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Tidal wave!

o.O! Mainstore release from Neve to share. Loving the soon-to-be-summer vibe happening all over the grid, and Neve have got this new collection of separates to tempt you. The “Tidal” set is so versatile, slip into the skirt and top – you’re good to go for the day. Super pretty and ever so feminine, flared skirt and cropped to fit top. Various patterns and plains are available and of course each pack gives you four colours!

Day at the beach or pool? No worries, wriggle into the Tidal bikini briefs! Lovely delicate swirl to the trim and a really REALLY snug fit. Standard and mesh body sizes included . Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve Store

Neve market place

Neve blog for all pack info

All hair by Argrace

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Bohemian Dream in Cream.(Update)

I first saw the template of this skirt I couldn’t wait till I found it available in the shop and so as soon as I saw this  Bohemian Dream skirt top combo from  JC Davi’s shop called Davi Designs I snapped it up.

SkirtAs good as the full length mesh skirts are there is still that touch of not quite right in the way the skirt hangs at the hem but this is such an improvement.  I happily paid 299 for this plain cream skirt and a floral bustier included.  What I also appreciate is that although it comes with a matching floral bustier mesh top they are separate and so you can wear them together or as separates.  This is going to be a very versatile skirt which I can see myself wearing a lot of times and with a change of tops and accessories to create so many looks.

Skirt2I chose the Cream Dream colour but there is a small choice of English Rose or Olive Branch and all are soft and lovely colours.  Fortunately demos available so you can try before you buy but the funny thing is is that this is a shape shop and I’ve cammed and scanned and so far all she has in the clothing line is this winning look.  You will find it upstairs. Downstairs is all shapes (although they may also be skins but I am in a crashy mode so I’ve not been able to check).  The shapes don’t seem to come with demos but if she is branching out into the clothing sector then this outfit bodes well for her taste so I’ve slapped the Sub board and can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

If the landmark takes you to the little garden square  then just walk forward a bit and you will see a notice board with the TPs to the different shops and Davi Designs is the pink one right there it’s easy peasy.

Just spoken to the lovely JC Davi and she really does sound lovely and she’s informed me that she does have demos out PHEW I’m glad.  I think the demo sign just take a little bit longer to rezz or with my SL issues I didn’t see them so if you’re tempted by something just loiter and they do appear.  She also says that yes this is her first forage into clothes and has another one in the works and I said that if they’re all as good as this then she should also do really well.  Also snuck a big fat hint in about FREEBIES cos a little bit of freeness goes a long way.  As I’ve said I’ve slapped the Sub board and will keep you updated.

Davi Design

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Surfers in Space

As soon as I saw the new outfit from AtaMe I knew exactly where I was heading.  The Doomed Ship is a RP sim (can it be called a sim when everything is in the sky?).  This is a stunning, dark and brooding ship floating in the sky.  There is a background story but I’ve deleted the note, silly me, but in all honesty if your not into hard core RP then I’m sure no one minds if you mooch around enjoying the amazing graphics and design that has gone into this place but as a sign of respect to the amazing designers and people who do use this place to RP then dig out a suitable look and as long as you don’t bother anyone in RP mode I’m sure no one will mind.

Space dirt1

When you land you’ve given the choice to wear a hud and I would accept it.  It helps align you camera view so as you wander through the endless corridors or the cramped loading docks etc you’re camera angle is set to a great position.  The hud also is handy if you wish to throw yourself into the RPing aspect which I haven’t tried yet.  Don’t worry nothing dropped off when I wore it.

Space dirt 4

To get to the different levels you have to use a lift.  Click the lit panel on the side and it does take a little while for it to turn up and when it does you “sit” in the lift not walk into it.  Then click the panel to go to which ever level you wish to see.

Space dirt3This is not an “adult” RP but there are crew quarters and some fantasies can be played out in full (privacy not a guarantee though).

Crew loungeHonestly I could spend forever here taking photos and in this case I just sat on one of the stools (just out of camera angle) and admire the atmosphere.  This is the crew lounge and what you can’t see is the vast window overlooking stars and planets.

Space dirtThis is the AtaMe outfit which made me think of the Doomed Ship.  I’m wearing the non latex version because it is Lola Boob compatible and then decided not to wear the lolas for some reason. This is the Xendra Snow. A full leather look from the bikini to the leggings and arms. Chained necklace and belt complete the look. Blakc and white versions in the leather look but check out the other part of the shop and you will find the same design is wet looking shiny latex. I also couldn’t help but notice Milu Laval has now added full body tattoos to her shop.

