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Wow. (Apple Fall 75Ld Gatekeeper Lodge Offer). LIMITED TIME.

I have hundreds of homes, builds, skyboxes and yet in the end I have only ever really used about 4 of them as my permanent home. One of them is the Apple Fall Gatekeeper Lodge which is actually an old Rare Gatcha Prize.

So as I’m TPing around I spotted in the Apple Fall Group Chat that there is an updated version for sale so I excitedly followed the link to the Marketplace shop and I can’t believe its now not only updated but its not a Gacha prize anymore and ONLY 75Lds!

I’m only going to show you only one picture as you can and really should see this inworld to be able to see the quality of this build.

OK not going to lie, I still much prefer my older Gacha prize one. That one has an over all darker colour stone, wood flooring etc which is more to my taste and it maybe “old” however the texturing is as good now as then. This new lighter version is now copy and mod so I’m going to just plonk myself on a sandbox and see what I can do to it but in the end I’m gonna stick with my original one as to me its perfect.

I don’t know if its for sale inworld at this price or just the marketplace. I’ve also added the link given on the listing to where you can see it inworld.

PS. This offer is limited in time for I think 3 days, I’m not sure about that but don’t delay .

Apple Fall Marketplace Shop.

Apple Fall Inworld Shop.

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This is what temptation looks like!!!

Sadly NOT free but there is a mention of freebie at the end.

What I often do when shopping on a platform, is throw myself off the platform and see what I land on and in this case, it was the 7Plus Design shop.

Actually, I didn’t fall onto this exact platform but in front of the 7Plus Design shop and from there I took the TP to the rezzing platform and OMG I think I want this!

I can absolutely picture myself living on it but I will want to swap some things out ie those doors and the lights.

It has this top level with that pond and waterfall.

Inside are tunnels and can’t you just see/feel the moistness? Let me say that again “MOISTNESSSSS” LOL.

The corridors have been well laid out so you don’t find yourself lost and having to cam to work out where you are.

Somehow I’ve managed to miss taking a picture of the bigger dryer living area overlooking the bottom of the waterfall and the footbridges over the pool.

All of these photos were taken in the standard sim setting and I just clicked and pointed.

This is my home at the moment, in an interesting windlight setting, and for me it’s perfect which is the only thing which is making me just hold my breath. TBH I can’t see why I can’t recreate this feeling with the rocky shore line at the base of the cliff and the house/garden etc on the top.

What I’m going to do is meet up with the last person I should go shopping with, Faith, and see what she thinks.

If you’re interested in an interesting home then check this shop out. You take the TP from outside the shop to the demo rezzing station. Click the picture board to rezz and then click to derezz.

Special mention for the underwater mermaid/man home. So good it would even tempt me to put on a fish tail and go swimming.

To buy this it looks like they’re all only available on the Marketplace. So link to that and also there is a freebie coral reef kit which is a 2022 year gift so I’m looking forward to unpacking that.

7Plus Design. (inworld).

7Plus Design. (Marketplace).

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Olive here

Found this little beaut of a mesh house on the market place by elfico penso to share with you. “Olive Cottage” sounds a small space but is actually pretty big. If you peer closely you’ll see the little basement windows around the bottom – bloomin brill as this house comes with a built-right-in basement! Here’s the deets: 4 rooms, a balcony and a basement! You can paint the walls as you like. Length: 14m Width: 14m
Prims: 35
100% mesh

Lovely detailing for a dollarbie build, the doors are especially nice and are followed through the whole place. Touch the basement door to go down a ladder and you’ll find a full house size area – what to dooooo with it ! Well made staircase takes you to the upper level with an added small exterior balcony to enjoy. Top notch !

Olive Cottage


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Moving on – $1L home !

I was dead chuffed to find this gift from Simple things & Forever summer today. Not everyone in Second Life changes their decor and surroundings when the seasons change – in fact for almost 8 years I lived on a tropical island year round (which is prolly why I have such an aversion to them now !) This is the “Trudy Tropical Island House”, its dead pretty and includes the patio, pool and all the trees and plants. You could use this straight outta the box as is – or play around with it.

You receive two versions one with everything and one with just the house – and beware none of it is in a rez box – so rez it in edit mode.

“The Trudy Tropical Island House is an open-spaced wooden house on stilts with 2 bedrooms. It sits on a man-made island with a swimming-pool. It has a spacious front balcony and extra-living area below the house. The house itself is 43 land impact and 22×26. The area for the ‘island’ and boulders is 36×43. The landscaping and pool are 90 land impact.”

It’s so low prim for what it is, Id use the whole thing and decorate – it’s no modify sadly but hey ho – what a find! The interior is nicely done with some shadowing and great wood textures. Limited time offer so grab it while you can. Check out the market place store while youre there – some other great builds for just $10L.

Dollarbie house