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This is mine. (300Ld for 20Ld).

Normally if a gift card is trans I trans it to someone else as I have enough stuff but in this case even though this gift card seems to be non-trans I’m keeping it.

I will assume that you need to join the group which costs only 20Lds and at the LM is where you will find not just this notice board but also some other gifts and you may recognise one of them as a fab decor/pose bike from a previous post.

GO NOW! As you can see from the board this is a “TODAY” offer only and today is Sunday so if you’re reading this post on monday I’d still go because you never know it may still be out.

UPDATE: It’s one of those gift cards that if you rezz it and take it back into your invent it then becomes trans…I’m still keeping it and actually I’ve already spent it. I bought the antique clock and a christmas wreath. It’s the usual way, you wear the credit card, bottom right of your screen then click/touch the item you want to buy and out of the menu wheel chose credit. Just confirm it by looking at the credit card on your screen as it will show the item you’re purchasing. BTW It also looks as though there is a 50% sale going on but not for when using your credit.


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Free Beer. (Freebie).

Sorry no clothes but I have beer.

This is a gift from the 8f8 shop but is a L’Homme group gift. Look at the detailing. I’ve forgot to click on it to see if you’re sent a wearable but if it doesn’t who cares when it looks this good.

This is a bit of a hidden gift so I’m going to show you where to get it. Look at this second picture and you can see the L’Homme poster and the lighter poster stuck to it is the gift.

The LM will take you to the middle of the Black Kite Sim so just turn left as the floating platorms of the 8f8 shop are in the corner.

If you’ve never visited the 8f8 shop then you have missed a photo opportunity as most of the sim is a watery wonderland with random small builds, props and flattering lighting which makes it easy for anyone to take a great picture.

I’m tempted to join the actual 8f8 group as even though it has a price tag, I think it’s 199Lds some of the group gifts which are scattered around so you have to look closely for them are so pretty. The newest one is the most delicate buttercups I have ever seen.

8f8 (Black Kite Sim).

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Picture perfect.(Freebies & Mention of Hunt).

I’m having a pleasant Sunday afternoon sim/shop hopping and ended up at a place Faith did a recent post on and thats the “Chic Buildings” shop and she did the “Red, White & Blue Hunt”. I will put the link to her post so you can see some of the prizes you can win.

The LM I had took me to the underground station where there is a TP board to the different departments if you don’t want to TP just walk up the stairs and there all there and so is the gallery of FREE art.

Obviously Chic Aeon is both a lover of both art and SL photography so they have set up this gallery so anyone can treat their home to some artwork. There is a big selection of styles to pick and chose from so I’m pretty sure that everyone could find something to their taste. I grabbed 3 pieces for myself.

PS. It says “non-mod” but click on the painting and you get a resizing menu.

Chic Buildings. (Buy the LM from the LM board).

Red, White & Blue Hunt, Faiths Post.

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Home Sweet Home. (50% Sale@Hisa).

I’m in the Hisa group, which is free, and for once it was going wild with comments which is most unusual for such a quiet group. Turns out there is a very good reason for that excitement and it’s SALE TIME!!!! It’s also an excuse for me to show you my home.

When Faith and I downsized I looked at it as a chance to start afresh with a whole new home and landscaping. I had no idea of what theme I’d landscape this time as I did have a habit of changing my home/landscaping a lot but the moment I clapped eyes on this “Forest retreat” I knew exactly how I wanted everything to look. I’ve been so happy with it that I’ve had this set up for I think well over a year and since all the landscaping is seasonal and I have the snow addon pack everything will be the same for the foreseeable future as for me it’s perfect.

You can see the decking at the side and down that side is where there is a fab big picture window and this side door. Just look at the glass texturing and how you can see through it even though it has a textured look to it.

In my last post I mentioned another big 50% sale going on at the Muniick shop and in this picture you can see the sewing machine, chair and on the wall under the heart shaped decor is the antique sewing shelf. The other items are just out of the pictures. I will put a link to the Muniick shop as well at the end.

The windows for me were the winners they just seem to be positioned in such a good way.

The attention to detail is just excellent.

Last picture and it’s of my small bedroom. I just don’t use it so it’s basically staged, no naughty balls in my home lol. It does give you some indication of how hight the main room is.

