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Tomorrow you it’s FREE.

The “Four23” shop has two group gifts for us, the dress I do remember so I’ve probably shown it to you before but this short and top set is new.

Some lovely details from the wrinkles on the shorts to the split sides, strings hanging down and a hud of really good colours and yes can also be worn as separates.

Tomorrow my OOTD will be paid for one as I want to show off this Mina hair better as it’s her weekend offer and the outfit I was wearing before I changed into this free outfit looked so good. So I’m going to put it all back on and pull a few poses to show you the hair better.

Four23. (The LM takes you outside of a men’s shop, turn left and head to the pink/orange building).

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I couldn’t wait. (Free Shop Credit & Freebies).

It’s quite busy in the REED shop for a couple of reasons, free group gifts and a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

I could have waited longer to see if things would rezz a bit sharper then I realised that I was adding to the lag by waiting so took the picture and since it’s not too bad and then TP’d out of there.

This notice board is next to the reception desk to find the free group gifts turn to the left as you go inside and not only are there gift on the wall but the table with the black boxes are also gifts…and they keep on giving. So when I get back inworld I have them to unpack but I suspect just like the group gifts I’ve seen them before so not sure if there is anything new to show you.

PS. I know this offer is till the 14th and I’m going to assume you have to use the credit by that date as well.


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Hoarding. (Freebie(sss)).

Off-line and the other shops sharing the same shopping mall have all put their weekend offers in the same area which is a good idea…I ignored them all and went into the actual Off-Line shop and wow ALL NEW GROUP GIFTS!

OK not actually all new as one outfit I do remember from a long time ago called “First Lady” which is just excellent so even if this has been dragged out of the back of an SL closet somewhere I’m really pleased.

And yet out of everything, about 16 new gifts, this is all I’m going to show you. In the end, there was so much but I decided to just leave them as surprises. So if you TP’d to one place today make it Off-Line.

BTW These are for the free group but I have seen there is now a paid-for group which on the surface at 999Lds may seem very pricey but if you check out the details you may just find for you it’s perfect.

PS…all fatpacks.


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Holy Cow. (Freebie(s)).

I went to Paper.Sparrow to check out their 25Ld fluffy slippers, in fact, there are a few things in this week’s 25Ld list that I’m tempted to buy and if I do I will show them to you in my next post.

At first glance, I wasn’t expecting much other than a “classic” SL design so I didn’t even bother to take off what I was wearing and just popped this on top and I LOVE IT! I’m not a cow person but for some reason, this one just tickled me.

Now for the PAY ATTENTION! To find these gifts they’re upstairs in the Paper.Sparrow gift room. These are on the wall between the 2 vending machines. The only thing is that this dress is for the MLM frees and offer group which does cost 5Lds but I just clicked and got it without being in the group. It was the same with the other gifts so its looks like they’ve possibly not been set to the group members only yet. If I had paid the 5Lds to join the MLM group I’d still have been very happy. Plus if cows aren’t your thing then there is a Christmas Lama which is also adorable.