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Perfect timing. (Freebies).

One of the items I was going to show you from the Vivi shop was their subscription gift but literally just as I was taking a picture of it a notice came out that a new subscription gift had been put out for us so I binned the gloves as they were now replaced with this sweater.

Excellent texturing to a nice off-the-shoulder sweater.

What brought me to the Vivi shop in the first place was an old blogged item which I still had and it’s this skirt.

A simple design but with a lot of swing to it.

You get 2 options, white with a thin black stripe or black with thin a white stripe. This version is only on the marketplace shop but I’m 99% sure I saw on the table of gifts a polka dot version. I have to log off now so I don’t have time to head on back inworld to double-check that and I’ve also taken the link to the inworld shop from the marketplace shop, it should work.

Vivi. (Inworld)

Vivi. (Marketplace).

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Preloved. (5Ld/10Ld? Group Gifts/Dollarbie for His ‘n’ Her).

The knitted texturing on this cropped sweater is so good I swear you can see the bobbling

I have to say this is definitely a brilliant find and a keeper for me as it’s not only a quality texture you get a hud of 12 shades, very autumnal as well, and you can change the collar and hem but I wasn’t keen on that.

I also picked up the Dollarbie top and it’s pretty interesting so make sure to check that out as well as the other group gifts. Only 5Lds to join.

SPECIAL MENTION is that the UKYAH range stands out because their designs are all very feminine ie skirts, blouses, cropped tops BUT lots of them are also made to fit the male AV. So if you are male in SL and want to wear feminine clothes this is a great place to go.

I will admit I was so excited to try this sweater out I forgot to check the other shops there.

Sorry I’m having second thoughts and I think the group may now cost 10Lds.


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Don’t tell me it’s over!!!! (Freebie(s)).

A couple days ago someone said to me that now we had had the longest day of the year it’s the start of the end of summer and I screeched NO!!!! I’ve not even popped the cap on my suncream! Yet sadly as I’m sat here in RL in a woolly sweater I have to agree.

I tell you this I’m not giving up hope as we should have some more hot days and when that happens I’m making no excuses and will throw some things into a bag and spend a day sitting on a beach navel-gazing my day away.

OK, Enough waffle as it’s Freebie time. I have struggled to find a decent freebie so although Faith likes to do B.D.R (Beautiful Dirty Rich) I thought “sod it” and went and found a new freebie. It’s the sweater, really good quality, excellent texturing and a whole palette of shades from pastels to darks.

The shorts are also a freebie from B.D.R and come with a top. Since I suspect Faith did a post on that freebie I won’t show you it all.

B.D.R. (Beautiful Dirty Rich).

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The best is behind me. (Freebies).

The best isn’t that lovely laid table it’s the slashed back and bow accessory to this lovely top.

You only get two shades this black one with a nice texture that stops it from looking flat and a very bold red which because of that heart cut out suggests it may have been Valentine’s gift but it is still wearable any time of year.

Picked up from the Liziaah shop and I know the name but out of the gifts I don’t recognise this top so I do believe it’s new, to me, as well as other gifts which I do remember.

The gifts are the Bags on the shelf with the letter “L” on them.


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Get the “Girls” out. (Freebie).

I was bored so I visited the “The Cosmopolitan Event” which I don’t normally do when it’s newly opened as it’s usually too busy to have a good look around and yeah it was so I cheated and cammed in to see what the gift was this round and wow it’s cheeky.

A top/shop quality skirt and sweater set. I managed to cover one flashing nip and had to pixelate the other one out as we like to keep this blog as PC as possible. Don’t fear as I’m pretty sure that it will be easy to find something to team up with the sweater top that will cover your blushes.

You can’t see it but the back of the skirt is pretty runched up showing a lot of cheek and the white is the panties that come built-in. Oddly even though you get a decent-sized hud for the sweater and skirt you don’t get one for the panties. You do however get the option not to wear them.

I have had a quick look at what’s for sale at this event and it’s nice to see a shop that I have bought items from, the “unflat stuff” shop. So I’m going back but this time when it’s quietened down.

The Cosmopolitan Event.

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Perfect timing. (Freebie).

Where has this week gone? I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

It’s not been the best morning for freebie hunting till my very last stop which is the Saul shop. I do not know why I clicked that gift box on the hand behind me but I did and I scored this cropped fuzzy sweater and I now I can finally log off as it’s made me a happy little bunny and I can now get some RL work done.

Orange is my colour for sure and that light fuzzy effect is top quality. As you can see from the box this looks like it was a gift at a previous Uber event so you may have it or like me didn’t go to that event or missed it the first time around. Just buy it for 0Ld.

The Seul group is free to join. I’ve not had time to check the shop out for any group gifts so there may be more treasures to be had as I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged gifts from here before.


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It’s like a spring day. (Freebie).

I was so happy when on one of my random TP’s I turned up in the AsteroidBox shop and found this cropped sweater. I had seen it previously in a picture/note/notice and totally forgot to take a note of where it came from.

I will admit I almost missed it again as I did spot the group gifts (75Lds) and for some reason, the random onion on the reception desk grabbed my attention which is why I spotted next to it a freebie necklace and then I naturally went to check the Christmas tree and there it was. Turns out to be just as nice as I’d hoped. Even better there is a long line version for men as well.

PS. In the UK we have had such a warm sunny day it’s almost freaky.