For me it’s a perfectly proportioned home, stunning texturing and attention to detail and OMG only 38 prims!!!! I kid you not! I’d had paid any price for this which turns out to be I think about 845Lds…too long ago to remember. I did at a later stage buy the extra addon snow pack.

This is nothing but an example, HISA has homes of so many differenty styles and prim counts. You just need to go check it out esp as there is a 50% sale going on.

I’ve not been over to the HISA sim yet but I do know the HISA group is free and there are free group gifts, in the cabin, which have already been blogged but since it’s been a while since I was last there there might be a new one. Still check those out as well as the sale.

PS. Unlike the Muniick sale I believe you pay full price and get 50% automatically refunded while the Muniick sale items have already had their prices reduced to reflect this discount.

UPDATE: I’d totally forgotten that there is a “foliage pack” that I had wanted for such a long time but as I’m a bit of a landscaping hoarder I could not justify spending so much but now it is 50% cheaper I’ve just bought it and I did have to pay the full 875Lds and 50% was instantly redfunded. I’ve had a quick rezz of the plants as 450Lds (ish) price tag is still at a price some might not want to pay but OMG its wonderful, I can’t wait to log back in and soften the side of my home with these wall climbing plants and the addition of a hud means I don’t have to go to all that fuss removing them with the seasons change.



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It’s too late! (50% Sale@Muniick&Mention Of Freebie).

If Faith hadn’t mentioned it I’d have missed this big sale is going on at one of my fav home decor shop, Muniick, and I would have been pished!

Actually I wouldn’t have been that mad as I already know I own it all or at least everything I want from this shop.

Off the top of my head at this very moment in my house I have the sewing machine/table with matching seat, a sewing box wall deccoration, retro sideboard and a retro hoover set out. A quick check of my invent shows I have many, many items which I’d totally forgotten about.

As I was LM grabbing I suspect I will return to buy the motorbike as it’s very “unisexed” most reasonable prims and a hud to change the colour…time will tell if I can resist temptation.

As for the freebie there a couple of nice decor items, the planter and pinwheel I have blogged previously but the wood bucket of tomatoes is new.


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OH NO! So much temptation! (Dollarbie).

This Dollarbie is going to end up costing me a lot of money.

Basically on my hunt for freebies/cheapies I spotted a metal can being used as decor in a shop and it piqued my interest so a quick click showed me it’s from a shop called Unflat Stuff.

(Edit) I haven’t/won’t be buying that I bough this and when I’d unpacked it and saw how good quality it is, and only 1 prim, I TP’d to the inworld shop and wished I hadn’t. It’s a bit like visiting TK Maxx in that you come across hidden treasures for such a reasonable price that even a Cheap B* like me caves in and so far I’ve bought from the inworld shop a wheel barrow, a pan set and a wood bucket and from the marketplace shop a planter and jug of flowers. tempted.

The reason I bought from both the inworld and marketplace shop is that although they sell a lot of the same thing I think there are more items for sale in the marketplace shop than inworld also different styles. There are 2 different wheelbarrows for sale on the marketplace shop but the inworld shop has a totally different styled one and I loved that one as it is so retro.

So basically make sure to check out both the marketplace shop as well as the inworld shop before you decided if you want to buy anything.

PS. There are also a few other cheapies on the marketplace shop as well.

Unflat (Marketplace).

Unflat Stuff (Inworld).

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Waiting to glow. (Bargain shopping).

I’m waiting for the sun to hit my garden and then I’m off out to lounge like a lady of leasure. Till then I’m going to do a post, clean the cat litter tray, wash some dishes, sort out some paperwork then stand staring out the window pondering on the meaning of life and if I should put some nail polish on my toes.

So here is my post. As I was rummaging in my invent I came across this plant that I’d totally forgot about and it also gives me a great excuse to remind people about the Bazar shop.

I remembered this was super cheap so I automatically headed to the “outlet” department where I spotted some excellent discounts, fatpacks of furniture from 65Lds, individual items from 10Ld. A lot of tempting stuff but I didn’t spot this plant until I entered the “full priced” section of the shop.

Even in the full priced section of the shop there are many bargains to be found inc this plant which costs only 25Lds and even more importantly for some it’s just 1 prim and for the size and quality of texturing is stunning.

PS. The meaning of life is 42 and yes I will paint my toenails as it’s sandal wearing temperature.