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Meet Leslie. (Freebie).

My fav colour, orange, my fav price, free, a chance to show you the pearly Mina hair so a great start to the day.

There are 2 colours in the pack and lots of fits. I suspect these are last years Halloween gifts from the Punk Justus shop as the dress has “Haunting” in the name. The other colour is a very bold purple.

I think you can see now why I love this hair from Mina’s. I won’t bore you with the details as you can check out my last post.

BTW I don’t love all of Mina’s hairs and not all of Mina’s hairs suit but but I’ve found thats the same with all hair shops the only thing is I’ve found that I do love most of Mina’s hairs and most of Mina’s hairs suit me. It’s why I always say try before you buy and never go by a pretty picture.

Punk Justus.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Make a date. (New Mina@Uber & Mention of Freebie(sss)).

A couple of posts back I teased you with a new Mina hair which is now for sale and so here is “Senja” again.

As you can see the eye catching part of this hair is the pearl accessory. This newer hair natually comes with finer strands, a large palette of unique and normal shades. As for the pearly headress this is an add on so there is nothing stopping you from wearing it with other hairs you may have. You also get a hud which allows you to remove each strand individually or hide them all for a more casual look.

Now most of you will know what I’m going to say next. This new hair is lovely but do not buy it until you’ve tried out “Leslie”. I remember the first time I saw and wore the Leslie hair and my AV heart hummed. She too is an updo and with a bigger bun, a hud to change the strands framing your face the pearls which are dotted around your hair it’s my firm fav when I want a classy and elegant hair.

I doubt the LM will take you right next to Leslie so if it doesn’t then just head into the main room and it’s on the wall to your left.

As for the “Mention of freebies” I do believe Uber has lots and lots and lots of them as it’s celebrating it’s 7th Anniversary. I will give you the link to Seraphim blog rather than the direct link to this event as not only do they have 3 LM’s for us they have pictures of everything thats for sale.

Personally I’d wait as even though there are 2 cam sims as well the place is heaving as it’s literally just opened it’s doors.

UPDATE: Just in case you missed Faiths comment here it is…

“Just an update to this the gifts are located at each mainstore not at the event. Its a sort of a hunt and you need to find the gift box – its white with a gold bow.”

I will say thats a lovely idea which works for everyone as it means people don’t have to wait or wade through lag and they get people in their shops getting tempted by the products for sale as they hunt for the gift box.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog for pictures & LM’s