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I’m back and still free or cheap. (Freebies & Cheapie).

Yeah, the jeans and boots are the same jeans and boots you will see in every group notice as they’re Coco Designs newest gifts and we all love their quality gifts.

I think the colour of the jeans is called Khaki but they’re more like mustard colour to me and that is the only yellowish colour I like so I’m really pleased with them especially since I’ve deleted many jeans out of my invent. The boots are Chelsea boots and they too are a new gift.

The sweater is a re, re, reblog as this 10Ld fatpack of colours from the Ello shop is my “goto” sweater in SL. Don’t worry if you don’t have any money as there are still the Coco Design Sweaters you can pick up.

Coco Design.

Ello. (Sweater, Marketplace Only).