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Who me? (Freebie(ss)).

Virtual Diva has new group gifts out for us and I don’t think this is new but new to me. I just so happened to love the skirt and as it’s a seperate it means it’s a keeper. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the top though and that bright zingy red/orange colour will go well with jeans, shorts or even just a bikini bottom…thinking outside of the box again.

Plenty of fits and happily for me the SLink HG fit fit my SLink P body perfectly so since I didn’t have to change into my HG body to show you this outfit this is the one I’m showing you.

There are other gifts inc what I believe is a brand new one and they’re more classy/sexy than this bold shade.

PS. Just before you go inside for the group gifts on the wall to your left are gifts for other free/cheap groups but I didn’t spot anything new and to your right are some lucky boards.

Virtual Diva.

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Sods Law. (Freebie & FLF Offer).

I was going to save this free outfit for tomorrow as I have plans on how I’m spending my sunday in SL. So I was happy to stumble upon this new september group gift from the Lurve shop only for a message literally to go out in a free group about it as I’m pulling this pose!!! Thats where the “Sods Law” of the title comes from as it’s an old English saying which means “if something can go wrong, it will” and so “my scoop” will be popping up in many groups lol.

Never mind, I’m very pleased with it as even though it comes in a lot of mesh fits inc the old standard mesh sizes it doesn’t feel that old. A nice blush pink colour, lovely lace pattern on the skirt and of course folds and wrinkles.

You will find this new gift on the reception desk but check out the back of the wall behind the desk for other gifts for other free or cheap groups. I have blogged most if not all of them previously.

The other “Classic” is this hair and it’s not a Mina! I know shocking but I do try a lot of demo’s and in this case this FLF offer from Exile was just too good not to buy! It’s classy, elegant and flattering and even better a great fit. Only 5 colours in the hud but they’re very servicable. This hair is so good check out Faiths last post as she too couldn’t resist it and is wearing the same hair…twinsies lol.

As for me tomorrow I’m planning on spending some quality time changing my landscaping to a more Autumnal theme/shades so think of this post as sundays post and not todays post lol.



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Just a bit mad. (Free hair).

This is my season, the end of summer and start of autumn is the best time of year for me. I’ve pulled out all my slightly warmer clothing as I love nothing better than working in my garden or going for walks in the cooler weather with the wind ruffling my hair which brings me to my inworld hair…smooth transition there lol.

I almost TP’d out of the ADE shop as I thought as there is an “under construction” sign and I couldn’t see any hair at all that I was too early or I was in the wrong place but it turns out both were wrong. Most of the full priced hair is just further into the shop and the gifts are upstairs.

This is one of the free hairs but it’s not the one I would have preferred to show you. I did have a bit of a struggle with the fit which since it comes with different head/boob fits was more my problem than the hair. Since the group is free to join it costs you nothing to grab all 5 of the fatpack hairs and I believe there are 2 pairs of glasses.

ADE. (Upstairs)

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I ain’t mad at it! (Freebie(ss) & 25Ld Mina Gacha Hair).

A random drop in took me to a shop called “YM shop” where there is a big wall of group gifts. Some old, some older and some nope and also some ooo’s.

This dress comes in 2 parts the ruffle and dress plus a decent sized hud of really nice colours. I also spotted shoes and hair which I hadn’t tried on when I first did this post but now I’ve tried them I’m editing this post as they too are not bad. The shoes are really ankle boots with an interesting design and although the hair isn’t “Mina” quality lol it’s not bad at all.

Make sure to check out the Casper vend boards as well, I notice you do have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you.

YM Shop.

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Being tempted. (FLF Birthday Bash, Lots of FLF offers & FREEBIES).

I’ve wasted too much time in SL trying out new skins and the more updated Evo Lelutka Mesh head and guess what….I’m sticking with what works for me.

Now for the FLF Offers & FREEBIES. This is the “FLF Backyard Birthday Bash” event which is stuffed with 50Ld offers and freebies. The top I’m wearing is one of the freebies, from Blueberry. Drat I forgot to put back on the bra layer which hides the underboob. A nice big hud of colours etc.

I literally grabbed only 3 gifts, they’re the coolers on the stands, before I TP’d back out. Since a lot of the biggest names in SL are involved in the weekly FLF offer they’re all here at this event and that also means the gifts are going to be really good quality. The other 2 I unpacked were really good but 1 was unwearable and the other is a sandwich…most unusual.

Make sure to check out the link to the Seraphim blog as you can see everything for sale, just not the freebies, I definately want the D-Lab stove, the Hextraordinary wall lamp and or the Caboodle strawberry lamp it depends on if they emit a light and if I don’t already own it then the , Jians Bearded dragon terrainum is definately on my list as well.

Seraphim, FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

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Worth it. (5+1Ld gift & Mention of Freebies).

A couple of days ago I did a post and mentioned that either I or SL were borking and one of the outfits I wanted to show you wouldn’t turn up so today since SL seems to be behaving itself I returned to the GeMyles shop paid another 5Lds to join the group and then 1Ld to buy this outfit and as you can see this time it was sent to me.

Although the editing has darkened the colour some what I’m super pleased with all of the shades you get in the fat pack hud, 32 with a texture and 32 plain I believe. The shoes are also included, SLink only, and when you use the hud to change the cat suit(?) the shoes change to the matching colour.

As I was pulling my pose there was a lot of notices from the MLM Frees and Offers group for other goodies so if you’re not already in that group you may want to remain in it.

Now I’m going to tease you with my hair.

It’s a Mina hair of course, NOT available at the moment. It’s so new there isn’t even a demo out but you know that as soon as it is I will be telling you more. The reason I decided to use this hair is just check out that colour, what an unusual colour combo and yet it works! Actually the best thing about the hair is not the colour palette but the add on that comes with it which of course I will tell you all about it when the hair is for sale.

I’m going to give you two links the first is to where the group gifts/lucky boards etc are in the GeMyles shop and the other link is to my previous post as it mentions the other freebies which are in a different area.

You by GeMyles & HM Couture.

GeMyles & HM Couture Post.

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Like a “bad penny” I’m BACK! (Freebie(ss)).

I had a fab few days away, recharged my batteries and raring to face RL & SL again. I did take another SL day off yesterday to catch up with RL work and now that’s done I could SL at my leisure and I’m dead chuffed to find some interesting gifts in the Jangka shop.

The dress is for a Maitreya fit and the sleeves plus the top blue band can be worn as seperates. These wings are stunning and pretty big, they look a bit cropped in this picture. I chose my fav colour but there are others colours to chose from.

The Jangka is not a name I remember and I’ve not been to the shop before so I had a wander around and LOVE the strong female RP/fantasy outfits. So lots of leather, strapping, boots etc a bit like Lara Croft and a few more Sci-fi or Gorean (maybe) outfits. Everything looks great quality as well.

To find the group gifts just turn right as you go in the front door, there are other gifts inc a rather nice pair of floral “earings” which make for a nice addition, I am actually wearing them but my very old ploom hair has done a good job of hiding them lol.