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It’s too late! (50% Sale@Muniick&Mention Of Freebie).

If Faith hadn’t mentioned it I’d have missed this big sale is going on at one of my fav home decor shop, Muniick, and I would have been pished!

Actually I wouldn’t have been that mad as I already know I own it all or at least everything I want from this shop.

Off the top of my head at this very moment in my house I have the sewing machine/table with matching seat, a sewing box wall deccoration, retro sideboard and a retro hoover set out. A quick check of my invent shows I have many, many items which I’d totally forgotten about.

As I was LM grabbing I suspect I will return to buy the motorbike as it’s very “unisexed” most reasonable prims and a hud to change the colour…time will tell if I can resist temptation.

As for the freebie there a couple of nice decor items, the planter and pinwheel I have blogged previously but the wood bucket of tomatoes is new.