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Coffee Break. (5Ld Group Gift & Mention of free).

I’m working on that little platform area behind me but my editing skills today are clumsy at best and kack handed at worst so before I make a bigger mess of it, trust me close up it’s rubbish, I thought I’d show you the top I’m wearing.

For once I bought it because of the image on the front as even though I’m not into slogan or clothing with images on them this one I loved. You do get a small hud and that also inc a plain black and white option also this and 3 sloganed ones and yeah I actually liked them as well.

The Corvus group does cost only 5Lds to join and there are 3 other gifts which I do believe are BOM tattoos so not much good for me and 3 Lucky Boards.

On the wall to your left as you go inside you will find an oversized sweater for him and her, I recognise it from somewhere so maybe it was a freebie from an event? It’s set to 0Lds so a free for all. There is also a TeleportHub gift of a fine knit bodycon dress and I do remember showing it to you. A really good staple dress and I did prefer the one which is the plain charcoal black of this t-shirt.

Corvus Mainstore.

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So bad! (Lucky Board, Free Hunt & Sale).

By now you will have seen all over SL blogs and inworld notices that Lagom have a FREE HUNT going on. 20 pretty pink flowers have been hidden all over the shop, and I suspect if you use the TP door to the childrens department there will be some in there as well.

In this picture there is a mix of lucky board wins, hunt items and something I’ve bought for myself.

The paid for item is that stack of boxes and bags with a laptop on top called “shopaholics desk” which is most appropriate. There is a sale going on as well since I didn’t know if the prices you pay are the reduced price or you got a refund on purchase I decided to buy this as I thought it would make a nice prop/backdrop for a picture so I paid 100Lds and didn’t get a refund of any sort which suggests that anything in the sale has had it’s price changed to reflect that.

The Lucky board win is the actual skybox I took these pictures in and I also won a lovely fatpack of garlands, you can just about make out the leaves and in the pack there are also feathers and I think snow ones. I think all of the Lucky Boards have new gifts in them so well worth lingering for a while.

As for the hunt items, I found only 6 out of the 20 items and I’m looking forward to finding the remaining 14. The messy blanket, the papier mache style whale, those baubles on the floor and the larger pink speakers and not shown are some excellent make up brush decor set.

This wearable “not today blanket” was a fun suprise. It’s quite a good reflection on how I’m going to spend the rest of my day, tucked up on the setting SLing.


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“Home Sweet Home” (Group Gift(s) 25Ld).

I was checking my groups notices, for a change, and decided to head on over to the Chic Moda shop as the group only costs 25Lds to join so it’s a bargain and there is a new gift out for us which is this pink sweater. It only comes in 3 gifts and lucky for me I don’t even have to change my body as the SLink HG fit looks fine over my SLink P fit.

There are 3 other gifts, well worth checking out as well as 3 lucky boards.

I’ve just spotted that if you want to try the demo out first then head on into the room behind and on the wall with the entrance to the “Decor” section and thats where you will see the full priced ones and of course it’s the pink colour which is the group gift.

PS. As soon as I returned to my own “home sweet home” I’ve changed my mind and I won’t be creating the raised island as to me my home is as perfect as I want it to be. Maybe in the future when I change my home I may change the landscaping but until then it’s all good.

Chic Moda.

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Hot as Heck! (Hunt prize, mention of freebie(s)).

I knew I had to have this new hunt prize from American Bazzar as soon as I saw it as both in RL and SL I’m a sucker for a wrap over dress. This one has such a quality soft velvet texture to it.

It’s been a while since I last visited the American Bazzar shop so the Lucky Boards where a nice suprise and an even nicer suprise was I won two items almost straight away as the letters/number changes every 5 mins. You may spot me wearing the blouse in a post at some stage and if I do I will mention where I got it from as I do try to not do posts just on lucky board wins.

If you don’t want to wait to win from a lucky board then check out the group gifts. The blue sheer dress has been blogged before and if you missed it you really don’t want to miss it again as its so classy and yet if you zoom closely you will see the hint of whats under there.

The group is free to join and there are a few more quality gifts out as well even some “sloganed” t-shirts which I’d wear.

UPDATE: Ooooo check out the link to the “Flair for Events” blog and look at the list of shops involved in this hunt. Thats my very cold, snowy and boring monday sorted.

American Bazzar.

Flair for Events Blog. (Landmarks & Hints).