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Super Scenic. (New S@bbia Group Gift & Rental Sim’s).

First the freebie and then the waffle. Obviously, it’s a S@bbia freebie as not only is the name in the title it’s a classic S@bbia design…and you all know I love the S@bbia “homespun” look. So get on over and grab it.

Waffle time now so feel free to skip it.

I’m so lucky in that not only do I live close to a large city but also to the seaside and stunning countryside so this backdrop is so familiar to me. It’s as though someone has taken a picture of a village I know and uploaded it into SL. As it happens this is a rental sim, one of many with different themes and for this quality expect to pay big Lindens but not unreasonable Lindens and here is why.

I’ve not visited all the sims as yet but what I have seen so far is that the homes are all unique and different builds, furnished with the best SL designs there are and the gardens and sims are landscaped beautifully and they’re so well spaced out that you would think you owned the whole sim. If we didn’t rent our own land in SL I’d rent here.

They have a really good website and you’re allowed to visit the sims to take pictures and spend some time there, just don’t try to go into people’s homes. You can also see the vacancies, not that there are many and the price list. I’m logging in and with a cup of coffee in one hand, I’m going to have a good mooch around.


soul2soul (Lm’s).

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Free Living

Dollarbie Skybox & Window scene

I came across this sky box on the market place this morning – quite different from the styles I usually look at. Its modern and sleek, with a large living / office space on the lower level and a large raised space to the rear. Very stylish ! I also found the window scene (also a dollarbie) so you have the option of stars & moon view or the usual Second Life view ! Size is 18 x 20, land impact 40 plus a couple more for the window scene if you use it.

Sky Box

Stars Scene

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Crawl back into your Cave (Free)

I love a home, but even more I love a free unusual home ! Spotted this cave home by Felix for free on the market place. Its deceptively gorgeous and Id actually use it as a home or perhaps a retreat to retire too. The interior is rough stone with nooks and crannies that would suit decorating and adding some cosy touches. Amazingly its only 8Li (that includes the door which is scripted) I plonked it on the hill beside Zans home and it just sort of blended right in.

Cave home