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Maybe today. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

I can only show you the shorts as the bodysuit that comes with them is BOM only. It’s a shame really as the transparent bodysuit does make all the difference to this outfit however the shorts alone are quality and worth the 10Lds TeleportHub price tag.

As it happens not being able to wear the bodysuit does allow me to use one of the new boobie covering pose I bought.

To find this gift in the Believe shop you have to head to the back room and it is on the left-hand wall. There are a lot of Believe gifts as well and thats a paid for group.


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It’s a pile up. (Mina’s Saturday Sale Offer & Freebie).

Mina has a Saturday offer on for this messy big bun. Each colour palette cost 50Lds and for that, you get 30 shades in each pack and a style hud. As always I have the fringe/tendrils showing as I think it’s just more face-flattering.

I actually only have this one shade. If I remember this single shade was a one-off special and since I have a few of Mina’s messy buns I’ve not really bothered to get the fatpack of shades.

Again as always try the demo for Carmen, then try the demo’s of the others and then make your choice however for 50Ld and the big 30 colours hud/style hud you cannot go wrong with Carmen.

As for the outfit. It’s a freebie from the Dolly Daydream shop. Again I’m loving anything that has a knitted texture to it. Just as good is that the frilled top can be worn separately and at any time. You get a small hud of green, red and black versions.

The Dolly Daydream shop isn’t a big one so in the next room, you will find some lucky boards. As for the fits it has the standard ones such as legacy, Maitreya but for you slim/thick girls this range is more for the slim/tween body shapes.

Mina’s Shop.

Dolly Daydream.

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Just like eBay, buy or bid.(From Her to Me, Event).

This isn’t a freebie post as it’s all about spending Lindens.

Basically, I was at a shop checking out their Black Fridays Sale and spotted a sign, one-click later I ended up at a fundraising event.

This is to raise money for Dash Lionheart who has or is transitioning and I won’t say any more as it’s his story to tell so I’ve put the link in at the end and I too will watch it later when I have more time to pay the attention it deserves.

What I will tell you is that many of the big SL shops are here and have been so generous not just with the Auction items but also there are a lot of stalls where 100% of the sale is added to the fundraiser.

It’s going to be easy for me to find something to buy as there is a great mix of clothing, male & female, decor and since I stopped halfway through to do this post I did spot in the distance a Belle Epoque stall as well as some backdrops and poses so getting “spendy” will be no problem for me and in fact later I may tack on to the end of this post what I did buy.

If you don’t want to buy anything and only have a few Lindens to spare then you can just use one of the donating points. It may just be a few Lindens to you but the fact you cared enough is a great morale boost. Even if you can’t donate then follow the link to hear his story in his own words because in the end life is too damned short to be unhappy.

PS. This event goes on for quite a while (and yeah that means I forgot the date lol) so be prepared for a “reblog” nearer to the end date.

As promised an UPDATE which actually also includes a Dollarbie.

This is one of the backdrops from the Synnergy stall. Only 138Lds and as you can see this is a Big A**’d build. 170 prims in total. Thinking outside of the box, if you rent or want to rent a winter home for Christmas you can do no wrong in rezzing this cube in the sky and even though it’s 170 prims you don’t need that many to rezz a campfire, tent, low prim house etc. OH I’ve just remembered this build also comes with a snow hud and fireworks but I didn’t check those out.

The second purchase is this vase of Calla Lilies or known by their other name of Peace Lily.

This cost me 99Lds. You get this vase version, 2 prim, and a lovely choice of colours for the pot. You also get the same flowers minus the pot. I must say in RL I own one of these lovely shade-loving plants which is why I had to get this.

Last is not a purchase as there are 4 Dollarbies, 2 cute stuffed animals and 2 items of clothing.

YASSS lol. The funny thing is as I was writing this post I was waiting on an eBay bid to finish and literally as I clicked to update I WON my eBay bid lol.

“From her to me event”.

Dash Lionheart. (His story, Flickr Video).

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TGIF. (10Ld TeleportHub/Zoom Gift).

It’s been such a long RL day that my SLing time was limited and just as I was about to give up is when I spotted this TeleportHub gift.

It is a classic design and yes I have deliberately angled myself so I’m not flashing you. You do actually get a small crotch cover which didn’t really cover enough for this picture. As for the dress, it’s another “Classic design” which stands out from the rest of them because of that quality colour and texturing. Looks just like leather and if you look closely you can even make out the fine seams.

This is from the Zoom shop. The Zoom group does cost but only 50Lds and there are some nice prizes in the lucky boards as well as group gifts. To find the TeleportHub gift it’s just above the Zoom gifts.

TeleportHub only costs 10Lds to join and I’ve been in this group for a while as it does come up with some decent group gifts such as this dress.

PS. Luck board & group gifts are to be found on the entrance wall to your left and right of the Zoom shop.


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An even lazier sunday post. (Special Offer Mina Hair).

I would hate for you to miss this Mina hair which is her “The Saturday Sale Offer” I almost did!

This is Maya and Maya is one of Mina’s newer finer strand hairs.

Obviously I have shown you this hair before but I just don’t have the time to remodel it and describe it fully so I’m sneakily using Mina’s own picture but the basic is 75Lds for each colour pack and 50Lds for the style hud. I really reccomend you get the style hud as it doesn’t change the way the hair lies but the way the hair colour is streaked.

Anyhow I know you will try the demo out first but this hair is a winner.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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I’m such a fool! (Dollarbie(s)).

If you hop onto the TP in the Yasum shop it takes you to the outlet department where there are lots of discounted items, most seem to be 50Lds and some Dollarbies for the Yasum group.

There are a total of 3, seperate, joker hats and each one has it’s own style inc a Witchy themed one. A hud does give you some choices in the patterns and the ones in this hat are dark and subtle. I’ve just remembered this also comes with a mask which is ok just a bit small and my hair clashed with it so I took it off.

Excellent detailing on them so even though I’m not so much into accessories there was no way I could not show you this hat. BTW I’m sure they’re marked as “ultra rare” which suggests they’re rebranded gacha prizes.

There is a small amount of clothing as well for both men and women.


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You snooze you lose!(Blueberry 20Ld for 500Ld, go NOW!).

Noooo! I’ve just checked the dates and the 500Ld gift card/sale is only a 3 day event and today is the last day. So fight the lag and haul AV ass as for only 20Lds thats a heck of a lot of free credit for so little investment.

PS. If you’re wondering about the picture the skirt is an old Blueberry Gift and the top is a recent purchase from Blueberry.

Now that I’ve clicked “Publish” and failed trying to get into the Blueberry shop I’m going to tell you about the books. They come from Tentacio and sorry they’re a Lucky Board win. Normally I only blog Lucky Boards when there are so many you won’t have to wait long to win a prize or as in this case the prizes are very interesting. Only 4 boards but worth loitering for.