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Wet or Dry? It’s your choice. (New Mina Hair).

I missed that this new hair is for sale at the Summerfest Event, thank you, Faith.

I wish I was having this much fun but I have so much to do and so little time to do it in

Before I unpacked “Doris” I thought this was going to be an updated version of an older hair which is also called Doris so it was a nice surprise that it’s not only a fresh new design but one of her interactive wet ‘n’ dry hairs.

I remember the thrill of the first time I wore one of these interactive hairs. I think that one called “Sandra” is the very first and it comes with a fun hairdryer & AO that you could wear to return your hair to its dry state. Mina Nakamura quickly learned that wet hair was pretty popular and soon added the “permanently wet” option to the hud so all of her wet hairs can be kept that way.

A bit of a close-up as I was hoping you could see the water droplets that stream down, you can just about make out 2 of them at the very bottom left-hand side of my hair. Don’t worry if you don’t care for that as they too can be turned off.

As always especially since this does have a hud to use, get the Demo from Mina’s and just have a play around with it. Don’t forget to check out the other interactive/wet hairs which from memory are near to a shower in her shop so you can test it out without having to TP somewhere else to test it. Although I will say I believe it still only works with SL System and not the water effects you get in standard showers etc….again check it all out with the demo and then TP to the Summerfest 22 Event to buy it.

PS. Sorry, the outfit isn’t a freebie, it’s also a wet/dry outfit from Blueberry.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim for pictures

Summerfest 22 Event.

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Here’s Holly. (50Ld Mina Hair & 10Ld Offers).

I know Holly is one of Mina’s newer hairs because of the fineness of the strands and the addition of the new colours in the palettes. So to see this plaited hair for only 75Lds is a bargain not to be missed.

Here is a sign of approval, Faith has also bought this hair!

Sorry I can’t tell you anything about the outfit, I do know it cost me 10Lds and came from an event but RL has gone a bit haywire so I’m doing this quick post as I’d hate for you to miss this really excellent hair.

UPDATE: The outfit is from the “StaySexy” Event. As mentioned it did cost 10Lds and I ain’t mad at it. Lots of other 10Ld gifts which you can see a picture of before you buy. This event is over tomorrow so don’t delay.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Stay Sexy Event.

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Save to Spend. (New Mina & Free Top).

This lovely top is free from the Antaya shop, you don’t even need to join the group (99Lds) as it’s set for free for all. Next to it is a poster of the prizes as there is a Mermaid hunt going on, I did glance at the board and for 25Lds I’m tempted to hunt down the boobie shell bra…because everyone needs a boobie shell bra!

As for the hair, it’s a Mina of course.

Called Acrona and because it’s very much a unisex style you get fits for both male/female and I’m sure I did see a non-rigged version in the pack so that means it can be tweaked, I will check that out when I get to log back in. Obviously, you must try the demo on for yourself first so Mina’s mainshop LM at the end.

It is a shame that the hair base is a separate purchase but in this case, for only 99Ld I think you’re getting a quality hair base. It really does have a very natural shaved look to it and when you look closely you can almost make out the hair follicles. I’ve just been using the hair bases from this and the other brand new shaved/punk style hair on it’s own as they look so good they look as though they have been designed to be worn on their own as much as the base to a shaved style hair.

So as always LM to Mina’s as well as the FaMESHed event where it can be bought from.


Mina’s Mainshop.


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My bad!

Oh no! So I’d had seen this new Mina hair and I ignored it. The simple fact was that I assumed it wouldn’t look good on me and then I finally decided to try the demo I was shocked at how good it actually looks.

This photo really was just for fun, sorry as far as I know the nurse outfit is not available anymore.

Even with a simple blouse, dress, sweater or top, I think even though its a very stylised hair it looks great.

But you can’t buy it…just yet. This is because it was on sale at an event and yes that event is now over. I will do an update when it’s available for sale in Mina’s shop which I suspect will be pretty soon.

UPDATE: I just had to check and this hair, Catalina, is for sale. Just head on into the “New Releases” department and it’s close by the shower.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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Call me an Uber! (New Mina hair, Dollarbie/Freebie & Mention of freebie(sss)).

Turns out the new Mina hair I’ve been wearing is on sale at the newest Uber Event….good luck getting in as not only has it just opened I do believe there are freebies for us which is going to make it even busier. I have high hopes for some decent gifts and I’ve had a look at the items on sale and there are some nice things including this new Mina hair to buy.

