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Babies can eat your prims !

I know having a baby in Second Life isn’t for everyone…but…I also know a lot of people totally get into it…like Player and I. We have had babies since around late 2007 and have seen them progress in design & features rapidly . The babies you can get now are sooo lifelike..with many features..and they are so much fun!

Anywayyy…the latest addition to our brood is our daughter Aurora, and like any doting parents , after the birth, we dashed about splurging money on things for her (clothing,nappies,food) appliances such as a bath, changing table, wardrobe crib etc..the list was endless and I can still recall the day Player came home brandishing huge boxes of goodies for his little girl (not me, the baby!). After a few months of buying into the whole nappies and food routine (Aurora is a zooby baby and they can be fed and changed in exchange for earning “tokens” to get toys) I decided enough was enough..we enjoyed the experience of her without all these trappings. I kept the wardrobe as it’s an easy way to change her clothes (wasnt chuffed when  four days after purchasing it zooby released an upgrade that all clothing would now go into but NOT the one I had bought tsk) SO I removed all the rather primtastic gear that came with the token regime (changing table,highchair,bath etc) and looked for some alternatives, that not only would be affordable but also use up less prims.

Wow I was super surprised to find that the market place is awash with baby goodies…of course it isn’t scripted to use with a zooby baby…but the zooby babies are brilliant (totally worth the cash) you can pose and place them on doesnt HAVE to be a zooby brand. I found this quaint shabby chic crib by Monike Vaniva..the side drops down and goes up…isn’t it gorgeous?! At 23 prims it isnt too hungry and it costs just 10L…the rug is also a market place find from  Demona Luv, only 5 L and sooper cute.

Next I found this amazing set from “staicy,s online shop” you get everything for 1L *faints*. I really loved this has everything you could possibly need with a few extras ! I seem to recall most parts of the main furniture were under 10 deliciously low impact..and so beautifully made. I tried it out with Aurora…and she fitted into each piece easily..loved the 1 prim elephant awww ,even the mobile over the crib rotates…such a steal !

I also snapped up this storage dresser as a decorative piece from Lino’s Co. It set me back 1L and is 1 prim..these are the sort of pieces you need to bulk out a room without breaking your prim budget. Lovely texture on the front (lots more wood colours available for this ) …the rug is from the set above, as is the giraffe , which has a sit poses for adults in it.

So there you have it…low prim, low-cost can be done for your babies …I’m not saying the zooby furniture isn’t great – it is- they have many many scripted features, isnt strictly nessescary to have a great baby experience if prims and costs are close to your heart.


staicy,s online shop – for complete nursery

Lino’s Co. – for 1 prim dresser

Monike Vaniva – for shabby chic drop side crib

 Demona Luv for- zoo rug