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Think about it. (New Kaithleen Group gift(99Ld) & 10th Birthday Sale).

I’ve been in the Kaithleen group forever so the initial 99Lds it costs to join has paid off big time and this is the newest group gift.

Now a photo where you can see clearly what it looks like.

This is a one-piece so it can’t be worn separately. It also only comes in the one main body colour which is the lovely pink shorts and top but the hud that is included has a big hud of shades for you to play around with the hem, sleeves and tie.

I would have loitered longer as there is a BIG wall of Lucky Board with excellent prizes but there was someone else who’s name started with the letter “Z” so I never take a prize if someone else is waiting….when I returned to LM grab I won two more outfits.

Also, there is a Birthday Sale going on and a lot of things have been discounted to either 75Lds for a single colour, sorry I’ve forgotten how much for the fatpack I think it may have been something like 299Lds but don’t quote me…still a bargain.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

A blank slate.(New Kaithleen Group Gift).

The dress is not free as the Kaithleen group cost 99Lds.

I did a post about the Kaithleen group gifts not too long ago but since this is a new gift I’m chuffed to be able to do another post so soon.

Look at those folds and ruffles which are the best mesh you can find.

All of the group gifts are shop quality and if you go into the shop itself on the back wall of the reception wall…easy to see when you get there…is a wall of again shop quality lucky boards prizes. I do know from past visits it wouldn’t take anyone any length of time to score some goodies. So for that small investment of 99Lds you have this dress and all of the other group gifts and whatever you win off the boards.

PS. My next stop will be S@bbia, then !g0 and maybe Ricielli and then back home to start decorating my home as I’m starting from scratch again.


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Quickie@Kaithleens. (5Ld St Patrick Hunt).

I picked up 2 out of the 5 hunt prizes from Kaithleens St Patrick Hunt. Obviously, this simple strappy top is one of them and the other is the body con dress which you can see on the poster board at the entrance of Kaithleens.

Each prize is just 5Ld which is a snip for Kaithleen quality. If you have a few Lindens more, I think it’s 99Lds to join the group, then there are some quality gifts there as well.

Now pay attention as this top isn’t hidden in the Kaithleen shop it’s in the shop opposite. I’ve forgotten to get its name but I do remember it has a range of non-kink school clothing for teens and young adults. I did spot a couple of gift boxes and 1 seems to hold masks and the other has a school outfit which I believe is for a man. Since you may struggle to find the top I will give you a hint, look for a greenery wall.