From the back and one side, it looks like a pretty standard mid-length hair then you have the shaved part.

I must say although I’m showing only the hair base colours that come in the pack I did actually follow the simple instructions and made my own colour/tattoo layer. So you can basically make that shaved area any colour you wish.

So I had fun playing with this hair then I took it off and realised how good the shaved look was on it’s own.

It has some really quality texturing that looks just like a close shaved and those track lines cut into it make all the difference.

Since the hair is not free then the dollarbies/freebie is of course the dress. It’s from a shop called “Uni-qu3” which I do believe has a very similar name to another shop/event but is not that shop.

If you buy it off the marketplace it’s a dollarbie but you can pick it up inworld for free (pay 1Ld get 1Ld back)… The marketplace shop picture does say that there are “2 extra designs” but I can’t see them in the pack all I see is the hud of plain colours…which is plenty for anyone.

Uni-qu3. (Marketplace).



Mina’s Mainshop.

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The bish is back. (New Mina FLF Offer).

I’ve had a wonderful few days away and now I’m back to the daily grind…MEH! At least I have SL to take my mind off stuff. As for this picture, I have so many full surround backdrops and yet in my photos, they just look like a flat backdrop…I need to work on my photo skills soon.

I nearly always seem to say it is “one of my fav Mina hairs” when showing you a hair but that’s not always the case but in this case it is.

This is “Natalia”. It is one of her newer hair which means finer texturing and of course a unique colour palette. It is a hair that seems to go with so much in my invent and the rough cut edges are the perfect length for scarves, jumpers, shirts etc.

Then you add the mask…

…and it takes it to a whole new level of kink.

I don’t really use the mask, I have no kinkiness lol, so I forgot to count how many shades you get in the hud. Naturally, you will try the demo for yourself first. Personally, even though I won’t use it I thought it was such a nice touch that you can not only wear this hair with or without the mask but there is a separate mask you can wear with any hair of your choice. You can’t see it because of the angle of my head but you can see the straps which hold it tight to your face.

Mina’s Mainshop.


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Stoopid Fangirl! (Free & New Mina Hair).

First the free then the hair and then the blabbiness…cos no one needs to be bored by me.

I went to the Belle Epoque shop to check out the weekend offers, very tempting, but I resisted. Before I left I checked out the Belle Epoque gifts as well as the free gifts on the entrance wall and found this…is it new? New to me at least and it comes in both Maitreya and Legacy fits.

Get used to this hair as I’m just showing you this one picture of it but trust me this is going to be one of my “go-to” hairs and I will be using it in the next few posts so you can see some more of the lovely hair colours, the shape and textures for the hairband.

If you can’t wait then this hair, Adeline, is on sale @FaMESHed. Since this started just yesterday then good luck trying to get in, so as always I will give you the link to Mina’s main shop so you can try it out lag-free.

As for the “Fangirl”, I actually bumped into the real Mina in her shop when I was checking to see if the Demo was out and yeah I fangirled but you see I LOVE and have always loved the Mina range.

Many years ago both Faith and I blogged for some big and small shops in SL but we made the decision to drop or be dropped from shops and that allowed us to be freer in both what we show you as well as how we spend our SL time. However, Mina’s is the only shop that I still blog for. Yeah of course I look and buy other hair, you’d probably be shocked at how many I own but trust me I do NOT have to use only Mina’s hairs in fact I don’t even have to blog all of her hairs, do a certain amount of posts or report each post I do on her hairs. So the only reason I am nearly always wearing Mina’s hair is that both the styling and colour palettes just work and not because I don’t have any choice…I mean how lucky am I!

At this moment I’m slowly working my way through all of the older Mina’s hair’s to either box them up (I simply cannot bring myself to delete any of her hairs lol) or keep them unboxed as they’re as wearable now as when I first got them. I’m trying each hair on as I go and I can see how much the Mina range has grown esp over the past couple of years with the introduction of the finer layers and the new colours in the big colour palettes. I know that the prices for hairs have gone up but this is the same across all of the hair shops and what do I always can’t scrimp on hair or skin. They’re the two items that it’s worth paying for.

PS. If you like supporting small family businesses then that is what Mina’s is!

Mina’s Mainshop.

FaMESHed. (Seraphim Blog for Pictures & LM’s).