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I am The Queen of Magika! (Freebies and sale)

Free group gift Magika 40 discount sale

Isn’t it sad when you already own ALL the hair and there’s a sale on ! Magika have a 40% discount sale on at the moment – so if , unlike moi, you don’t already own it all – dash! It ends on the 28th , don’t forget to pick up all the group gifts too – including this gorgeous Queeny crown – comes with a Hud for metals, jewels and pearls ❤ (Group is free to join)


Faith is wearing:

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0 Underwear Layer
IKON Promise Eyes (left) – Denim
IKON Promise Eyes (right) – Denim
Beloved Jewelry : Spine Piercing-Gemstone (Maitreya)
Kibitz – Isobel’s earrings
[Z O O M] Butterfly Heart Septum – Left Nostril – ADD
Kibitz – Rona’s bracelet – left – gold
[Cinoe] Wizard’s treasure – Small drop Ring (R)
The V – Bento by Session & ASA Maitreya V1.56
-Pretty Liars- Butt lift + Enhancements LEVEL 6
Magika – Hair – Michelle (Size 3) (Chest S)
Bauhaus – Aria Bikini V 2 / Maitreya Upper – Gold
Bauhaus – Aria Bikini V 2 / Maitreya Bottom – Gold

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I wonder. (15Ld Group Gift).

The hair is the 15Ld Group Gift, ignore the outfit.

I’m about 70% sure I actually paid full price for this hair from Kuni and now its one of their Group Gifts which is why it will only cost you 15Lds as that’s the joining fee.

I think you can see why I needed this style of hair as it goes so well with this and a couple of other outfits I own, not free and so you probably won’t ever see them lol. You also get a style hud and in this case I always wear it with the pony tail hanging down the back.

The Group Gifts don’t come with demo’s but for that price I ain’t mad. There are three women’s hairs and a one male hair.

There is also a big wall of discounted hairs, only 75Lds, and yes they do come with demos which is really good as I spotted another one with braids and a new(ish) fine strand design but it didn’t work on me. Those discounted items are to your left when looking at the Group Gifts but there are more discounted hair on another wall and this is the “Pay Attention” part as with those hairs the style hud is a separate purchases. Each only 75Lds and if you like the style the hair comes in then you don’t need to buy the style hud or at that price its still a bargain.


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Me, Mina & YouTube. (New Mina Hair & Freebie).

The Freebie is the top. This is another of The Annex gifts however I picked this up from the Marketplace shop and I don’t know if its included with the Inworld gifts so link at the end for the Marketplace shop.

This is me wearing the New Mina hair.

This is Mina wearing the new Mina hair.

And can you see what I can see?

Yass, she has a YouTube channel.

I’m not worried that I’m out of a job as its nice to see the hair on an actual AV but the addition of a YouTube channel is a brainwave. This way instead of seeing a single or a couple of shades on a badly posed AV you get to see the whole thing in action and the full colour palettes.

But as always its best to try the full pack demo on yourself first.

BTW I rarely mention there is a Marketplace shop and she does keep it pretty updated, that can’t be said for a lot of shops so you can still go hair shopping, even if its just the demos, while you’re not inworld.

Another BTW is that Mina has a selection of “shaved/punk” hairs.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Mina’s Marketplace Shop.

The Annex. (Marketplace shop).

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Taking a break. Mina’s “Saturday Sale Offer”.

I’m still standing at a Sandbox, unpacking backdrops and sorting out the “keepers” from the “trash” and that’s why I’ve got this random backdrop behind me. Then I decided to take a break and check out the weekend offers and my heart skipped a beat as this hair, Adeline, is Mina’s Saturday Sale offer.

Yeah yeah yeah I almost say it every time but this is one of my fav Mina hairs. Lovely colours, simple thick hanging down the back and of course the wide hairband makes this one of my “go-to” hairs.

For you, it will only cost 99Lds for each colour palette. TBH most of the time I’m just wearing one of the “natural” shades but as always try before you buy.

PS. 12 different shades/patterns for the hairband.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Adore 1L Top No Match Hair 50L

$1L Adore Perla Tied top Hunt Prize No Match Hair 50L

Spring has sprung here in the UK, sunbeams and longer days hurray! I’ve got two little gems to share this morning with you. My top is by Adore and is only 1L, its their hunt prize for the Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes Hunt – fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Perky, Ebody Reborn. Hint to find it “I love a bit of bling”. My hair is a new offer from No Match, just join the group (it costs 50L) et voila you can grab this sweet plaited style hair, all colour packs included ! You also get a Hud with many different colours for the flowers.


No Match

Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes Blog

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FaMESHed & Freebie.

First, the “free” which is this simple and pretty spring dress from a shop called Flora.

You get a nice hud of 5 Spring colours and a black shade.

Now for the not-free and it’s a NEW MINA!

I know I’ve been wearing hair from different shops recently and that’s because no one shop can sell everything you want but Mina’s is a bit like S@bbia, Hitagato, Two Moon Gardens, Apple Fall, Ricielli etc those shops you just love to visit as you know you will find something that just works for you and that’s how I feel about the Mina range.

I also think that you wear the hair and the hair doesn’t wear you, know what I mean?

This hair, Juul, is a bit different in that I believe that adding the hair on in the order listed helps to reduce that annoying Alpha glitch and as you can see from the second picture…no glitch!

This isn’t a “Mina” problem as a lot of hairs if not all of them can have a big Alpha problem. I did read somewhere why this happens but I have the memory of a gnat so all I can remember is if you have a problem then take the hair off and put it on again…or don’t take a picture in front of trees/plants lol. So it was nice and refreshing to be able to have a green background.

As for the hair like her other recent hair with the long windblown ponytail, this is a very simple sleek close to the scalp look and being able to choose if you wear the bun or not is a big help if you want to wear it with a hat. Almost forgot you do get a fringe option and usually, that’s the one that I go in this case this very clean-lined one is perfect.

As always LM to Mina’s so you can try out the demo before you head on over to the FaMESHed Event where you can buy it.


Mina’s Mainshop

FaMESHed. (Seraphim Blog for pictures & LM).

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It’s Payday. (Mina’s 75Ld Weekend Offer & Mention of Lucky Boards).

Here’s to a really nice weekend.

This picture just goes to prove that beige doesn’t mean boring. The hair is of course the 75Ld offer.

I know that I’ve been wearing hair from different shops as no one shop has everything you need and the one thing I noticed is the price! Phew! However what do I say about hair and skin, and that is sometimes it’s worth paying for it so to get this quality hair for just 75Lds…snap it up.

This back shot is to show off the fine strands pulled back into that small tie.

Disclaimer here as I have edited the photos which maybe now I’m thinking about it I shouldn’t but since I know you will try the demo out for yourself then you will see the colour palette for yourself. You get a full demo pack so you can play with the different fits and style hud.

As for the mention of freebies, this outfit wasn’t free but the best thing about the Bumblebee shop is the wall of Lucky Boards and if you have credit with them then you can even treat yourself to their discounted weekend specials using the discount. So if you have time to kill then check out the Bumblebee shop and if you’re new to the shop then the group is free and there is still the 200Lds worth of free shop credit.