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What’s better than a doughnut? (Freebies).

Two doughnuts of course.

The doughnuts are not the freebie it’s really these excellent clothes.

I did think that all I was going to find in the Klubb shop was “wearables” as the Lucky Boards are just full of glasses so I was happy when I spotted that there are four group gifts and two of them are these outfits.

Both of these outfits come as separates and have really nice/decent sized huds.

BTW You do know that if you have a hud that changes both the top and bottom the same colour but you would like to have them different shades, just wear the item you want select the colour then take it back into your invent then put on the other item chose the colour you want for that and then just wear the top out of your invent and voila, two different shades….does that seem clear?

PS. If you do like wearables such as glasses then there really are some nice ones in the Lucky Boards and on my return to LM grab I won a pair so I’m looking forward to trying them out later.


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Time to bag it. (Freebie & Reblog).

I’ve had this bag in my invent for too long so it’s time to blog it.

It’s a gift from the Blanche shop and I remember the shop well as outside is a really nice Venice/canal theme going on. As for the bag, you get two colour options red and pink and two wearing poses. Next to this is a funny gift of an egg on toast mouthie. Pretty cute but as you all know I’m not big into wearables. Some very nice bags in this shop and some outfits really do look better accessorised

PS. These are free but you will have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you.

Obviously, the reblog is the top. I like to team up free with free sometimes though I don’t have enough time to hunt down a new freebie top or dress so I will dust off an old one and in this case it was easy as this top from Smesh is a keeper I’ve had for a while. dusted off this one from the Smesh shop. The group gifts are on the wall behind the desk and at the bottom of the stairs is more gifts for different free groups…thinking about it I’m pretty sure this top is one from the bottom of the stairs. Pretty easy to find them all.



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1 out of 3. (Freebie).

I’ve got 3 totally different freebies lined up so I will be doing 3 posts.

First is this dress from Normandy.

This dress is only one of quite a few gifts most of which I did end up trashing but only due to the fit and not lack of quality.

To me with my settings that dress is as shiny as it seems which is really impressive plus there is a hint of sheerness to it.

Pay Attention. The group gifts are on the wall and one of the pictures is a plain one labelled I think “Old Gifts 2018-2020” click that and stand back and accept the goodies as they’re sent to you one by one.

Gifts are just in the room to your left.

Oops I’ve just remembered this dress also comes with a hud.


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Another midnight find. (Freebie(s)).

It’s supposed to be my day off, a day to relax, unwind and just slob the day away but who needs a good/work-life balance lol.

Fortunately, last night I also scored this free outfit from the Appetite shop.

Even though it looks as though that arrow is pointing at me it’s not, it’s pointing to the shop entrance.

This shop is in a small fantastic neon shopping mall. There is a great looking nightclub and lots of opportunities to use the space for backdrops.

As for this gift, it’s definitely new as I remember blogging the other group gifts not too long ago. Comes in a lot of fits as well.

I do believe there is at least one more shop here but it’s time for me to scrape back my hair, slap on some lippy (I have to make some sort of effort) and head on out.

Appetite. (Head on down the stairs but don’t go down the escalator as the group gifts are in the area to your right).

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Flaming hot. (Freebie(ss)).

It’s been so long since I’ve been to the Sentius Design shop that I don’t know if this is the same shop or a completely new shop. Then I realised that since I was getting notices it has to be the “old” shop which has now been totally revamped not just in the design of the shop but I saw some nice outfits as well as a “beauty” department which from a brief glance has hair. I may check it out later as my SLing time has run out.

This dress is just 1 of 7 group gifts and has a lot of folding in the skirt.

Sentius Design & Beauty.

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Office Chic. (Freebies).

I can’t remember what the last gift from the GGVG shop was but I do remember it was good so I had high hopes when the notice came through and yeah it’s a goodie.

(Not the glasses, boots or wearable book).

I’m loving this very business-like/ plain jane look. As always I totally appreciate that the pants and blouse are separate esp the pants as they are just great basics to be teamed up with so many other items you may have. Top-quality as well.

There are more gifts inc more of this outfit in different colours, you have to pick each item up separately. I also spotted in the small gift box a free pair of earrings.

BTW The other thing I remembered about this shop is a very sexy mesh/flexi dress which shows how flexi still has a role to play in SL when it’s done right so have a wander around and I bet you will spot the dress I’m talking about as well.


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My best try. (Freebies).

This is my best “all the single ladies” pose it’s not really that good but I did find some dance poses I’d completely forgotten I had.

I first came across the shoes in my invent, a classic pair of heeled court shoes with a decent hud of really 15 classic shades good colours including nudes.

PS. I’m wearing the Legacy Foot Deformer.

So naturally, I went over to the Rowne shop where they came from and found that they’re still out as a gift as well as a few other things.

This bodysuit has to be pretty new as it does come in my Legacy Perky fit. It not only has a nice hud of 9 very usable colours it also has that very fine jersey feel to it. A nice little extra is that you can use the menu to change it from a bodysuit to a top, then a cropped top.

There are more gifts in the Rowne shop including dresses which I remember well as especially one of them is classy but with a sexy sheer panel over a breast.

OK I will be honest I did another picture of this Mina’s hair and it’s mainly because I’d lost my other pictures and I needed one to upload to Flickr. However, you can also see another one of the excellent shades and I’ve remembered to change the hairband colour.

OH, I’m annoyed!!! I forgot the Bucket Bag! One of the gifts is a bag which is really good and I should have worn it! Never mind that is something else for you to find for yourself.