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Fan-Tastic. (Freebie).

This really lovely top comes from a shop called “TASTIC” and it is. I spotted that there are 3 sets of gifts for both free or cheap groups. There are some over the reception desk, some at the bottom of the stairs and this one is to be found on the wall in the room to your left.

Just a lovely simple, peachy top and I’m so pleased with it. This is a SL Mesh Body group gift.

PS. I had another wander around the TASTIC shop which is how I found both the Lucky Boards as well as the Harmony Hunt prize…hint use the appropriate TP.


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Sods Law. (Freebie & FLF Offer).

I was going to save this free outfit for tomorrow as I have plans on how I’m spending my sunday in SL. So I was happy to stumble upon this new september group gift from the Lurve shop only for a message literally to go out in a free group about it as I’m pulling this pose!!! Thats where the “Sods Law” of the title comes from as it’s an old English saying which means “if something can go wrong, it will” and so “my scoop” will be popping up in many groups lol.

Never mind, I’m very pleased with it as even though it comes in a lot of mesh fits inc the old standard mesh sizes it doesn’t feel that old. A nice blush pink colour, lovely lace pattern on the skirt and of course folds and wrinkles.

You will find this new gift on the reception desk but check out the back of the wall behind the desk for other gifts for other free or cheap groups. I have blogged most if not all of them previously.

The other “Classic” is this hair and it’s not a Mina! I know shocking but I do try a lot of demo’s and in this case this FLF offer from Exile was just too good not to buy! It’s classy, elegant and flattering and even better a great fit. Only 5 colours in the hud but they’re very servicable. This hair is so good check out Faiths last post as she too couldn’t resist it and is wearing the same hair…twinsies lol.

As for me tomorrow I’m planning on spending some quality time changing my landscaping to a more Autumnal theme/shades so think of this post as sundays post and not todays post lol.



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Weekend Sales – Which am I doing?

Lamb Hair Tease 75L

I’ve already started my weekend sales ! Had to get my paws on this gorgeous hair by Lamb called “Tease” its their offering for The Saturday Sale – and comes with a style hud for just $75L ! I got the dark blondes pack – love it ❤ Listed below are all the sales I shall be scoping out – might see you there?!

P.S – if you want the above outfit for free read the post below !


The Saturday Sale

Energy Price Weekend – scroll to the end of the gallery for the free gifts!


30L Saturday

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I’m such a bad girl. (Freebie(ss)).

The Versov shop has a total of 8 gifts out for us, 3 sneakers, 2 heels, 1 pair of sliders, 1 braclet and the ankle monitor I’m wearing.

These sneakers/trainers are new to me and just like the rest of the shoes you get a fatpack of not just colours but fits including M&F fits.

The Versov group is free to join since the gifts are such good quality I’d actually pay to join to get them so to get such shop quality trainers/shoes for free is always lovely and just to top it all, apart from the heeled shoes, you get M & F fits AND they’re all fatpacks!

You will find these on the front of the reception desk at the back of the shop. For once I’ve spent a little time wandering around the shop and spotted a pair of clog style shoe which I don’t need but I really want so I did price check it and yes group members do get a discount but I decided to log out and then when I return I will check the rest of the shops and the ones nearby as today I want to wander SL, check out old LM’s and of course S@bbia in the hopes to find something new to us all.


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OOTD with a lot going on.

This is going to be a hot mess of a post as there is a little bit of everything but I’ve put a title at the top of each chapter so you can pick and chose what you’d like to read about.

First the “OOTD” which of course stands for “Outfit of the day” and sorry nothing was free. Mind you it is a classic case of grabbing the special offers of shop credit/gift cards when they’re on offer.


The jeans are from Blueberry and they’re all round excellent from the fit to the texturing so these are what you see most when I’m showing off a top. If you want to be supersexy then you could wear the unzipped versio included in the pack. For obvious reasons even though you don’t get to see that much it’s not a version I can wear often in pictures. Sadly the gift of shop credit for their 9th year in SL is finished it does mean though that if you managed to get this credit then the shop is quiet enough for you to visit and spend it. Don’t forget for I think 20Lds group membership there are gifts worth so much more than that.


The jacket/top combo is another shop credit score for me. You will have seen a few things/posts from me about the Bumbleebee shop and for new group members the free 200Lds worth of shop credit. There is also a wall of Lucky Boards and I think I’ve won everything and kept everything. To me the Bumblebee shop is the Marks and Spenser of SL. I own a LOT of the Bumblebee range so much so it’s been hard to pick anything new up since I already own so much.


Since it’s Monday I will be popping into Apple Fall as all you need to do is pop in and then pop out and you will be registered for the “mondays perk” where you can win either 2500Ld shop credit or the Lindens. You know I’d ask for the shop credit lol. I own omg so much of the Apple Fall range everything from the big builds down to the smallest of teacups. Many years ago they had a big sale where everything was 50Ld and I went insane!!!! Since then the shop seems to be smaller, that maybe because it has a much better layout, and lots and lots of fresh new stuff and so if I won I’d easliy spend the shop credit. I keep on meaning to go back when it’s quiet to see if there are any new decor gifts hidden in the shop. If you do go remember at the back of the shop there is a board on the wall, click on that and it takes you to the outlet dept.


