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If you ever. (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is the harness.

Yay my mondays work plan/RL have gone down the drain which means I can SL for a bit longer than I normally would. So following on from last post my first visit was to the main Havoc shop where I scored yet again.

Can you tell what my fav colour is? If orange isn’t yours then don’t worry as yet again this harness/belt bag comes with 12 excellent colours.

There are more Havoc group gifts just on the wall inside the shopand they are mainly accessories such as a bag, belt…I may actually pick that belt up as well.

Do NOT go inside the shop before you’ve checked out the stands just outside the main doors as they have some special offers on such as the “Assassain” outfit for only 75Ls.

I’m also going to go pose shopping then return to the sim this shop is on as it’s sharing the same shopping mall as some other big shops and I lucky streak may still hold.

As for the title, as always if it’s not free or not free anymore then I don’t mention what I’m wearing however if you want to know about anything you see then just drop me a NOTE asking. I don’t mind at all.


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Turns out it’s an UBER! (New Mina Hair).

Here is the new Mina hair again as I’ve been using in my past posts so if you want to see a couple of the other shades check those out.

This hair is called “Woensdag” and the minute I saw the colour combo that Mina used I took a guess that woensdag’s trasnlation is wednesday and then I googled it and I was right.

Although you can pick from the 3 colour packs which are “Natural, Ombre or Highlights” and each pack comes with the addition of a “Colour Strand”. The hair option I’m using in this picture is natural with a pink strand.

Uber is gonna be heaving so don’t bother and yes as always check out Mina’s mainshop for the demo and while you’re there you can also check out the NEW group gift. I don’t actually have that hair which was as much a suprise to me as it will be to you.

The Mina group costs only 200Lds and you get not just I think a new gift every 2-3 months (maybe) in the room behind the wall with the new gift are 14 womens & 4 male hairs & 2 lucky chairs. If you’re after something bloody for the upcoming Halloween season then the group gifts do inc I think it’s 2 bloody hairs. Also check out the new “Miepan” (I’m guessing the name). That has a zombie/bloody hair for just 75Lds.

Seraphim Blog. (for pictures and LM’s).

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Lets have a cuppa & a chat. (Mention of Freebie).

I actually cannot stand tea which is so “unbritish” of me. I wish I did as others seem to really enjoy it but I’m a coffee drinker and proud of it.

Faith has a drink dispenser which is just such a good wearable. I won’t go into to much details about it as really I wanna talk about the Mina hair I’m wearing as I got a bit of an update on it as well as mention of a freebie, if you want to miss the all the blab just scroll to the end.

This hair is called Senja and I did blog it when Uber had literally just opened it’s doors. I’m always excited when I get a hair that has something new about it and of course in this case it’s the lovely classy pearls worn on top of an equally classy hair. I did mention in the post that with the hud you get you can remove the strands one by one till you have no pearls and just a nice plain hair but what I didn’t mention because I didn’t spot it is that you can also resize the pearls by clicking on the loose bun, you can’t really see at this angle but it’s there lol. It’s rare for me to have any issues with hair fits from Mina so I didn’t look for a resizing menu.

As for the freebie, it’s a gift for the Uber event that Mina’s “has somewhere hidden in her shop. I’ve just seen the hint and now realise where is will be. The gift is the pearls, just not the hair. If Mina and I think she will have has included the style hud and the resizing option then you should be able to wear the pretty pearls with an exsisting hair you may have.

BTW have you seen the new non-Gacha’s called “Miepon” I did get a note about these new style of bargain givers and Mina now has 4 of them in her shop. Two of them are nice and “bloody” hairs so for those of you who love Halloween check those out. I’m going to check Seraphim to see if they have an idiot proof explaination of how these Miepon works but it’s lovely to see the bargains are coming back to SL.

Faiths Post.

Uber Blog, Hints & LM’s.

Mina’s Shop.

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Not enough time.(FLF Mina Hair).

As soon as I saw that this Mina hair is a FLF offer I logged in and got ready to model it for you and show you all the extra’s it comes with but I ran out of time and now all I can show you is the poster picture.

That blindfold is just plain sexy, look at the folds and the way the hair strands hang over it, just a touch of quality. Then check out the details on the side, you get some absolutely lovely colours for the blind everything from classic black satin to pink satin. Then to top it all off there is a small style hud which has the blind fold over or under the hair and best of all the hair without the blindfold.