Doomed Ship


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Believe it or not this is an Etchaflesh mesh leather jacket.  Now if you have read this blogg before you will know I am an Etchaflesh addict and usually as soon as a notice goes out about a new product I’m there in front of the queue.  I know that I do go on a bit about their waist clinching, boob busting, cheeky corsetry but they do do other stuff and this is the first, as far as I can tell, jacket from them.  At 165 Lds for this is a good price for their excellent texturing.  What got me most was that little bit of belly showing so it’s a practical and yet saucy item.  Unlike their corsets which are sized for every size ie fried eggs to ginormous boobs this jacket comes in standard mesh sizing.  Demos available and as usual a choice of colours. If your pushed for inworld time then make sure to check out their Marketplace as they have not only all the demos but loads of promos and offers.

The notice did come through that Shaodie Parx will be getting a hunt sent up as soon as RL allows and I will be the first through those doors when that happens and of course you lot will be the first to know.

I had been looking for an outfit to go with my W&Y hat/hair.  What I love about their hair is that you simply click on the hair and you get so many choices of not only hair colours but in this case the hat and even the hat bands and not shown is the feather.  I know from all the hair with flowers and accessories I have from W&Y is the choices of colours is very generous and at such a reasonable price. This hair is in the sale room for a small sum of 100Lds and others here are just 50Lds.  So much hair so little money.  Make sure to check out the rest of the shop as even full priced they’re so reasonable. LB and free hair as well.

So I’m loving the whole look and with my cowboy boots on all I need is to find out if my horse is still in my invent and we’re off for a ride.


Etchaflesh Marketplace

W&Y (Waka and Yuki)

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There I was posing and setting up props for other items but as soon as I saw this skin from Dulce Secrets I dropped everything and TPed off to grab it.  Best of all FREE because this is in fact a Runway Perfect Hunt item and it was so easy to find, so is the other hunt item which is a black pumpkin.  It was the bright blue lipstick that grabbed my attention and I just thought that the cool of the skin and lips contrasted so well with the bright shock of hair and the beautiful and yet slightly unnerving eyes.
Don’t forget Dulcie has a whole wall of 55Lds skins, freebies, Dollarbies and as you enter the shop free skins are sent to you so it’s a win win situation.

The eyes are an old subscription gift  from Plastik so I’m not sure if they’re still available but they’re called [Plastik]VaeColl.-Fool-Blood  and I must confess this photo doesn’t do them justice.  They are prim eyes, although you can wear them without the prim, and they are the best prim eyes I’ve found so far.  They look bright and dramatic in the photo but in SL in dark they’re positively luminous.  Real “eye stoppers”.  Time for me to revisit Plastik I think and see what else they have to offer.

Dulcie Secrets


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Okinawa Summer Fair=Lots of gifts, LBs and Bargains

A lovely sweet little Fair and full marks to the people who decided on the layout a simple grid pattern with rough hewn rock walls, small shops, sandy pathways and so easy to navigate which means you do not miss any of the excellent LBs, Gifts and just plain good deals.

First Freeness is this sweet mesh floral mini skirt (check out the shop with the large colourful tent outside).  It has a lovely sheen to it and soft folds make it look very realistic.  The tank top is from Jane’s and it’s her Freeness you can only get from her shop but since the pack contains whole sets of colour and layers.  Basically a colour for every outfit you own. It’s a basic Tshirt thats anything but basic.

Okinawa Summer Fair


I’m so glad I went back to check the LM because now I have this lovely bright checker board mesh dress with a scrunched up hem. Free Free Free!  In such a small and selective area they have managed to pack so many Lucky Boards and Free stuff as well as things to treat youself to well attended but not packed s.  As it happen when the free items are so good I usually go to the main shops to check out what else is there and trust me if you go you will not be dissapointed.

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Cocktails & Corsets

What a delicious combination. First is the corset which is from one of the best corset shops in SL.  I have blogged their corsets before because they provide sizes from the small to those  those whos’ bosoms enter a room before their body does.  Have to say and this doesn’t happen often for me but I felt the need to wear my clevage layer with this item because it simply lends itself to making your waist tiny and your boob busty.  New range and it comes with the great lacing at the back and tied lace details, decorative panels down the front and that clevage showing cut front. However the choices of colours patterns and corsets in this large shop is outstanding.   Blossom Clevage Corset is this ones name and  priced at 275Lds and I think ALL of their corsets are well worth the money(but check out their MP as they have some great bargains on there as well).   Popped back in because I can’t believe I forgot to mention that they also have corset accessories AND just for our lovely Steve a sexy corset for a man….if only he would.


The other part of this deliciousness is the location.  What a find, a lovely Lady called  Rug Halberd has set up a seedy, classy, naughty, cheeky, club.  Such attention to the poses is excellent even the scattered undies have amazingly great AOs to them.  I hasten to point out that this isn’t an ADULT club but definately in the mature category. If you like taking photos if you love to dance, grind and pose either for yourself or a loved one then this is the place for you.  And remember she may have done this for love and not money but if you check out behind the bar, ignore the spider, then there is a tip jar.  I think once you see what this club has to offer you too will want to tip her.

Rugs Boom Boom Blue