“The Boss is away”, is a amazing yardsale shop. There are 2 main area’s and in one of them all the normal Gacha’ prizes are just 19Lds!!! Hold on as there is even more as all rares are just 199Lds! Yup so cheap and it’s a BIG yardsale, tbh it’s almost overwhelming so I often find myself popping in and out as those bargains soon add up. The items in the second area, through the gateway, have prices that have been set by the seller so there maybe bargains but I think most things will be sold at the standard gacha price.

I then decided to join the “The boss is away” group for 1Ld and found that it’s actually quite active with posts about other yardsales esp small private ones and that is where I found my new kitchen unit that you can see in the background. It cost me 250Ld as it was a private yardsale, not sure if it’s a rare what I’m sure of is that its just want I wanted so I was more than happy to treat myself to it.


I’m addicted to the Alaskametro range. As standard with demo’s you get 1 wearable demo so I have a lot of these and I have also bought a lot of their products. I just think this brand suits my face and looks so natural on me. If I remember correctly there are group gift and the group costs about 50Ld. This is all a guess as I’m not going over to check it out as I will end up buying more make up.


It’s a Mina of course. Mina’s hairs do age extremely well but it’s getting harder to keep the older ones when the newer ones are so freaking lovely. This hair isn’t available yet, it’s from the next Uber which I do believe is tomorrow. So I will do another post on it when the event is open I just couldn’t help myself and show you it as that colouring!!!

Blueberry.(The Gift Card has now gone which means the shop is quiet enough for you to grab the group gifts and/or spend your credit).

Bumblebee. (Jacket and Group Gifts/Lucky Boards).

Apple Fall.

The Boss Is Away Yardsale.

Alaskametro. (Makeup).

Mina Hair. (Demo is NOT out as yet).

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LOVE costs 50Lds. (Mention of Bargain Mina Hair).

As usualy my visit to the LOVE landscaping shop has cost me Lindens but at only 50Lds each item I ain’t complaining.

I went for the super cute Wanderlust discounted item and as nice as they are, little fairies, I changed my mind and bought this gorgeous arch instead.

Lovely delicate leaves with those small bright lights and only 3 or 4 prims. I bought the smaller version but if you do want a larger version there is one for sale for only 50Lds.

Now check out the grasses under it. Another 50Lds for a fat pack of 20 different types and 1 “Summer Breeze Fluff” which are small pale seed heads(?) gently floating by.

Can’t wait till I log in and check out the rest of them and it will be time to start tweaking my landscaping to take advantage of these new grasses.

I also bought the seasonal tree fatpack which I’ve not rezzed yet and you can see that as well as the things I have shown you as there are full examples rezzed at the LOVE LM.


As for the Mina, I don’t have it! I know I did have it so I word searched my invent and then in case I’d mislabelled it I scrolled and scrolled and nope it’s not there. So I’m going to have to assume I’ve deleted it. I don’t really want to bother Mina or her blogger manager to have a new copy sent out and I also don’t want you to miss out on good Mina hair so I’m putting the link to the Seraphim blog which covers everything for sale and thats where you can see the Mina hair and the LOVE Fairies

Serpahim WanderLust Weekend Pictures & LM’s.

LOVE, Gardens and Homes.


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A little bit of Avo. (Freebie & 25 Hunt Prize).

What is more disgusting that olives? Avocado’s of course and don’t even get me started on Corriander! So now I’ve confessed to my hatered of these very popular food items I do love Nutmeg both the spice and SL shop.

Most of us will have seen the “Rock out with your guac” hunt as the board/posters in the shops involved in this hunt are pretty big and bold in colour.

These gifts/prizes cost between 0-25Lds and in this case the mirror on the wall is the 25Ld gift from Nutmeg. BUT check out that heap of throws and blankets on the stool as they’re a NEW Nutmeg group gift so FREEEEEE! It is 11 prims and non edit as it messes with the mesh but superb Nutmeg quality and comes with poses.

You don’t need the Hud but I’d 100% recomend you get it as you can easily TP to the different shops involved plus you get the hints with the hud. So I’m gonna link you to the Seraphim blog where you can get the Hud sent to you inworld and you can also see the prizes. A nice mix of decor and clothing from some of the big shops.

I’m going to go and find the 2 miserious gifts from Concept.

PS. It’s not a guacamole you’re looking for it’s a bright maracca.

PPS. Don’t go looking in the larger Nutmeg shop as there maybe a copy of the group gift there the hunt prize is in a smaller satelite shop, so use the Hud to TP you to that shop.

Seraphim Blog. (Hud and pictures).