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I went shopping. (Spendy & Freebie).

The spendy is the hair the free is the outfit.

The hairs I’ve worn in my past couple of posts is from the WingsDG shop and this hair is their 60Ld Happy Weekend offer.

I bought the “Gold” palette only for this one colour as it’s so nice. If I could be a “ginger minger” in RL this is the shade I’d go for. Not that there is anything wrong with the other shades lol.

You also get a nice hud of colours and a style pack…anyhow you will of course try out the demo first so you will see all of this for yourself and a bargain at only 60Lds.

Ignore the bag as for once I accessorised and no I won’t be making a habit of it lol.

This outfit is the one I only mentioned as an “update” to a recent post, the link is at the end. Although on the surface it’s a simple outfit the quality texturing and colour hud make it a very easy-to-wear outfit. The bonus is of course being able to team it up with other items out of your invent and that’s why I’ve added it as a “Keeper” to my invent.


Queenz Post. (Check out a couple of the other freebies).

Queenz. Mainshop.

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It costs nothing to try. (Freebie).

I wasn’t finding much inworld so I started to scroll through the Marketplace and found this freebie from the Renbrand shop.

You do get a skirt and pantie set as well as this jacket in black what you don’t get is any other than the Meshbody fit. So those aren’t wearable and yet the jacket it’s actually a pretty darn good git and I suspect it will fit other mesh bodies as well. Since it’s a freebie it “costs nothing to try”.

I can see a link to an inworld shop so I will be checking that out when I log in and will put the LM to this post then.

Renbrand. (Marketplace).

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Perfect timing. (Freebies).

One of the items I was going to show you from the Vivi shop was their subscription gift but literally just as I was taking a picture of it a notice came out that a new subscription gift had been put out for us so I binned the gloves as they were now replaced with this sweater.

Excellent texturing to a nice off-the-shoulder sweater.

What brought me to the Vivi shop in the first place was an old blogged item which I still had and it’s this skirt.

A simple design but with a lot of swing to it.

You get 2 options, white with a thin black stripe or black with thin a white stripe. This version is only on the marketplace shop but I’m 99% sure I saw on the table of gifts a polka dot version. I have to log off now so I don’t have time to head on back inworld to double-check that and I’ve also taken the link to the inworld shop from the marketplace shop, it should work.

Vivi. (Inworld)

Vivi. (Marketplace).

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A Quickie. (Freebie(s)).

I went to the Maker Over Room Event and the new gift is a sweater dress and since it’s an Entice design I know it will be quality when I unpack and try it on.

This is also an Entice design and it too is quality.

A lovely sweater/skirt unliked so even handier. You can’t see it but fantastic texturing as well and also 3 Autumnal shades in the pack.

This new group gift is on the wall next to the reception desk the rest of the group gifts/lucky boards are upstairs and I didn’t have time to check out if there is anything new.


The Make Over Room.

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TPing & Out. (Freebie).

This is how I feel when I’ve been tempted into buying some of the weekend offers (this hotel backdrop, the train station and a rather good smoking pose set).

So I’ve spent enough Lindens and now for the freebie which is the skirt, top, panties and knee-high boots.

A “classic” design which does have a small colour option. Not keen on the head design on the skirt but that’s just my personal choice. As always I appreciate that you can wear each piece separately.

I got this from the Reverse shop which has a couple of weekend special offers on, to find this free group gift then turn left and head that way.

Reverse & Angel n Devil.

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It’s a classic. (Freebie).

This is such a classic design I think most of us already have a copy of it in our invents so I wasn’t really expecting too much but again I am happily surprised.

It comes only in this pink pattern which I’m not mad at, a nice fine mesh and can be worn as both a skirt and top which as always is totally appreciated. It’s a Mesh Body Friends gift and there are a couple of other freebies.

The Shanti shop does use a lot of classic templates but has vamped them up with some bold and colourful patterns. I did rather like the coats (of many colours lol).

What got me to the Shanti shop in the first place wasn’t a free outfit it was the free backdrop I’m using. My backdrops always look rather flat in my pictures when most times they’re not I’m just not very good at showing depth. If you’re interested then this is at the back of the shop but this dress is to your left as you go inside.

Shanti & New Mondays.

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Mondays Surprise. (Freebie(s)).

Out of the two gifts I picked up in the Vulnushop I would have sworn it would have been the denim layered skirt I’d be showing you but nope it’s this one that surprised me.

Only because it’s not a style I usually wear but this gift is shop quality and I think it really suits me!

It comes with a colour hud, this lovely pale blue/green(?) tone and a white one the rest are rich leather shades.

Vulnus Store.