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The bish is back. (New Mina FLF Offer).

I’ve had a wonderful few days away and now I’m back to the daily grind…MEH! At least I have SL to take my mind off stuff. As for this picture, I have so many full surround backdrops and yet in my photos, they just look like a flat backdrop…I need to work on my photo skills soon.

I nearly always seem to say it is “one of my fav Mina hairs” when showing you a hair but that’s not always the case but in this case it is.

This is “Natalia”. It is one of her newer hair which means finer texturing and of course a unique colour palette. It is a hair that seems to go with so much in my invent and the rough cut edges are the perfect length for scarves, jumpers, shirts etc.

Then you add the mask…

…and it takes it to a whole new level of kink.

I don’t really use the mask, I have no kinkiness lol, so I forgot to count how many shades you get in the hud. Naturally, you will try the demo for yourself first. Personally, even though I won’t use it I thought it was such a nice touch that you can not only wear this hair with or without the mask but there is a separate mask you can wear with any hair of your choice. You can’t see it because of the angle of my head but you can see the straps which hold it tight to your face.

Mina’s Mainshop.


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Maybe it’s time. (New Mina Hair).

Nona is as the title says a New Mina hair.

You may have noticed that I’ve been wearing the same hair for a few posts now so have a quick check of those pictures but you won’t see much of a change as I’ve kept the same colour and the same styling option.

This is what you will not have seen in my photos, the lovely ponytail, as most pictures are just from the front view.

A simple day wear hair that does come with the standard big colour palette hud as well as a styling hud.

The styling hud gives you the option to it wear with or without the fringe plus a choice of the hair tendrils that hang down. The hair also comes in different mesh head fits.

Only available @Uber so as always LM to Mina’s main shop as you need to try the demo on.

I may not sound as excited about this hair as I usually am and that’s me, not the hair. I swear I have a demo head/body skin lined up to buy so I will finally start using my updated Lelutka Evo head and yet now I’ve seen some skins which are for sale at the Uber event I have to try them on. So I too will wait for the event to calm down and try them on.

UPDATE: Uber is nice and quiet so you don’t even have to try the Demo from Mina’s first just head-on into Uber and try it on there and see what you think.

Mina’s Main shop.


Seraphim Blog. (Photos and LM).

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Just in case you’ve missed it. (List of, nearly, all of the Black Friday Sales & a Dollarbie).

Blimey, the weather is wild outside so much so I couldn’t sleep and since I’m in the middle of completely redesigning my landscaping I did what every SL addict does and logged in instead of being tucked up in bed.

I thought Faith might have done a post about the BIG A** list of shops that are having a Black Friday sale which the Seraphin blog has done. Yes, that does include Mina Nakamura’s shop. A generous 50% off all her hairs, obviously I’m wearing an example of one of them, so this is the time to TP to Mina’s and pick up a hair or two.

The reason I have “nearly” in the title is that although they have done an outstanding job compiling all the shops I know for example the Fanatik shop isn’t on the list but does have a 30% discount on sales. So just in case you can’t see your fav shop on the list still pop over and check it out.

As for the sink? It’s the Dollarbie.

As I was relaying the excellent stone flooring although I know it’s not free I did remember that this shop did have some dollarbies and yes they’re still there and this sink is certainly new to me. I think I showed you the fountain in that old post. Amazing when you also consider this whole set-up is just 1prim! It’s the “Qutworld” link I’ve given.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim. (Black Friday List & LM’s)

QUTWORLD. (Marketplace).

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It’s uberlicious. (New Mina Hair).

Here is the New Mina hair which as usual didn’t fail to impress me.

The more Mina brings out these finer stranded hairs with the stunning colour palettes the more I need to rethink my hoarding of her older hairs even though so many still look as good now just not with the same finest or colours. I think in the end I keep them so on the rare occasion Mina does have a special offer I have it to be able to show it to you.

I can’t remember which pack this came but since I’m usually in love with the Highlight pack I will assume it’s from there. Each colour pack is a fatpack of colours, 77-84 in total.

Also, I don’t mention it as much as I should is that you get as standard 2 head sizes and more importantly for boob draping hair different sizing for that.

As for the price, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been hair shopping and price checking. Although a lot of shops will have a special weekly offer out on the whole quality hair is something you do have to pay for and the prices across the board are roughly the same now.

This is for sale at the UBER event and as usual, since I do believe it’s just opened, I will give you the LM to Mina’s shop for the demo as well as the link to the Seraphim blog. In their blog, they not only have all the pictures of items for sale but the LM’s to both the Uber and the Uber Cam sims.



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Yee Haw. (FLF & Free).

Hazel is not only Mina’s FLF offer but one of my fav Mina hairs. OK I know a lot of Mina’s hairs are my “Favs” but not all of them are so it’s was a lovely suprise when I checked the FLF list to see that for only 50Lds you too can have this hair.

The best thing about it to me is that it screams riding hat as well as a stylish fashion accessoryy.

In this case, you can choose either the dip-dyed or essentials pack and each contain a massive 30 shades. Added to that both a style hud for the way your hair hangs and a hud to change the colour of the hat and brim and all of that for just 50Lds!

As always though, check the demo out and also her other hat hairs as she now has a number of similar style hats/hairs each one shares a lot in common and yet have those tweaks that make them pretty different.

Do you know how long I’ve held onto this hobby horse pose/prop? Way too long and now I’ve finally had an excuse to use it I can now bin it lol. I just wanted to reblog these pants and riding boots as they’re a freebie from Essent.

Both boots and pants are bought seperately but are also designed to fit with each other and you get a big hud of colours for both.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Essent Marketplace.