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Stoopid Fangirl! (Free & New Mina Hair).

First the free then the hair and then the blabbiness…cos no one needs to be bored by me.

I went to the Belle Epoque shop to check out the weekend offers, very tempting, but I resisted. Before I left I checked out the Belle Epoque gifts as well as the free gifts on the entrance wall and found this…is it new? New to me at least and it comes in both Maitreya and Legacy fits.

Get used to this hair as I’m just showing you this one picture of it but trust me this is going to be one of my “go-to” hairs and I will be using it in the next few posts so you can see some more of the lovely hair colours, the shape and textures for the hairband.

If you can’t wait then this hair, Adeline, is on sale @FaMESHed. Since this started just yesterday then good luck trying to get in, so as always I will give you the link to Mina’s main shop so you can try it out lag-free.

As for the “Fangirl”, I actually bumped into the real Mina in her shop when I was checking to see if the Demo was out and yeah I fangirled but you see I LOVE and have always loved the Mina range.

Many years ago both Faith and I blogged for some big and small shops in SL but we made the decision to drop or be dropped from shops and that allowed us to be freer in both what we show you as well as how we spend our SL time. However, Mina’s is the only shop that I still blog for. Yeah of course I look and buy other hair, you’d probably be shocked at how many I own but trust me I do NOT have to use only Mina’s hairs in fact I don’t even have to blog all of her hairs, do a certain amount of posts or report each post I do on her hairs. So the only reason I am nearly always wearing Mina’s hair is that both the styling and colour palettes just work and not because I don’t have any choice…I mean how lucky am I!

At this moment I’m slowly working my way through all of the older Mina’s hair’s to either box them up (I simply cannot bring myself to delete any of her hairs lol) or keep them unboxed as they’re as wearable now as when I first got them. I’m trying each hair on as I go and I can see how much the Mina range has grown esp over the past couple of years with the introduction of the finer layers and the new colours in the big colour palettes. I know that the prices for hairs have gone up but this is the same across all of the hair shops and what do I always can’t scrimp on hair or skin. They’re the two items that it’s worth paying for.

PS. If you like supporting small family businesses then that is what Mina’s is!

Mina’s Mainshop.

FaMESHed. (Seraphim Blog for Pictures & LM’s).

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How annoying! (Mina’s Saturday Offer).

SL has been a borking pain in my Legacy ass since I did my last post! It’s been more annoying because I spotted that Mina has put one of her newest hairs out, Nona, as a Saturday Offer.

Sorry, I only managed to get one photo before I decided I’d had it with SL and although it’s a good photo I’m not showing you the really nice ponytail…so I’m cheating and here is Mina’s picture.

As you can see it can be worn with or without the fringe and if you scroll back to my most recent “OK now for the freebie” post you will see the same hair on me without the fringe.

This 75Ls offer is for just 2 of the packs and the other 2 are at a discounted rate of 350Lds. I was so right, there are NEW colours blends.

For me, if I was limited to 1 purchase I think I would always go for the “Highlight” packs as the strands of colours just seem to “highlight” the fineness. As always try out the demos for yourself and tbh at that price plus the fact each colour pack has about 32(I forgot to count) colours on average plus you get a slider option to tweak those colours even more if you wish but always make a copy before you start messin with the shadin(sic).


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Try now buy later. (New Mina).

In Mina’s pictures, she’s chosen to use the more “Gothic” shades from the fatpack so I went for a more natural shade as I think it’s the one we most go for. I will say that I am about 99% sure there are also some new “juicy” shades in the pack and by that I mean, blended oranges, pinks, yellow even. I could be wrong but when I opened the fatpack my first thought was “those are new”.

The natural shade shows off not just the fineness of the strands but in the next picture, you can see another delicate new detail which I almost missed until I cammed around my head to see how it looks from all angles.

The way those fine strands have been pulled together and tied with a tiny hair covered tie is such delicate work.

I’ve taken these photos just in the sim light settings as I’m having fun with some new landscaping plus I wanted to show how since my first pictures of my new head a few tweaks have made all the difference.

I will also say that after having spent quite a few days checking out hair shops and even buying a Tram hair, returning for another one soon, it’s made me realise again how “wearable” Mina’s hairs are. I will have to spend some time and pack up the older ones but since I know that there are some hairs from 4+ years ago that still look good I’m going to have to try each and every hair on before I pack it away so I can keep the ones that have stood the test of time and of course the new ones.

Since this is for sale at the FaMESHed Event I will suggest you go to Mina’s to try on the demos before you head on over to the event…I’ve just spotted it has 2 cam sims and you know when you see that it’s a popular event.



Cam Sim 1.

Cam Sim 2.

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Cheap, Free & Dollarbie. (FLF, Freebie & Hunt Info).

Mina has one of her newest hairs as a FLF offer!

This hair is called “Pepper”. I find for me personally that hair that drapes over your front just doesn’t look that good on me but Mina has in my opinion cracked it. Pepper is one of her newer/finer stranded hair and to get this with its style hud and massive colour palette for only 50Lds is just too good not to. And that’s probably why the shop was packed when I was taking this picture…and it was still packed when I logged back in to LM grab!

PS. The top is the “free” which has been blogged I think by me however it is acting as a reminder to haul AV ass over to the Uber event now that it has calmed down as the gifts under the tree may not be there much longer…UPDATE: Uber shuts its doors on the 22nd so don’t delay.

Now for the “Dollarbie” and something completely different.

I spotted that the Harmony Hunt is up and running so I scrolled through the pictures and spotted a stunning wearable owl. That is one of the hunt prizes from the Goddess shop. I haven’t found any of the mushrooms which is what you’re looking for and I’ve run out of time so I will return later.

What I did find was this gift which is on a poster in the entrance area. Look high on the left-hand wall and you will see the purple lettering next to the poster for this. I think you do need to join a free group as well as pay 1Ld but I can’t log back in to check if the 1Ld is refunded.

I just thought this was cute, with the small birdhouses and little birds all along the branches and the lovely way the lights highlight it. I think it was 10 or 12 prims, you do get options ie with or without grass, lights but I don’t think that makes much difference to the prims.

Mina’s Main Shop.

FLF Seraphim. (Pictures & LM’s).

UBER. (End Date is 22 Jan)

Harmony Hunt. (Inworld Office to get the Hud).

Goddess Creations.