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Super freaking cute. (FLF & Freebies).

I’ve not been to Jians for so long, mainly because I know I’d just cave in and buy something, so I didn’t know they’d even changed their shop, same old LM though, and I didn’t know they had new group gifts.

Mum and baby snoozing away with a lovely slow AO.

Only an EVIL person could hate this puppy in a basket. There is a third gift of a wearable Easter basket with a cute animesh bunnieh!

A bit sad that the prims are on the big side however if you love something then you can always find something to remove to free up the prims.

As for the FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) check out this leaping salmon.

I was so tempted to put an arrow pointing to it lol.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. As you can see it’s now leaping happily in one of the little streams I have on my land. I took many pictures trying to catch the fish looking it’s best and this was the best I could do. If you look at the link to the Seraphim blog they have pictures and LMs for all the shops with a FLF offer out and a good picture of these fish and all the options you get in a fatpack of excellent fish…and low low low prims so I’m tempted to pop one in every little stream I have.

Seraphim Blog (Pictures and LM’s)