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Meet Joni & Delilah (Not Free & Freebie).

When I first saw a picture of this new Mina hair it made me instantly check my profile picture. I’ve not updated my profile picture deliberately as even though it was taken when mesh heads/bodies and maybe even hands weren’t a thing in SL, because that picture summed up the essence of the RL me. Although you can’t see it I know that this new hair has the same feel/styling to it as this new hair.

Although I am wearing the fringe/bangs in this photo it’s only to show off how good the fringe looks. For me sometimes fringes can look great and sometimes not so great and I’d assumed this heavy fringe would be the “not-so-great version but in this case, it works really well. As almost standard now you get a style hud which allows you to remove the fringe and hair strands and a big fat hud of colours no matter which colour pack you buy.

This is even how I used to style my RL hair on a lazy can’t be bothered day so this hair is just bring back sweet memories for me.

That means the dress is the freebie. I do believe the Mishmash Fushion shop is usually a paid-for group but till the end of the month its free to join, there is a gift for men and a 50% sale,

Mina’s Mainshop. (Demo)

Tannenbaum Holiday Event.(To buy the Mina hair).

Mishmash Fusion.

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A sweet start. (Mina’s FLF Offer).

Casey is one of my fav Mina hairs and I know I say that often but it’s true because just look at it.

This is just a perfect hat/hair. The texture on the hat is so realistic and you get a hud of 9 different patterns from this leather look to a very bold retro pattern. Also, you can choose which hair colour pack to buy, Ombre or Natural, and each pack has a massive hud of hair colours.

To get this hair for only 50Lds is such a bargain but if you have a few Lindens spare and like hats then Mina does have a range of hats and caps now from beachy mesh ones to even a horse riding hat.

PS. I leave my ears poking out as I just think it looks cute, obviously if you don’t then all mesh heads allow you to alpha them out.

Mina’s Mainshop,

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Surprise! (Freebie & Mina Discounted Hair/Halloween Bloody Hair & Free Cute Hair).

Here I am mucking up our sim changing it to autumn colours so before I do any more damage, you should see the mess I’ve made of the river, I decided to take a break and just randomly TP and thats how I ended up at the Class B shop.

There is a free for all gift called “Dimche cloth” and I’ve had to edit this as I’ve returned to the shop and then I spotted there is an actual picture of the gift.

I say “basic” not as an insult as both the t-shirt and pants are good quality mesh and added to that you get a hud of great colours, can be worn separately and you get his ‘n’ her fits.

I can’t really tell you much more as “The Clang of Doom” rang out and so I just TP’d home. Undoubtedly by the time you log in it should be back up and running.

Special mention to Mina’s hair.

I decided to also TP over to Mina’s shop to check it out and it looks like I missed that this hair, Chiara, is her Saturday sale special offer and only 50Lds.

I wear this hair pretty often. It comes with a style hud and a big hud of colours etc so for that price it’s a bloody good bargain and speaking of bloody then if you do want bloody hair then you need to check out the room to your left as you go in as not only is that where you will find this Saturday offer but also some of Mina’s bloodied hair.

As always try the demos out first.

PS. If the Class B LM doesn’t take you right to the front door of the shop as I suspect the LM is set, then just turn around and close by you will see the larger grey builds and it’s just there.

PPS. I’ve just remembered that Mina has an Uber gift out for us and it’s one of her brand new hairs in a single colour which is super pretty.

I can’t help myself and here is a repost of the picture I used. Just so pretty! So get it now if you’ve not picked it up yet.

Class B.


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It’s juicy. (Free Mina Hair).

I just have to show you the free “Uber” gift hair from Mina Nakamura.

This freebie comes with just one colour but what a colour.

Ignore the claw hand and check out those smoothly blended lovely shades. You can just about make out the pink tattoo at the nape of the neck as this has a subtle shaved look to it. I did spot, mainly because it turned my whole face pink, that you get a BOM layer for the tattoo.

Easy to find as you will see on the large poster for the full-priced/fatpack version there is a gift box..just click and it’s yours.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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I’m a sucker. (Freebie(ish) hair, wearable/decor).

The reason I’ve titled this as “Freebie(ish)” is I’m showing you what I bought using the free credit from my last post also this Mina hair is not the gift but there is a gift Mina hair.

Using my credit I got this wearable/rezzable basket from the Ariskia shop and then spotted a poster for the lovely bouquet which is for sale at the Equal 10 Event. I popped over to the event hoping I could use my shop credit to buy it and was happy that I could.

I just love wearable flowers/bouquets and baskets so for me even though there are many things in the Ariskia shop I could have bought I’m chuffed with these and the basket also comes as a rezzable and only 2 prims which is an added bonus.

As for the hair just look at that swirl of colour and it’s so well blended in. As I have the fatpack it means I can and did play around with so many colour/styles and effects before I decided on this option.

Eefje is another “undercut” hair.

She now has about 3 or 4 of these part-shaved heads and I remember getting the first one and thinking I’d not be too keep on them but I love them. Not only do they fit perfectly over collars I think the shaved and classic combo look is just so good.

Now for the freebie which is an “Uber” gift and Faith has just done a post on that but since Mina has an Uber gift out for us I just have to tell you about it, It’s the same style of hair but only in the pink colour. I say “only” but the pink is swirled with yellow, blue and a hint of green blended in and it’s gorgeous, it reminds me of a “Fruit Salad Chew”. I’ve logged out wearing the hair and I will endeavour to show you it in my next post.


Mina’s Mainshop.

Equal 10 Event.

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I’m pooped. (Freebie).

A nice gift from the Bombshell shop.

This gift is on the front of the reception desk, I did notice that its the group invite poster you click to both join and get the gift. The actual poster of this sexy bather doesn’t give you the gift…it took a lot of clicks to work that one out. A decent amount of fits and a colour hud are inc. It also gave me a chance to wear one of Mina’s hat/hairs as well.

I have a feeling from the Teleporthub group that there may be older group gifts out but in all honestly, I’m knackered! It’s just turning 11am and after a miserable sweaty no quality night’s sleep, I need a cat nap! So when I log back inworld I will return to the Bombshell shop as I would hate to miss any other freebies.


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Honestly, it’s Kismet! Mina’s Saturday Offer.

I swear to God it was just by sheer coincidence that the hair I’ve worn in my last two posts is Mina’s Saturday offer, I think it’s 75Lds…it is.

I’m editing this post as fortunately, this hair IS most certainly this Saturday’s offer.

I’m still not going to take new pictures as I think these two show off the hair perfectly.

As you can see the hair looks totally different in both pictures and that’s because it’s one of Mina’s classic wet/dry hairs. As usual, you can try the fully interactive demo, she’s even put a shower out in the shop for you to use and don’t worry if you love the wet look as there is the easy-to-use hud which allows you to keep the hair dry/wet, water drops running down and even set the timer so it dries over a period of time.

Mina’s Main Shop.