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Free Sass. (Freebie).

I wasn’t even looking for this “Love For All Hunt” prize” so it was a happy find for me.

It’s not the waffle I’m holding it’s even better as it’s the jumper/sweater. You get a small hud of similar patterns/colours. Really pleased with this surprise.

I only found this as I was looking at the Lucky Boards, hint hint, as I’d noticed it seemed to have a very high turn over and if I was in the Sass group I would have won at least two things in the short time I was there. The Sass group only costs 10Lds so make sure to check the Group Gifts out as well.

I will put the link to the “Love For All Hunt” blog as I think I will work my way through the list and I might do some more posts about it and although the blog doesn’t inc pictures it does have the direct LM’s and hints.


Flair for Events. (Hints & LM’s).

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What a good guesser I am. (Freebie).

I guessed that there maybe free gifts in the back of the zOOm shop and I was right.

At the LM there is some sort of special offer on so there were a few people there checking that out and I totally ignored them and headed to the back of the shop where I found this.

Yes I know it’s a “classic” etc but check it out as it does have a great knit texture and some nice colour in a hud. It also comes with a pair of panties which sadly don’t change colour and since I intend on shopping I decided to just put some jeans on.

This is a freebie for one of the free groups not the zOOm group which I do belive costs and I did spot a TeleportHub Group gift (10Lds). I also spotted on my walk to the back of the shop some nice designs for sale in the shop.


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Getting Salty. (Freebie(s)Limited time!).

This OTT top/sweater sums up how my monday is going so far, and it’s not even 11am!

This OTT sweater is from Salt & Pepper. The group is free but for a limited time of I think 3 days and today is day 1. As you can imagine the shop is busy so I TP’d, grabbed and TP’d out. I think there maybe other, older group gifts so I will return at a later date when it’s quietened down.

As for the sweater you get a hud of 4 plain and 4 sloganed versions.

Salt & Pepper.