The reason I like the hair as much without the blindfold as with is because I have found this hair has a style which really goes well when wearing a chunky scarf, coat or jumper. So you may see it more as I live RL seasons in SL and I’m hoping to find some nice winter wear soon.

YEAH here it comes…..this isn’t the only “kinky” hair Mina has in her shop, there is a full length hair with blindflold, the one with the neck brace(?) and the way the hair hangs with that one is just again perfect styling. There are others that I could mention but I’m sure you will check those out.

PS. Yeah I’m also going to check out the other FLF hair from Exile because why not, we all love great hair.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Meet Leslie. (Freebie).

My fav colour, orange, my fav price, free, a chance to show you the pearly Mina hair so a great start to the day.

There are 2 colours in the pack and lots of fits. I suspect these are last years Halloween gifts from the Punk Justus shop as the dress has “Haunting” in the name. The other colour is a very bold purple.

I think you can see now why I love this hair from Mina’s. I won’t bore you with the details as you can check out my last post.

BTW I don’t love all of Mina’s hairs and not all of Mina’s hairs suit but but I’ve found thats the same with all hair shops the only thing is I’ve found that I do love most of Mina’s hairs and most of Mina’s hairs suit me. It’s why I always say try before you buy and never go by a pretty picture.

Punk Justus.

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Make a date. (New Mina@Uber & Mention of Freebie(sss)).

A couple of posts back I teased you with a new Mina hair which is now for sale and so here is “Senja” again.

As you can see the eye catching part of this hair is the pearl accessory. This newer hair natually comes with finer strands, a large palette of unique and normal shades. As for the pearly headress this is an add on so there is nothing stopping you from wearing it with other hairs you may have. You also get a hud which allows you to remove each strand individually or hide them all for a more casual look.

Now most of you will know what I’m going to say next. This new hair is lovely but do not buy it until you’ve tried out “Leslie”. I remember the first time I saw and wore the Leslie hair and my AV heart hummed. She too is an updo and with a bigger bun, a hud to change the strands framing your face the pearls which are dotted around your hair it’s my firm fav when I want a classy and elegant hair.

I doubt the LM will take you right next to Leslie so if it doesn’t then just head into the main room and it’s on the wall to your left.

As for the “Mention of freebies” I do believe Uber has lots and lots and lots of them as it’s celebrating it’s 7th Anniversary. I will give you the link to Seraphim blog rather than the direct link to this event as not only do they have 3 LM’s for us they have pictures of everything thats for sale.

Personally I’d wait as even though there are 2 cam sims as well the place is heaving as it’s literally just opened it’s doors.

UPDATE: Just in case you missed Faiths comment here it is…

“Just an update to this the gifts are located at each mainstore not at the event. Its a sort of a hunt and you need to find the gift box – its white with a gold bow.”

I will say thats a lovely idea which works for everyone as it means people don’t have to wait or wade through lag and they get people in their shops getting tempted by the products for sale as they hunt for the gift box.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog for pictures & LM’s

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A rare pose. (Freebie(ssssss)).

How often do I do a simple sit pose? Trust me it’s rare as I just struggle with anything other than a standard, standing pose and looking at the camera. In this case I decided to try my best to sit as I needed to cover up my Foo Foo to make sure this is a PG post lol.

This dress is a gift from the Dubai Event which is celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday which means lots and lots and lots of gifts. I did pick up a few random ones and then this which is the gift from the Nyne shop and I love that yellow/grey combo it’s really good. Lots of fits as well which is good because I did get other clothing from this event which I couldn’t model for you.

Also check out the hair, this is the same hair from my previous post in it’s dry stage. “Rachel” is a lovely smooth hair, with the newer fine texturing etc. Check out my last post for the details about it as it’s both a dry and wet hair.

PS. I did find a really good free hair at the Dubai event from No-match. To me when it comes to skin and hair I think it’s very hard to find free or cheap skin/hair so it’s the one thing that I think you should be prepaired to pay a reasonable amount for but so many people are on a SL/RL budget so I’m always happy when I find a decent free/cheap hair so make sure you go get that hair.

Dubai Event.