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Time to go. (Freebie).

I almost missed this gift in the Fransela shop as it’s on the same wall as the entrance doors and it was only when I was walking out that I spotted the gift and the two lucky boards.

Such a nice top and skirt so I dusted off my Legacy perky body just to model it for you. The other two fits are I believe Maitreya and Kupra. The top and skirt can be worn as seperates and you can change the colour of the ties but thats all.

Make sure to look around as I spotted some very nice designs.


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I needed this. (Freebie(ss) & Free Shop Credit).

Until I find a great freebie I feel restless. It’s not helped that today a lot of sims, inc ours, have been down. So to find not just this dress but other freebies and shop credit was just a great way to sign off what had been a very stressy RL day.

This old dusty rose pattern reminds me so much of old sofa material. I’ve had outfits in the past with a similar texture/pattern and guess what…I just love it! I wasn’t expecting it to fit as well as it does because it’s a Maitreya only but it’s bloddy decent fit which means it’s a “keeper” for me. There is a pink version as well which I will try out when I log back in later.

There are other free group gifts I think about 6 or 7 which I will have a proper look at as my eyes were just drawn to this dress. Then I spotted a gift box on the desk and guess what? Pay 1Ld and get 100Ld’s worth of shop credit. Sorry as usualy I forgot to check to see if the 1Ld is returned.

I’d already had a quick look around the shop but now I have some credit I will return as there were some pants I’d liked and maybe if I can add to my credit a cropped top that looked interesting.


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Pretty in pink. (Freebie(ss)).

You know the drill, random TP etc and yes my SLing time has run out so I was happy that I can now log out with such a lovely gift to show you.

This dress is from the Le’La shop. I know the name well which is why I knew that you had to go upstairs to find all of the group gifts. The Le’La group does cost to join, only 50Lds, but there is also quite a big selection of gifts for other free groups. I’ve forgotten which of the free group you have to join for this one but it’s easy to spot. It comes with 6 colours and this pink one allowed me to show off my pink hair.

What I’m not going to show you, although I wish I could, is a Dollarbie I picked up from the Le’La marketplace shop called “Paisley Top”. You may find it among all the inworld freebies but it’s only 1Ld on the marketplace so a bargain and just not in my fit. So check that out as I think the plain colours in the hud (25 plain/patterned colours) are very latex in their shine.


Le’La. (Marketplace).

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It was a safe bet. (New Belle Epoque Gift(10Ld)).

Another quickie because of RL what can I say!

New gift from Belle Epoque (10Lds). Two fits, Maiteya & Legacy (as it happens the Maitreya top and the Legacy skirt are great fits on my SLink).

It’s a skirt and not pants as I initially thought. As alway, that skirt with a sweater out of your invent and the shirt teamed up with jeans I think will look great.

See ya’s later when RL lets me go.

Belle Epoque.

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Who me? (Freebie(ss)).

Virtual Diva has new group gifts out for us and I don’t think this is new but new to me. I just so happened to love the skirt and as it’s a seperate it means it’s a keeper. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the top though and that bright zingy red/orange colour will go well with jeans, shorts or even just a bikini bottom…thinking outside of the box again.

Plenty of fits and happily for me the SLink HG fit fit my SLink P body perfectly so since I didn’t have to change into my HG body to show you this outfit this is the one I’m showing you.

There are other gifts inc what I believe is a brand new one and they’re more classy/sexy than this bold shade.

PS. Just before you go inside for the group gifts on the wall to your left are gifts for other free/cheap groups but I didn’t spot anything new and to your right are some lucky boards.

Virtual Diva.

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Two for Free.(Freebies).

I had to strip off for both of these dresses not only because of the fit but because both of them have some serious boob/nip flashing so for the sake of a PG post I’m blanked out.

This dress is a free for all gift from the Moon Amour shop.

It also has a hint of sheerness. You could rummage in your invent and find a cropped top to cover up the boobies as that exagerated skirt is a joy or just wear it as it is. Comes in a lot of fits as well inc flat chested one for any male AV.

BTW if you’re tempted to join the Moon Amour group, only 55Lds, you will see on the board with the pictures of the freebies one picture is marked as old group gifts, make sure to pick those up as well.

I’m not 100% sure if this dress has been cut low enough to nip flash or was that simply because it didn’t have an SLink fit for me to try it on. As always since it costs nothing to try go try it out for yourself.

The Flamingoes group is another one with a small joining fee but this dress is a Fab Free group gift.

Moon Amour.


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Meet Leslie. (Freebie).

My fav colour, orange, my fav price, free, a chance to show you the pearly Mina hair so a great start to the day.

There are 2 colours in the pack and lots of fits. I suspect these are last years Halloween gifts from the Punk Justus shop as the dress has “Haunting” in the name. The other colour is a very bold purple.

I think you can see now why I love this hair from Mina’s. I won’t bore you with the details as you can check out my last post.

BTW I don’t love all of Mina’s hairs and not all of Mina’s hairs suit but but I’ve found thats the same with all hair shops the only thing is I’ve found that I do love most of Mina’s hairs and most of Mina’s hairs suit me. It’s why I always say try before you buy and never go by a pretty picture.

Punk Justus.