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Dench Designs 50% Discount !

50 DISCOUNT @ Dench Designs For the love of Pugs $40L!

A whole host of items at Dench Designs are 50% discounted ! To celebrate Amanda’s SL 15th Rez day we get the gift – thanks Amanda ❤ Sooo I had a mooch around and of course instantly fell in want with this dear little pug – you pay the vendor and then you get the 50% refunded to you – he cost me just $40L !

For the love of Pug Ad 2

As you can see above – the pug is animated and has five poses, all selected from the bed. I cant imagine my SL without pets and I’ve added this little darling to my menagerie. There’s just something about having a moving pet (with sound effects) that makes your SL home more homely. This special discount ends on the 27th February.

PS. I’ve named him Prince Puffle.

Happy Rez day Amanda!

For The Love of Pug

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

$25L SALE !

Culprit gacha sale - $25L !

Oh wow ! Culprit has a range of their fantastical gahca items for sale most are just $25L a pop (ALL the ones I played were $25L) Now if you haven’t experienced anything from Culprit you’re in for a BIG surprise – they are just awesomesauce and a little bit more. Id never seen the frog gacha before so had a few whirls on it and voila – won me a rare rideable !!! The animations are just SO funny I adore them.

Culprit gacha sale $25L per pop!

Also tried the Qilin gacha – really fantasy based – rideables and companions to get – I seemed to get rares very easily – dead chuffed.

Culprit gacha sale $25L

Of courrrrse I had to have more of the Unicorns ! I’ve got a few of these but Id never managed to get THIS rare rideable – made my heart smile. The animations are so easy to use – no ao or hud to wear, wear it and walk, or run . Make sure to turn your AO off first.