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Saved by an event. (Freebie(s).

I’m excited to log back in later and strip off this completely free outfit for two reasons, it’s not my style and I also want to see what else I’ve picked up from the Saki Event as I did see other clothing gifts.

Yeah, lousy pose. This is what happens when I try to show a whole head to toe outfit off, I just look odd lol.

You get the headphones, that fab cardigan a bodysuit, skirt and the boots. Not shown is another top and a couple of small wearables, a Tamagotchi and a lolly mouthie and everything can be worn as separates…always appreciated.

The Saki event isn’t a big event so it didn’t take me too long to grab the goodies and I will say there is some lipstick that I’m seriously tempted to buy but since I don’t think the items for sale are at a special discount I’m going to check the main shop before I make my mind up.

Saki Event.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Just a small treat and a small freebie…sorta.

As you can see from the title this isn’t really a freebie post as such but the blouse I’m wearing is another gift from the Vagrant shop, the wearable lolly and basket are a subscriber’s gift from the BTW shop (Bee’s The Way) and as for the hair ignore that as even I don’t know where/when it’s for sale but you know it’s a Mina and you also know that as soon as I find out I will let you know.

I really just wanted to show you a new shop which has really tickled my fancy.

I’d gone over to the Cosmopolitan event and spotted a very interesting decor and a fun drivable from a shop called “The Dove and Pear” shop and I’d never heard of this shop before.

OH Lord what such great fun designs. Very D-Lab but NOT D-Lab! These designs are just as unique as we are. I spent way too long just wandering around and zooming in and out just looking at all the detailing that has been put into these fun things. I keep my SL home quite realistic looking but I swear if I was to live a Kawaii life that caravan or the Steampunk Retreat House and since the prims are actually pretty reasonable I could live in both lol.

I also loved the drivables esp the Dreamers car and yet again so reasonably primmed I think it can be rezzed so that would be parked outside.

I’m not really doing the things much justice in my photos so I’ve put a link to not only their inworld but marketplace shop (I think there is more in the MP shop than the inworld) and also their FLickr page so you can see their pictues.

The Dove and Pear Shop.

The Dove and Pear Marketplace Shop.

The Dove and Pear. Flickr.


BTW (Bee’s That Way).

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Just a little thing. (Mainly Mention of Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is just the gloves.

I went to the Okinawa Christmas & New Year Festival and from just the short row of stalls leading to the main part of the event I managed to pick up a few things from poses to fun wearables.

Shame that these fingerless gloves are a Maitreya fit only mind you they’re still very wearable as long as someone doesn’t zoom in who cares about any breakthrough.

I will be doing the rest of the market on my return inworld after I’ve fed my RL face!

Okinawa Christmas & New Year Festival.