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Lucky Me. (Lucky Board Win & Mention of Freebies).

I spotted this dress on one of the Petite Mort Lucky Boards and I wanted it! It’s green, floral and floaty and my new fit…what is there to dislike.

TBH by the time I had a wander around the shop, then binned some notes/notices the time flew by and I won it! I think the initial changes every 5 mins. There is also a very pretty blouse and 2 other Lucky Board prizes but this is the one I really wanted so I’m very happy.

I try not to do Lucky Board wins unless there are so many you will win prizes quickly or as in this case, there are Freebies in the Petit Mort shop and if you fly/walk to the other side there is the Oubliette shop. It too has Lucky Board and Group gifts and you don’t even need to change the group as they’re both the same.

Le Petit Morte & Oubliette.

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Spend & Save. (Freebie).

The hair is not the freebie it’s what I treated myself to.

You may remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned a wall of free hair at Trams and obviously, this isn’t one of them as hair this good comes with a price tag and in this case, it’s 350Lds. I’d grabbed a whole folder of demo’s to try out and in the end, I bought this one as I think it frames my face so well and it’s the short style I was after. On top of that the scarf is a lovely touch and comes with a big hud. I’ve got my eye on buying another short hair from here but will wait.

So if the hair isn’t a freebie then it’s this bodysuit that is the freebie.

One of the shops which have a 25Ld Tue offer for us is the “Beauty Code” shop. The shop’s group does cost but only 10Lds to join. There are some nice gifts in the 4 Lucky Boards as well as a whole wall of gifts for different free or cheap groups.

PS. The wall of gifts/Lucky chairs are in a different area to the reception desk…easy to find.

Beauty Code.

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I’m a winner too. (Freebie & My Lucky Board Win).

Faith waited so long for her initial to come up on the Paper Sparrow Lucky Boards I kept her company for a small time and won this top.

I actually have a few of a very similar design as it is a common template but this one does come with a big hud of excellent colours. So if you do want to kill some time then I will give you the link to Faiths post and you can check out what she also won from the Lucky Boards.

As for the shorts YASSS!!! These are a reblog and I don’t care as these are the new gift at the “The makeover room”. They just so happen to be a pair of my fav shorts. Lovely peachy colour with little metal dots and great quality. Sadly not updated to my Legacy bod but I can still get a good fit with them. I’m really pleased that they’re back out so if you missed them the first time they were blogged then this is a good opportunity to get them and of course, check out the stalls for some new makeup etc

Faith’s post, Paper Sparrow.

The Make-Over Room.

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Nailed it. (Freebie(ss)).

Yesterday I picked up a really nice pair of nails but I don’t do nails so when I found an equally as nice set of nails today I am happy to show you them as the Kiona shop has other freebies for us including the dress I’m wearing.

I’ve seen this style of dress in a lot of notices so I’m not sure if it is the same dress or not. What I do know is I’m loving the colour big hud that’s included.

As well as the other gifts there are 3 lucky boards as well, just inside one of the arched doorways, and I’ve wasted enough time trying to win the middle one…which is why this middle finger pose is very appropriate.

PS. I’ve spotted in the discount section that you can actually buy the lucky board prize but I’m a mean B*tch so I will just keep checking in to see if I win it on the board.


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Nothing to see here. (Mention of gifts, hunt, lucky board,cheapies & Lesson 101).

Today I’m going to do the “The Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt”, Faith did a post on it not too long again, and now I’ve seen some of the prizes I need those prizes which is how I ended up at the Kathleen’s shop as there are 3 prizes to be found. Each costs but only 5Ld’s.

I’ve been a Kaithleen shop group member for a long, long time as for only 99Lds you have some stunning gifts and now I’m using my legacy body as my go-to body I’m finding that I can wear more of them. Also on the back of the wall behind the reception desk is a whole load of lucky boards and the gold bodysuit I’m wearing in the picture is one of the prizes.

As I mentioned there are also hunt prizes to be found, 3 in total. I will put the link to the hunt pictures, hints and LM’s at the end so you can check them out. In this case, the prizes are only 5Lds each.

Now for “Lesson 101”.

I typed in “card” & “gift card” into my invent and oops I didn’t realise how many unused gift cards I had that I’ve picked up along the way from events and special offers. Some turned out to be out of date, some I manage to pass on to others and some were still valid but non-trans which meant I was forced to treat myself lol. .

So basically, check your invent, make sure you’ve not got a random gift/credit card you’ve forgotten and you never know you may be able to have a spend free shopping trip.


The Fallen Leaves and Frost Hunt.(Pictures, Lm’s & Hints).

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Excellent Credit. (Not Free & Mention of Freebie(sss)).

I’m so glad I waited to spend my Bumblebee shop credit because as soon as I saw the ad for this new jacket/jumper combo it was going to be mine.

I think it costs 250Lds.

In this case I just wanted the jacket/jumper combo but like a lot of shops now if you want the whole outfit, top, jacket, jeans, boots etc you can buy the fatpack or even the meggapack version.

The main body of the jacket stays the same colour but the hud allows you to change the colour of the collar/belt and also you get a full colour option for the sweater under it. There is a demo for you to try.

As for the freebie I’ve banged on quite a bit about the Bumblebee shop/gift/lucky boards and even better the 200Ld free shop credit but it’s only for NEW group members so most of us have already gotten a lot of these but for anyone new reading this post I totally recomend you check Bumblebee out.