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Get the “Girls” out. (Freebie).

I was bored so I visited the “The Cosmopolitan Event” which I don’t normally do when it’s newly opened as it’s usually too busy to have a good look around and yeah it was so I cheated and cammed in to see what the gift was this round and wow it’s cheeky.

A top/shop quality skirt and sweater set. I managed to cover one flashing nip and had to pixelate the other one out as we like to keep this blog as PC as possible. Don’t fear as I’m pretty sure that it will be easy to find something to team up with the sweater top that will cover your blushes.

You can’t see it but the back of the skirt is pretty runched up showing a lot of cheek and the white is the panties that come built-in. Oddly even though you get a decent-sized hud for the sweater and skirt you don’t get one for the panties. You do however get the option not to wear them.

I have had a quick look at what’s for sale at this event and it’s nice to see a shop that I have bought items from, the “unflat stuff” shop. So I’m going back but this time when it’s quietened down.

The Cosmopolitan Event.

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Perfect timing. (Freebie).

Where has this week gone? I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

It’s not been the best morning for freebie hunting till my very last stop which is the Saul shop. I do not know why I clicked that gift box on the hand behind me but I did and I scored this cropped fuzzy sweater and I now I can finally log off as it’s made me a happy little bunny and I can now get some RL work done.

Orange is my colour for sure and that light fuzzy effect is top quality. As you can see from the box this looks like it was a gift at a previous Uber event so you may have it or like me didn’t go to that event or missed it the first time around. Just buy it for 0Ld.

The Seul group is free to join. I’ve not had time to check the shop out for any group gifts so there may be more treasures to be had as I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged gifts from here before.


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It’s like a spring day. (Freebie).

I was so happy when on one of my random TP’s I turned up in the AsteroidBox shop and found this cropped sweater. I had seen it previously in a picture/note/notice and totally forgot to take a note of where it came from.

I will admit I almost missed it again as I did spot the group gifts (75Lds) and for some reason, the random onion on the reception desk grabbed my attention which is why I spotted next to it a freebie necklace and then I naturally went to check the Christmas tree and there it was. Turns out to be just as nice as I’d hoped. Even better there is a long line version for men as well.

PS. In the UK we have had such a warm sunny day it’s almost freaky.


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I’ve got my Ho Ho Ho on. (Freebie).

The last gift has been purchased, the last tub of double cream has been crammed into an overfilled fridge and yes we have enough parsnips and farty sprouts to last us a couple of weeks so now I can get my Ho Ho Ho on both in SL and RL. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the Shop n Hop event and grab all the goodies.

Naturally, this picture includes a freebie and chances are you’ve seen it as any new gift from Coco hits the freebie groups faster than the speed of light.

This one comes in two shades, this bold red and a soft grey. Cocoro Lemon has managed to get a very realistic floof to the texturing.

Don’t forget that there are a lot of gifts at Coco Design.

Coco Design.

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OH! She got me again! (Freebie).

I have to RL “adult” soon so I thought I’d do a bit of cleaning up before I have to log off only to find this hidden creepy gift from Faith.

I’m going to assume that she left it hidden at the same time she left the creepy AF full-sized “IT” monster in my home which legit gave me a shock.

I’m keeping her and will just shove her back under the staircase with my other wrapped corpses that you can see in the background of the next pictures. My home is very “Vanilla” I don’t have any “naughty” menu-driven items just because it’s not my SL world but I do like to have a little bit of creepy hidden somewhere. Thinking about it I wonder if I still have my Dead Nun, might be nice to shove her under my house.

Yes, those are the wrapped corpses floating in the background.

I’m not doing a post on my taste in decor it’s this freebie cardigan from the Paper shop. I don’t think the pictures are really doing it justice as it’s “shop quality” with a hud of 10 Christmassy textures. A snug fit that shows a lot of frontage(sic) but covers up enough to make you PG safe.


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Strawberry & Mint. (Freebies).

I already had the very wearable strawberry basket in my invent. Comes with a good arm pose and as you walk you keep the pose. There is another wearable version for wearing on your head if you want to look a bit quirky…I’ll keep to the arm pose. As a decor item, it says it’s only 2 prims.

The basket is an old gift but the lovely mint loose sweater is a new gift as well as the LM. This comes from the PPS shop, which stands for “Paint the Sky with Stars” and I think that’s a lovely name.

This is a bit of a Kawaii shop with some interesting and unique style of dresses so make sure to check them out once you’ve grabbed the freebies. These are to be found on the wall next to the desk and you buy for “0” Lds.

PPS. (Paint the Sky with Stars).

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No freaking way. (Freebie).

I own this sweater in RL, charity shop find for £3 lol. It’s turned out to be as handy as this SL one will be.

It comes from Corvus and you do get two versions in the pack both the same colour/style but one has white designs on it and it’s ok but this plain one just made me smile.

They’ve managed to get a nice chunky feel to but you still have a bit of curve around the boobies and butt. I also found a lot of my chunky scarves were a great fit over it or of course you can wear the patterned version as well.

There are other gifts in the Corvus shop, I previously blogged the graphic t-shirts which are excellent. Also 4 lucky boards as well.