOTD” but it was the sweater that took me back to the shop I got it from to check to see if there is anything new and that’s how I found this wearable wine basket.

The LM will take you to where all the Weekend Specials Offers are for all of the shops here on this small shopping platform and that’s where I spotted two Valentine’s gifts.

The second gift is a matching his ‘n’ her outfit with a panel on the front for you to be able to put a picture of your loved one on the front….or your cat, dog etc.

Since the most romantic day of the year is well past and we’re all back to just being able to tolerate our partners I’d go now before it goes.

This is my “cheapie” and it’s the FLF offer from Ariskea.

Not only a glorious wearable cherry blossom bouquet but you get 2 small bonsai decor versions.

To make it easier to find the gifts are on the small pink stand next to the big yellow board with MUHO over the top of it…easy to see when you get there.

UPDATE: I took myself to a sandbox, just in case, and you can rezz the wearable wine basket, it’s only 3 or 4 prims as a decor item plus click on it and you get a wine glass with a pretty good AO sent to you.


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All the small things. (Dollarbie).

Yes I’m back with a bang and a rather a ill fitting Dollarbie…let me explain.

This sparkling outfit comes from the “Busra-tr” marketplace shop. A hud of 10 lovely colours and a QUALITY sparkle/shine to it.

The sad face is for a couple of reasons, only ebody-reborn, mesh body classic and SLink Hourglass fits and that’s a shame. I don’t think the split sides of the bottom part help as it looks like I’m really breaking though it when for my Legacy body its mainly that my bum is breaking though.

If you do have one of the fits listed then get this, you won’t be disappointed and maybe even if you don’t then for 1Ld worth a try but deffo not a Legacy fit.

I’m going to have a look and see if there is an inworld shop as there is literally just this one outfit on their marketplace shop.

Busra-tr. (Marketplace).

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The girl did good. (Dollarbie).

Look at what Naughty Glimmer found for me on the Marketplace.

I didn’t pay that much attention to the details as I know the shop and assumed/hoped it was going to be quality and it is.

Some lovely colours in the hud.

I now wish I’d lightened the picture as this is a lovely chocolate brown.

As always big thanks for the heads up, I may sometimes not follow up as it may already have been shown or Faith is planning on showing it etc but always appreciate any link..esp in note form.

Promagic. (Marketplace).

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If you know, you know. (Freebie, Hunt, Cheapies, Sales & Rambling).

The freebie is the sweater so let me explain.

The Petite Morte and Oubliette shops, which share the same sim, have a hunt going on. The gifts are between 10 and 20Lds and I like many can find at least one item to add to my hoard, in this case, it was going to be the pink jacket for 20Lds.

Happily for a hunt loser like me if you click the board you get a hint list which made it super easy for me to find the Love Heart that contains the gift as the gifts are scattered between the two shops and the beautifully landscaped sim.

I’m such an idiot so I reread the hint list and realised MY mistake which means I have found the hunt prize I wanted but now I’ve done this picture I’m going to stick with it.

Both shops have group gifts for us and I didn’t spot anything new but as always it may be “new to you” so check those out and at the same time there is a 50% sale going on.

PS. If anyone is wondering those boxes are what I pack the stuff I’m donating into. I am super lazy and should be more proactive but some of you know what to expect when a random box is sent to you.

Petite Morte & Oublette.

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A little boost. (Freebie).

A new shop to me and a new gift for us.

This does come in a few of the more curvy shapes as well as the Legacy which is what I’m wearing and you do get a small hud of colours to pick and choose from. Does this have a latex feel to it? I’m not sure one thing I’m sure about is that it’s FREE from the FOUR23 shop.


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I have Joy(e) in my life. (Mina’s FLF Offer).

Obviously, I already have this hair and as soon as I saw that this was Mina’s 50Ld offer my heart leapt as Joye is a go-to hair for me.

I blinked and I ain’t mad at it!

Looking at the details you don’t get the style hud included but you do get that massive colour hud, as well as the slider option. Since I didn’t need to go to Minas for this hair I don’t know if the style hud is just another 50Lds, so a total of 100Lds but as always try before you buy.


Seraphim Blog for pictures/LM’s.