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I’m in Love With This <3

1Li Grand Piano filled with classic music ! (black or white)

I checked my inventory before I parted with my cash – and yes, I have a huge amount of pianos already. However, this just stole my heart. Not only is it just 1Li but it is stuffed with the most glorious piano music, mostly classic (my favourite) but also a couple of more modern pieces. This grand piano comes in white, as above, but also black. I just cant fault it, none of that annoying flicker you see on some 1Li items, just beautifully made – Perfect. I had to splash a bit of cash to own it £500L to be exact, but gosh its so worth it. It comes with a superb piano playing animation for both male & females plus a couple of sitting/relaxing poses for each.

Dekute Dekore

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It’s a Plug!

One of my friends has just contacted me as they need “bums on seats” as we say and she needs my bum to join the orchestra and perform. This should be interesting and something new for me to do in SL because really my SL life is pretty boring. I’ve got my black dress sorted, picked out my hair and make-up and the day/date earmarked (Sunday 13th, 10-11am). You wanna join us? Just think of all the posh dresses/gowns or suits you have in your invent and never get to wear, its time to dust them off and just sit back and enjoy some classical music.

I don’t know if Fly Kugin needs anyone for the orchestra but like many events in SL, any help to boost audience numbers is much appreciated. So if you want to contact her and see if there is a space for you or just come and join us.

The lady who contacted me is called Fly Kugin and I will put the link to her website. I’d also got a note with a lot more details and names of others involved with this as this sort of thing takes a team to pull together but I don’t have that to hand.

UPDATE: I’m looking at her website and she has a whole list of upcoming events so if you want to check those out as well. Also, I need to check the timing to see if that is SL time…going to assume it is.

Fly Kugin Blog.

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Fantasy Fair 2022 – playable instruments!

Fantasy Fair 50 Menu Drive Giraffe Harp Piano

Forgive me for fooling around with photo editing but I really wanted this piece to POP ! This is the “Giraffe Harp Piano” and its a collaboration by Ever Green and Meriadne Merlin who owns House of Byzantine. Its absolutely one of the best instruments I’ve ever had the pleasure to play in Second Life. Bento animations for the player and also a second person can join in, sway, stand & listen, applaud. Naturally it has texture changes on almost every part, including the keys, the sheet music and stool. You can go from a really classic black to a metal style front panel – many choices of wood textures! Shabby textures and pristine for the cushion on the stool in the menu too . This item is in the Biedermeier style circa 1850 with unique music from Mozart and Clementi – superb music !

Giraffe Harp Piano @ The Fantasy Fair

A little close up peek at the keys & sheet music – so realistic.

Fantasy Fair 50 discount - Trigintaphonium

Now something entirely different! This is the “Trigintaphonium” yes that’s right ! I’ve never heard of this instrument but its a lot of fun. Texture change for the pipes (there are 30) and it plays four unique musical scores OR you can choose to thump away on the pipes freestyle! In this texture I think its really suited to a jungle or beach setting, the other textures would blend in well pretty much anywhere.

Evergreen is on the Broceliande Sim

All Fantasy Fair Sims to be found here with teleports

All about the Fantasy Fair

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Toggle For Music

If you are into the music scene in Second Life then this might be the blog for you. From performers to venues , its got it all. Check it out if you’re looking for some live tunes and some exciting events to attend.

Toggle For Music Blog

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Date For Your Diary !

What  a year we’ve all had so far huh? I deffo need something to look forward to, something to cheer my heart – I have just the thing to do that! Thera D is making a comeback, for those of you who are or were regulars on the music scene in SL this will be fantastic news.  Her wide repertoire covers many genres of music, sometimes depending on her mood but ultimately aimed to please her audience, as she moves seamlessly. through romantic ballads, modern pop, sultry jazz and energizing swing. December the 5th is the date and its only three days away.

The venue is super cool, I popped over to scope it out this morning. Lyric’s Smoke Shop is classy and unique. If I can stay awake I’ll be there – wave to me if you see me !

Lyric’s Smoke Shop