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Uno Dos Tres. (Dollarbie(s)).

This is a lazy post as I have blogged the N-Uno marketplace shop in the past, a couple of times probably, so I already knew what to expect when I picked up some of the Dollarbies.

There are a total of 121 Dollarbies, a lot of them are the same item just in different colours. This dollarbie outfit I’m wearing consists of the jeans, sleeveless shirt and there is also an over the shoulder sweater.

They do come in the old fits, ie xs,s,m,l etc and I’ve found the s fit was perfect for me. Even though they’re cheap you can try the demo out if you want.

If you want to check out the inworld shop then use my link and not the one from the MP. There are group gifts in the N-Uno shop which is a paid for group and at a glance I suspect it’s maybe Maitrya only but please check. Also where you land is a TP which takes you to another N-Uno shop and I believe there are group gifts in there as well.

N-Uno (Marketplace).

N-Uno. Shop 1

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Staples. (10Ld Marketplace Gift).

These “classic” pants are a prime example of how someone can take a common place template and make it their own with new and quality patterns.

I know I already own at least one of this style of pants and I think most people also have at least one pair but this one with it’s 12 excellent patterns is really good.

I got these from the Patty C K Fashion marketplace shop and they cost me 10Lds. I’m going to log back inworld in a few mins and if these are in the inworld shop for less than 10Lds I will add a quick update to this post.

UPDATE: I changed the inworld LM as if you use the one from the Marketplace shop you end up at the wrong place. Now I’ve had a wander around the shop I can say that these are not free inworld I can also say that there are some tempting offers as well. A pair of floral sneakers and a dress for 35Ld, in the discounted part of the shop there are again some nice bargains plus group gifts which do cost you 1Ld. Also in the main part of the shop it looks like there is a regular 2Ld offer which is out for 2 hours only. First time I’ve seen this so I don’t know if it changes every hour or is just a once a day thing.

All in all VISIT the inworld shop and have a walk around and price check as you may find a bargain to tempt you.

Patty C K Fashion. (Marketplace).

Patty C K Fashion. (Inworld).