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Weekend Sales & Dollarbie

Spirit skirt & top $60L each. backdrop VOZ $1L

Started my w/e sales Friday night ! Just had to grab this top & skirt @ Spirit. You get the skirt in two lengths, mini and a longer one. These are in the Happy Weekend Sale for $60L each or discounted fatpacks. (I also nabbed this hair by Tram at the latest round of Collabor88) Four styles included in each pack.

VOZ Emergency bouquet dispenses wearable bouquet! $234L

If you like my bouquet in the photo above, its from this fabbo vending machine ! I saw it in a store and set off to find it and buy one for my studio. I adore using props in my pics and this VOZ machine dispenses wearable bouquets in the colours shown on the front of the vending machine.. The machine itself comes in a variety or colours to choose from, $234L each and only 2Li. My backdrop is also from VOZ a dollarbie on the market place link below.

Tram @ Collabor88


Voz Store

Voz dollarbie backdrop

The Saturday Sale

30L Saturday

Wanderlust Weekend


Energy Weekend Price

99 Sale

Happy Weekend Sale

Kinky 69

Manly Weekend

Beauty 60

Miix Weekend

Secret Sale – Hud location

SL Home & Decor

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It’s a struggle so I gave in. (30Ld Gift(sss)).

The shops/designers/sellers have been so generous over the past months with the gifts that it’s been a struggle to find a new decent freebie/cheapie but I’ve believed I have found it. If you join the Adorsey group for only 30Lds there are 6 items of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes and 2 items of jewellery for just that small price. I remember a couple of the items so I’ve probably blogged them but I don’t remember this outfit so it’s NEW, at least to me lol.

I would have loved to show you all the bits n bobs that go to make this a pretty adaptable outfit but I’ve run out of time so I’m just going to have to bore you telling you about them so if you want to miss that just head onto the LM and remember that this and the other gifts do cost 30Ld to join the group and you will need to pay 1Ld which is refunded.

The details are that the sweater/leggings are linked but using the hud you can remove the leggings and just wear the sweater on its own which is long enough to be a dress and although I’ve got my arms crossed the front of the top is lovely and deep but you’re not flashing boobies. The hud is a fatpack of colours and also options as you can with a click change almost everything from the metals to the colour of the hem. I’ve also just realised that you can also change the bottom part of the sweater/dress which makes it look much more like a blouse/skirt combo.

This is really a top-quality gift in both the styling of it as well as the colours and it alone is worth the joining fee but don’t forget there are other gifts as well.


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Just in case you’ve missed it. (List of, nearly, all of the Black Friday Sales & a Dollarbie).

Blimey, the weather is wild outside so much so I couldn’t sleep and since I’m in the middle of completely redesigning my landscaping I did what every SL addict does and logged in instead of being tucked up in bed.

I thought Faith might have done a post about the BIG A** list of shops that are having a Black Friday sale which the Seraphin blog has done. Yes, that does include Mina Nakamura’s shop. A generous 50% off all her hairs, obviously I’m wearing an example of one of them, so this is the time to TP to Mina’s and pick up a hair or two.

The reason I have “nearly” in the title is that although they have done an outstanding job compiling all the shops I know for example the Fanatik shop isn’t on the list but does have a 30% discount on sales. So just in case you can’t see your fav shop on the list still pop over and check it out.

As for the sink? It’s the Dollarbie.

As I was relaying the excellent stone flooring although I know it’s not free I did remember that this shop did have some dollarbies and yes they’re still there and this sink is certainly new to me. I think I showed you the fountain in that old post. Amazing when you also consider this whole set-up is just 1prim! It’s the “Qutworld” link I’ve given.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim. (Black Friday List & LM’s)

QUTWORLD. (Marketplace).

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More than Landscaping. (Group Gifts).

It’s funny that in all the times I’ve visited the LOVE superstore I’ve never really paid much attention to the boards showing the clothing offers as it’s the landscaping and weekly offers I go for but this time I checked and to my surprise yeah, LOVE has 2 clothing shops on a shared platform!

The LOVE group costs 10Lds to join and next to the LM are a few group gifts, a top, a couple of dresses etc “classic” in design and a wearable heart thingi. Then you have this outfit!

Pretty stand-out outfit for sure and the added hud means you can play with all the colours. I will say that the dress and hardness are linked and the same for the mask and headdress

I TP’d to the landscaping shop to make sure the group tag works there as well and it does. Although the group gifts there haven’t changed for a long time if you haven’t got it then hop on the yoga rug as not only does it have some really smooth yoga poses in it it also makes a really good decor item.

PS. Faith just did a post on the Wanderlust weekly gift but I’ve just bought the “Winter branch/bush cluster” pack for only 50Lds. Every time I visit I walk away with something from that shop! There is also a “Primpal” system which looks pretty interesting and it too is on offer for 50Lds.

LOVE Superstore. (Fashion)

LOVE Superstore. (Landscaping).

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Calling all Magpies. (Freebie, Bargains & Lots of Temptation).

It’s now my regular routine as I’m slurping my second cup of coffee to check the weekend sales that Faith regularly posts on and I will say this weekend I have a shopping list as there are some tempting quality bargains to be had.

It is also how I ended up at the Fantasy Illumination/Fantasy China shop. Here is the subscriber’s gift which I will say is OK. A simple balloon with twinkly string, low prim etc and yeah you can see I’m not overly excited by it.

What has got me excited is all of the super pretty twinkly decor items, both for the garden and home for sale in this shop.

Although there is a whole area of special offers such as 35Ld Sunday Sale, 30Ld Sat Sale, Energy Weekend Sale etc I just had to check out the whole shop as I am a bit like a Magpie in that I love sparkly things and this shop is full of sparkly things.

I did manage to reign myself in as I’m not planning on changing the sim to a wintery look till the start of December and although the decor in this shop isn’t just for winter/Christmas etc I can see a few of the decor items places in and around my home as a feature when I do change from Autumn to Winter so I will be picking up one of the weekend offers, the Sunday one which isn’t set for sale yet, and then I will when our sim has been coated in snow return for some feature sparkles.

As for the gift, it’s a subscribers gift and you will find it under the curved staircase.

PS. I think this is part of the Fantasy China shop.

Fantasy Illuminations.

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An even lazier sunday post. (Special Offer Mina Hair).

I would hate for you to miss this Mina hair which is her “The Saturday Sale Offer” I almost did!

This is Maya and Maya is one of Mina’s newer finer strand hairs.

Obviously I have shown you this hair before but I just don’t have the time to remodel it and describe it fully so I’m sneakily using Mina’s own picture but the basic is 75Lds for each colour pack and 50Lds for the style hud. I really reccomend you get the style hud as it doesn’t change the way the hair lies but the way the hair colour is streaked.

Anyhow I know you will try the demo out first but this hair is a winner.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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Fan-Tastic. (Freebie).

This really lovely top comes from a shop called “TASTIC” and it is. I spotted that there are 3 sets of gifts for both free or cheap groups. There are some over the reception desk, some at the bottom of the stairs and this one is to be found on the wall in the room to your left.

Just a lovely simple, peachy top and I’m so pleased with it. This is a SL Mesh Body group gift.

PS. I had another wander around the TASTIC shop which is how I found both the Lucky Boards as well as the Harmony Hunt prize…hint use the appropriate TP.