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My treat. (FLF, 50Ld, Junbug Dress).

I had to check and nope this FLF offer from Junbug is not listed on the Seraphim blog post. To be fair to the Seraphim blog they’re usually on the ball with their lists so this may have been put out super late or since the group gift hasn’t changed for a very long time then maybe this and the other FLF offer also haven’t changed for a very long time.

I’m not complaining as it does mean I’ve managed to indulge my need to be a fancy pants.

I do own a few gowns in SL because I like many do occasionally tart my AV up and swan around like Lady Muck, the rest of the time I’m wearing the last item I blogged, covered in demos signs or one of my “goto” basics.

This only comes in 2 fits and both of them were a great fit even for me. There is a demo available. As for the colour it says “lemon” but although the editing has made it slightly darker to me it’s definately a light cream. If you want something bolder then the other FLF is a shoulderless gown with a tight bodice and flowing skirt that Junbug is known for.


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When you can’t see me. (10Ld Gift).

Sometimes an outfit is so good but because I can’t use one of my mesh bodies I just alpha myself out as I’d hate for you to miss a great outfit.

Purple is not my colour but as soon as I saw that beachy sand wave pattern I had to get it and since I was already in the TeleportHub Group, 10Lds, it cost me nothing extra.

It’s in the Masoon shop, bottom shelf. The Masoom group does cost to join and for 50Lds there are some very tasty clothes.


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Look again. (Bargains galore).

We all know that sometimes a group can change it’s joining fee so I’m pretty sure the Tachinni group cost more to join than the 15Lds it costs at the moment to join. As yet there isn’t a new gift out but this bikini and the “skort” & cheeky blouse are worth it for the fee alone. There is also 3 lucky boards with good prizes.

As it happens the LM is set to take you to between the Tachinni and Vision shop.

Tachinni is behind you and Vision is in front of you and that too has a super cheap group fee of just 18Lds. Again I’m pretty sure that I’ve shown you all of the gifts so you may already have them but for some of you they’re new. I can’t remember how many gifts there are in total but I will guess at about 12 in total.

Tachinni & Vision.

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My treat. (I got spendy@Redeux).

Redeux is open and even though I know that now there aren’t any freebies I still went as it’s a great way to pick up a discount/promo/special offer and of course those damned Gacha’s!

This skirt is what I treated myself to. It’s off the SK (Sweet Kajira) stall and the moment I saw it I knew I was going to buy it but I still tried the demo out as I knew it only comes in a Lara/Legacy fit and I’m happy enough with the legacy fit.

There is a matching blouse/jacket which is a separate purchase and although I did really like the blouse, the jacket is another layer, I wasn’t as keen on it as the skirt so I’ve just popped on a random top to cover my boobies up.

You only get 2 colour options at this sale price fortunately for me this peachy/orangy ombre shade is just my cup of tea.

Many of you will recognise that I’m on the Yorkshire sim. If you’ve not visited it before then it’s time you went. If any of you would like to take nice pictures but don’t feel you have the skill, confidence or photo editing skills then this sim does all the work for you. Its windlight setting is perfect for showing off your AV and outfit meaning all you have to do is pull a pose a click away.y



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It’s a drama Llama! (Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

Just look at that adorable face looking at me with love in his eyes, don’t we all need someone to look at us that way lol. Faith sent it to me as she knew I could do with a smile and I do adore animesh wearables.

So that means the freebie and cheapie are the clothes I’m wearing.

When I feel happy with my daily freebie/posts I love nothing better to old LM hop, or sim/shop wandering and it has been a long time since I’d check out the Entice shop and found the room with the group gifts, lucky boards and midnight mania.

The top is a “Third life” gift and you get plenty of fits inc my preffered SLink P so I was pleased with that. I may not keep it as I do have a lot of tops I will be keeping the shorts though.

The shorts are the Entice group gift. I just love the colour and normally studded items are not my fav but in this case I also love them. If I remember you do get a small hud of metal colours for those. Although at first glance you think spring summer team them up with a jumper and leggings thats autumn and winter sorted.


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It’s my treat to me.(30Ld Belle Epoque Gift).

Yup as soon as I saw this dress I knew I was going to buy it.

The ad for this dress is a gorgeous blue polka dot but you will see that you have not only a choice of colours but for a few more Lindens you can add the matching shoes, bag and hat. I was sorely tempted to buy the hat/facinator and I may even return to buy one.

Since it’s a Maitreya fit only try the demo first.

PS. I spotted a new Belle Epoque Group gift and unless it’s changed the Belle Epoque group only costs 10Lds.

Belle Epoque.

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Coffee drinkers delight. (113Ld gift to me).

I bought this shelf set from the The Outlet event and as a coffee addict they sang to me. Yeah in RL I do have a big selection of cups and mugs on show and even sadder is that I zoomed in on the mugs on this shelf and picked which ones I’d love to have in RL as well lol.

The details are, they’re on the DRD stand, you get those shelves inc the box ones all which are all linked and come to just 4 prims. Since there are quite a few of my decor items in the picture check out the one on the display stand to see exactly what you get for only 113Lds.

I’ve just realised that everything is happening on this shopping sim as not only do you get the Guac Hunt Hud, just outside the The Outlet build, but the Nutmeg Satelite shop is here, check out my last post about that.

This whole shopping sim has been decored in bright bold colours, some of the biggest names in SL have small satelite shops here as well. So not only can you score yourself some nice bargains from inside of the big event building but its a lovely way to kill some time and find some new wearable clothing or decor for your home.

The Outlet. (A Seraphim/Infinity Event).