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Eek! (Freebie(sss)).

Blimey, it started off a lovely spring morning and just as I was thinking how nice it’s going to be able to go outside and have a refreshing walk as well as picking up some basic grocery needs I also watched as the clouds came over and brought with it the cold and rain.

Never mind at least I can log out and then head out knowing I’ve found you some really good Freebie(sss).

This dress is one of the new group gifts in the Mouse shop, the other gifts are nails and I think a t-shirt? I also spotted on the shelf above the group gifts the older 2019/2020 gifts have been neatly boxed up for us. So when I return from my very cold and damp trip out of the house I have a warm fire, mug of coffee and opening all of these gifts as I find it almost as enjoyable/relaxing to methodically work my way through a stuffed folder of goodies….”small things for small minds” is all I can say lol.


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Third time lucky. (Freebies).

It did take me a bit of effort to get this free short/top set from the Lucid shop and it was worth it.

Even though I’m not into pictures/sloganed tops that little figure holding the umbrella is so cute and best of all it makes my boobies nice and perky…just like a cold frosty day lol. The yellow shorts are such a lovely daffodil shade that even though yellow is one of my least fav colours I’m keeping these for when I feel the need to brighten myself up.

There are 2 other group gifts as well as a free for all gift called “gift bag” which is a set of 3 different styled tops and here is where the struggle happened so pay attention as I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

First of all, in the shop click on the board and select “get free” from the pop-up menu to get the freebies and the items are sent to you. They’re delivered in wearable bags which you click on to unpack and then they disappear except not the “gift bag”. It goes through the motions but nothing is sent and then the bag disappears so I had to return a couple of times to get new copies. The trick is to rezz the bag, click on it to open and into your invent the usual way but be QUICK as you only have second to do this before the gift vanishes and you have to go back to get another copy. I’ve put the link to the Lucid marketplace shop so you can see that it’s worth giving it a try plus the gift is also non-copy and trans so you may not want to keep it but you can pass it on.


Lucid. (Marketplace).

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Even the sun is shining! (Freebies).

Although I don’t want to jinx the rest of my day so far it’s been such a good day. I got some important stuff finally sorted and then as a nice touch on my way home the sun came out and I could literally see the ice and slush melt with each step. I may even treat myself to a tub of Ben n Jerry’s later which is why the RL me could never fit into such a lovely form-fitting dress lol.

I don’t think this is an “event” as such as it’s a permanent set up(?) so it’s more like a department shop called “Mimi’s Choice” and inside there are a lot of stands with a mix of clothes, shoes, hair etc from various well known shops and I did spot a couple of other freebies dotted around but it was this one I was most excited by.

I could not decide which texture out of the 6 you get in the hud to show you so here are just 3 of them.

This might just be my favorite one.

This blending of stripes and a floral hem is such an unusual combo and yet it works.

The dress is a gift from a shop called Alafolie and I know that shop well as I’ve visited it quite a few times and the designer uses such bold patterns they really do stand out. I’ve always been tempted by the Flamenco dress but I’m way too cheap to cave in to that temptation.

Now, PAY ATTENTION. I did spot a couple of other random gifts dotted about the shop and I do believe the LM will take you near to where this gift is but to find this one, look for the hand sticking out of the wall holding the gift box and that’s this.

Mimi’s Choice.

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Coming to every blog near you. (Freebie).

From the crowd at Promagic I can see that this gift is going to be popping up everywhere.

This is actually a subscribers gift from Promagic and since it wasn’t automatically sent to me I had to unsub then resub. There are five heart themed patterns in the hud and yet even so as you can see from this one example they can be worn anytime and not just at Valentine’s.


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Feeling hot, hot, hot. (Freebies).

Short n sweet.

This is just one of the gorgeous freebies from Una and now I’ve logged in to grab the LM I’m sure that there are new gifts as I don’t remember this or the dress I picked up at the same time which means hopefully some surprises for you all.

PS. Just thought I’d add that this and the other gifts seem to come with a colour hud as well which is always a nice extra.

UNA. (On the wall to your left as you go in).