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Lucky Me. (Freebie).

Super quick post as RL is super busy…..and super good which makes a pleasant change!

My daily visit to S@bbia has paid off big time with their new group gift of this summer shoes.

Now back to RL……byeeeee.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Why I love S@bbia.(Freebies).

Just in case you forgot but the reason I love the S@bbia range is because I hand sew a lot. Don’t laugh at me but sewing machines scare me plus it’s hard to netflix and chill with the sound of a small airplane in your livingroom. So I get out my old sewing basket and just sit and sew stuff. One day I will up my game and sew something actually useful even wearable and I just know it will have that “homespun” look that I love with most but not all of the S@bbia range so make sure you check out the whole of the shop and if I remember correctly the Gacha’s are most reasonably priced.

Obviously this dress is the new gift and on my feet are the “old” gift. Fantastic shoes, quality loafers that do not have a “homespun” feel to them they’re so good they work with skirts, jeans, shorts etc.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Stepping out. (Freebie & TeleportHub Gift(10Ld)).

I’m not wearing an dress made from upcycling the fabric off an old deck chair lol. I spent some relaxing time LM hopping and thats how I ended up at the Pink Mango shop.

There is a wall of gifts for both free or cheap groups and this dress is a TeleportHub gift which means it’s only 10Lds.

Now for an excellent freebie from S@bbia.

Some of you may have noticed I didn’t blog any of last months S@bbia gifts which is most unusual for me as I LOVE her stuff. I just never really got around to it so I was super happy to see not only these excellent free shoes but since the other 2 easels have been removed it means soon there will be another 2 gifts out for us.

Jury Gothly has always been very generous with her gifts and although her “homespun” style of clothing may not be to everyones taste I love it and her shoes as you can see are just top quality.

Pink Mango