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The girl did good. (Dollarbie).

Look at what Naughty Glimmer found for me on the Marketplace.

I didn’t pay that much attention to the details as I know the shop and assumed/hoped it was going to be quality and it is.

Some lovely colours in the hud.

I now wish I’d lightened the picture as this is a lovely chocolate brown.

As always big thanks for the heads up, I may sometimes not follow up as it may already have been shown or Faith is planning on showing it etc but always appreciate any link..esp in note form.

Promagic. (Marketplace).

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Fashionably Late. (New Belle Epoque Group Gift, 10Ld).

I’m sure I was one of the first to grab this new Belle Epoque group gift last night with the intention of blogging it first thing this morning and then stuff happened. So I’m a bit late as I expect this fab dress will be in all the blogs/free/freebie groups even though it does cost to join the Belle Epoque group but at only

As for the dress, what can I say other than shop quality!

As you can see a lovely drape but check out the front.

The strings are made up of long gold tubes which are so realistic and you can see the fine lines in the fabric. That is some quality mesh creating skills going on there.

Only 10Lds to join the group and of course, there are other group gifts, a couple of gifts for free groups and you should see the very tempting weekend special offers.

Belle Epoque.

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Next stop is Muniik. (25Ld Tue Belle Epoque Offer)

Sorry, the 25Ld offer does not include the hat.

A classic Belle Epoque gown for swanning around SL looking as pretty as a picture.

I own a lot of similar gowns from Belle Epoque but a quick check showed I didn’t have this one and even though I’m trying to thin down my invent I just couldn’t resist adding another gown to it.

As always the only hardship was which colour/pattern to buy as they’re all on offer and in the end, I always seem to plump for the simple floral one. I didn’t even bother to try the demo on as I know this style which comes in a Maitreya fit only is also a very forgiving design for most body shapes but try it out to make sure.

As for the title, I also spotted a lovely tea set from the Muniick shop which is also a 25Ld Tue offer and is my next port of call when I log in.

Belle Epoque.

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Pretty as a picture. (Freebie).

Check this OTT bit of Flexi.

It wafts and sparkles with every step and is bloody addictive so much so I ended up taking dozens of pictures just for fun and in the end plumped for the very first one I took.

This is a gift from the Boudoir shop and if you’ve never been to this shop befor then you’re in for a real treat for the eyes. The owner/designer is called Vitabela Dubrovna. I believe she’s also a RL designer(maybe) because these aren’t your average run of the mill stuff because it’s not run of the mill templates. Everything is very theatrical and dramatic. It’s one of those shops that you end up walking around camming up and down so you don’t miss a thing. She also has now a lot of decor and full builds, check out the haunted castle behind you. One year Faith and I were contemplating buying the vast glasshouse for the centre of our sim.

As for this freebie, it’s right next to the LM and it’s set to buy for “0” Lds. It also comes with a shoulder flexi but for the sake of this picture I kept that off. Also, the underlayers are just a system layer so I popped on a simple pink cropped top/panties that I already had and it will be easy, probably even better, for you to team it up with existing items.

I also spotted at the LM a picture of a RL person. I quickly joined the free group to check in the notices as obviously someone has passed away but there was nothing in there as to who the lady is. Whoever she is and it may even be Vitabela herself then I am so sorry. Faith also lost her Beloved Dad at the start of this month and the one thing we’re both always aware of is behind our lovely AV’s are real people with real lives and sometimes those real lives STINK!


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It’s my treat to me.(30Ld Belle Epoque Gift).

Yup as soon as I saw this dress I knew I was going to buy it.

The ad for this dress is a gorgeous blue polka dot but you will see that you have not only a choice of colours but for a few more Lindens you can add the matching shoes, bag and hat. I was sorely tempted to buy the hat/facinator and I may even return to buy one.

Since it’s a Maitreya fit only try the demo first.

PS. I spotted a new Belle Epoque Group gift and unless it’s changed the Belle Epoque group only costs 10Lds.

Belle Epoque.

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I promise. (Freebie(ss)).

My promise is to keep this post extremely short and sweet.

LRD, Loud Rebel Design has some gifts out for us and I distinctly remember showing you the pantsuit but not this interesting outfit. So pop in check all of the gifts out, inc the shoes I’m wearing, they’re on the wall at the side of the reception desk.

Done and dusted.

LRD. (Loud Rebel Design).

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Close but not too close.(10Ld Belle Epoque Group Gift(s)).

A stunning gown with a generous draped shape and train. Dotted with those raised flowers and although you can’t see it in this picture the straps are also of these pretty flowers.

For me and my SLink fit I have to say this is actually a darned good fit so although it’s Maitreya only if you like it buy it, only 10Lds to join the Belle Epoque group and there are 2 other items of clothing I’ve not seen before, a quality body con dress with I think a hud and a “F**K 2020” dress which I couldn’t model for you and when you see it you will see why lol.

Just to tempt us even more the 25Ld Tue item has been put out and yup worth much much more than that token price.

PS. So sorry I can’t do a close up as I’m wearing some free eyes which at first looked really good however in photos they just don’t work.

Belle Epoque.