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Waiting for Jack to come. (Just a LM).

A random TP took me to the Titanic so naturally the first thing I did was walk to the prow and hop on the pose ball and wait for Jack to come along…he didn’t.

It won’t surprise many that this is yet another film I’ve not seen and have no intention of ever watching.

If you check out my butt you can just about make out the blue ball pose ball so if you and another want to strike an instagramable picture pose then use the LM and hop on. BTW That stinky expression is the one I pulled lol and not in the pose ball.

I did have a bit of a walk around and most of this build is just blank rooms as all the prims have been used for the size of this build and the detailed decks that go all the way around. About half way you have the equally as famous lush wood stair case as well as a TP. The TP takes you to a platform with a few backstreet backdrops for you to use.

PS. Yes thats the Maya hair which is Mina’s “The Saturday Sale Offer”. Obviously because I’ve used a more dramatic cinematic edit which is appropriate to the ship but this hair does have the fine strands and a sheen to it that changes depending on the windlight.

The Titanic.