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When being nosy pays off. (Free 750Lds worth of shop credit & Group Gifts).

I keep my mini-map open so when I see a crowd of AVs grouped together I know it’s either an orgy or a sale/event…and in this case, I got lucky and it’s a sale/event.

The VIP group is free but the small print on the poster says that at the end of the month it changes back to a paid group and you also have till the 30th to spend the credits.

The picture is of the poster in the shop and you click it, to find it and the wall of group gifts and lucky boards just head into the back room.

PS. It’s busy.

UPDATE: My “PS” turned out to be prophetic as the sim is down. They’re probably just doing a restart as it was packed when I was there.


(I’ve amended the LM if it doesn’t take you to the Trend shop it means you’re next door lol. Either open your mini map and follow the crowd or leave the shop and turn right and go through the neon light tunnel…easy to see).

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Look at Me. (Freebie).

One of this weekend’s offers is from a shop called “Look at me” and it’s a fab bargain so I’m very tempted. I have the demo to try out later and I will say that since I need to update my make-up to EvoX I will be checking out all those offers as well.

While I was at the Look at me shop I spotted this old group gift that I have blogged about before and I’m really pleased it’s still out for us.

Just a lovely understated look, very easy casual wear. Can be worn as separates but the nice touch is how the camisole has been designed to look tucked into the jeans so I keep them in the same folder because of that.

I also won a really good Lucky Board Prize, all of them are worth loitering for and it’s nice that you can see the time countdown so you know how long you have to loiter for.

PS. Faith has done a handy rundown of the weekend offers, if you want to see the outfit I’m tempted to buy then check out her link to the “Happy Weekend” blog for pictures.

Look At Me.

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Here it is. (Daily Freebie?)

I’m thinking that Cremosa is having a “Valentine Advent”? As you can see from the picture this gift is only out for 24 hours and then tomorrow it changes and again I think maybe this is until the 14th.

Even if I wore the shoes to show you I would still use the inworld picture as it was hard to find it as the entrance is packed with free Group Gift/VIP Group Gifts, 25Ld, 10Ld, Special Deals, Black Friday Deals and on and on and I almost gave up till I spotted this on the wall and so now you know what it looks like on the wall you will find it easily.

I will say that there is a lovely scarf headdress amongst the free gifts, turn to your left next to the lucky boards, which I do think I have blogged before but I’m still going to check it out.

If you don’t get these in time, slap the sub-board and you should get a daily notice of what the gift is.


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A blank slate.(New Kaithleen Group Gift).

The dress is not free as the Kaithleen group cost 99Lds.

I did a post about the Kaithleen group gifts not too long ago but since this is a new gift I’m chuffed to be able to do another post so soon.

Look at those folds and ruffles which are the best mesh you can find.

All of the group gifts are shop quality and if you go into the shop itself on the back wall of the reception wall…easy to see when you get there…is a wall of again shop quality lucky boards prizes. I do know from past visits it wouldn’t take anyone any length of time to score some goodies. So for that small investment of 99Lds you have this dress and all of the other group gifts and whatever you win off the boards.

PS. My next stop will be S@bbia, then !g0 and maybe Ricielli and then back home to start decorating my home as I’m starting from scratch again.


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Trust me, Lucky Me. (Lucky Boards).

I get my Mina hair for free which I have mentioned a few times and even after all these years I get a thrill when I know there is a new product for sale. Not everyone is as lucky so when I found this big board of lucky board hairs I just knew I’d have to show it to you.

I actually won 4 hairs straight away now for the “but”, I suspect these are older Nyne hairs as they don’t have that fine strand texture that newer hair has. Nothing wrong with that though as it’s also leaning towards a Kawaii/stylised look. So for some, it’s a look they love and for others, it’s free hair for just a little waiting time.

I’ve taken a picture of the shop from the outside to make it a bit easier for you to find it.

This shop is on a shopping platform called “Luminous Hallway.” and it is. Since you may miss the shop entrance as there are fake shop fronts as well as other shops I’ve taken this picture of the entrance to help you find it. There is a group gift in the main entrance, a BOM bodysuit I believe and the wall of lucky boards is on the back wall.

Once you’ve checked this shop out then check the rest as I did spot a few other random gifts and I got myself a dollarbie set of poses as well as some excellent jeans from the lucky board in the Moxxi shop.


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I have a shopping list. (Freebie).

On my shopping list next to milk, cat food, bread, bog roll is the Belle Epoque dress, Hideki car, IDK Poses, Paleto backdrop, Tropix backdrop and that’s just from the “The Saturday Sale” as there are a lot of tempting offers this weekend. If you want to see them all just check out Faiths last post as she has them listed.

Before I head off to check all of them out I called into S@bbia and as soon as I TP’d I knew there would be a new group gift as there were other AV’s there and here it is.

As usual with the S@bbia designs, this dress has that “homespun” look to it which I love as it always makes for a nice contrast from the sleeker looks most of us wear. In this case, it’s the addition of that addon Vest that I think really makes it stand out as the underdress has rather washed out duller colours which again does lend itself to that homespun look. Since the vest is an addon you could maybe add it on to other items of clothing you may own.

If this isn’t to your taste don’t forget the other gift of boots. The S@bbia shoe/boot range is for everyone, I may have trashed the clothing but I’ve kept all the shoes/boots as they’re just too good not to.


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Mention of…(Group Gift, Free Shop Credit, Lucky Boards & Sale).

OH! A notice has just come out that the sale is in it’s last day/hours? So visit NOW.

Nothing in this picture is for free as they are paid for items from the Bumblebee shop so read on.

I’m just wearing two examples of the clothing I already owned as I actually own a lot from this shop as not only do I love the colours, style and YASSSS it has my SLink P fit and I support sellers who inc my fav fit in their designs.

Since I wanted to work my way through all the notes/notices I had, I plonked myself in front of all the lucky boards in the Bumblebee shop and waited and waited and…then spotted in the group notices that there is also a 50% sale going on.

There are NEW items in the lucky boards and a good mix of tops, skirts and even some boots. A quick turn over plus if you’re name starts with a number then you see those pop up just as regularly as a letter.

If you’ve never been in the Bumblebee group then there is a 200Ld gift card waiting for you, if you’ve had it before you can’t get it again…yeah I tried lol.

There is also group gifts as well, shorts and top set also a pair of shoes and I did blog them a long time ago and I don’t wanna do them again.

Finally the 50% off sale…need I say more?