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Mondays madness. (Cheap, Cheaper & Cheapest).

I am suprised that on the BuenaVista sim they haven’t updated the regular “I love the cart” event to an Easter theme and as you can see it’s still snowy and the snowman is still pissed.

This jacket is the “cheap” as I picked it up from the MD marketplace shop for just 10Lds. I didn’t see that its a Belleza Venus fit only and even so on my SLink fit it’s actually really good. The boob flashing it not breakthrough, although there is a bit of it, it’s actually been desined with cuts outs. As I was scrolling through the MD marketplace shop I recognise a few of the cheapies as having been blogged before but this jacket is 100% new.

Inside of the The Artist Shed shop is where you will find the “Cheaper” & “Cheapest” as the next 2 items are hunt prizes.

Love this painting and only 3Lds. You can’t really edit the size as it messes up the shadow layer so it’s a lovely big statement piece which will fit on any wall.

Only 1Ld for this lovely decor item.

The plant “Gypsohila” or as a lot of people know it as “Babies Breath” is one of my fav plants and I’m pretty sure it was just 1Ld.

There are 2 posters at the top of the entrance stairs for the hunts and the hints are very easy but I will say that the Artist Shed is a bit of an odd layout in that you have stairs going up and stairs going down to different departments so make sure to have a good wander around esp as there are some nice pieces of decor which even I found a bit difficult to ignore.

MB, Mesh Addict. (Marketplace).

The Artist Shed.

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When is a “Freebie” not so free? (Freebie(sss)).

The answer to the title is when you go over to get a freebie and then end up spending a heck of a lot of Lindens but I think anyone who has a home in SL will understand.

The writing desk/bureau is the NEW gift out for us at Nutmeg and I love the fact it’s on a smaller side which is more lady like and also has the benefit that for some it will fit into a smaller sized home.

We all know that there are some stunning decor gifts just at the entrance but did you know there is a 50% SALE going on? I didn’t so I was grateful that my random visit to Nutmeg has meant I’ve been able to treat myself to everything thats in those bags and boxes.

The worst thing is is that the furniture/decor items I bought do not suit the style of house I’m living in at this moment so once I’ve unpacked everything I will be packing it back up again but the opportunity to get a big 50% discount on everything inc the Gacha’s was just too much.

This sale isn’t just for Nutmeg as it includes RKKN and Etiquette which are going to be my next visit.


RKKN & Etiquette.

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Just Two. (Scarlet Creative Outlet).

I was trying to get to the Scarlet Creative mainshop and somehow ended up on an outlet platform which I didn’t even know Scarlet Creative had or I had forgotten. So I had a most pleasant time this morning checking out the builds.

I’m only going to show you two of the many pictures I took because in the end you need to see them for yourself inworld so I’m just going to give you two pictures to tempt you in.

This is the “Lavender Brown” house and yes it’s one I do own. This one comes in two versions, 165 or 370 prims. Some of the Scarlet Creative builds can be primmy but these aren’t wasted prims as the attention to detaling both inside and out is stunning.

I can’t swear to it but I think I may also own this “Captain Neva House” as well.

The Scarlet Creative range has such a unique style that without checking you instinctively know when you’ve walked into one of their homes that it’s a Scarlet Creative build..

From what I can see everything in the rezzer is priced at only 259Lds. Prim wise not too unreasonable and I did see some builds as small as 34prims.

Scarlet Creative Outlet Platform.

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It’s warming up. (Cheapie(s)).

It was a much needed warm and sunny day in RL so I logged out and warmed my aching bones and read a good book. It’s the simple things in life that mean the most in the end. Later on, when the sun died down I popped inworld to check a few old LM’s out and found this little burner/cauldron.

You couldn’t miss it in the Dark Forge shop as they have an example of it rezzed on the floor. This is so you can test the poses in it ie soup stirring, hand warming and they’re not bad at all. Just like most of the decor items in this shop it’s for those who like to RP or have a rustic style of SL life. Only 4 prims, 1 prim is the shadow and slop of food on the ground.

I was curious and so scanned the wall nearby and when I saw that this costs only 9Lds I had to have it. Then I had to scan the rest of the items on the walls to see if there was any other hidden treasures and I did spot some decent bargains but I don’t think there was anything as cheap as this.

You will find this burner set at the back of the Dark Forge shop.

Opposite the Dark Forge shop is the “Sweet Lies” shop which I have blogged both the freebie, a crown, and a purchased outfit from here so I’m not showing you them again. I was tempted to buy a bag set, only 39Lds, then I remembered that all of the Gacha’s in this shop are just 25Lds and a really good mix of prizes and so I gambled and won a fab wearable bag of bagels. Very happy with that.

PS. The Sweet Lies also has a 30Ld Saturday offer of boots for both sexes.

Dark Forge & Sweet Lies & Sewing Lies

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Good for you Granola.(50Ld Group Gifts).

I’ve been in the Granola group for a long time now and I joined back then just to get this laundry set and everything else was just the icing on the cake.

This washing line and the tub of water with the non-animated, bubbles coming off it was worth the joining fee of 50Lds alone.

I already had these as they’re are so pretty, just lovely little decor items.

The whole shop has had a revamp, new shop, new stock and new LM but I couldn’t see a new group gift. Although there is a very lovely tasty looking chocolate cake dispenser gift at the LM I’m sure I’ve already shown you that as well. I’ve stayed in the group all this time in the hopes that when the next new gift comes out it’s of the same quality as the older ones.

To find the group gifts go forward and all the way to the right and there is a wall of gifts as well as some Gacha’s to tempt you…I got tempted lol.


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Feed the addiction! (60Ld & 25Ld).

I went over to Muniick to pick up their 25Ld Tue offer because I need this in my SL life.

I am a sewing/craft hoarder both in RL and SL and if it’s an old antique item picked up from a charity shop it’s even better. So this 25Ld Tue offer from Muniick is just perfect. Only 3 prims.

Then I spotted this and because I’d not check out the 60Ld weekend offers I hadn’t seen it.

Wow, love it. This is the back of the caravan.

Obviously the front.

This is the only picture I took of the inside. There is plenty of space to move around in but this is a “tiny home” so as much as I tried to angle the camera to get the best shot I couldn’t really get anything better than this and there is a full sized version out for you to check out for yourself.

So for only 60Lds and you get a fully furnished (48 prims) of non furnished (37) and a whole raft of colour options for the outer shell, furniture, poses and even things like turning the fan and lamps off and on.

I bought the PG version and I’ve just checked and the Adult version is the same price.

I’ve just spotted as I was LM grabbing that if you already own this caravan which comes with just the 1 colour then you can get a free upgrade. Just check the board next to it.


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Pretty Shiny Balls. (Freebie(s)).

OH how I’d love to make a smutty title to this post but I will stick to the one I’m using.

I almost forgot about these really great decor items until Careless sent out a new notice about another new group gift of a chair and table set.

The balls are a decent size and you can mod them however don’t mod them as it does change the texture of the ropes and not in a good way. You really wouldn’t want to edit them in anycase as they’re a great size and only 1 prim.

I picked up a couple other gifts, a chair and wall flowers but since my SL time is running out and RL is calling me I will leave those and the other free to join gifts for you to check out.