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Brainwave. (Freebie).

I will say that in my inworld attempts to find a freebie I visited a lot of shops I’ve not been to for a while so that was fun but sadly not too productive for freebies and then I remembered it had been a while since I’d last checked my “received” folder and among all the stuff I’ve randomly picked up from the marketplace is this beauty.

This top and skirt set has a surprisingly good shine to it, so much so I TP’d to a few different sims to see if the windlight was the reason and nope it’s shiny like Christmas wrapping paper.

BTW Don’t dismiss it because it’s very Christmassy red, team that skirt up with a lovely brown jumper and the top with some good basic jeans which calms down that wrapping paper look but peps up a plain look as know what I mean lol.

This came off the Beauty Factory Marketplace shop and I know there is an inworld shop as I’ve logged out leaving my AV stood there so when I get time to log back inworld I can check it out.

Beauty Factory. (Marketplace).

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Have you seen this? (Freebie(ss)).

As I was working through my folders I came across this top, skirt and panties set and for the life of me I just can’t remember if I’ve shown them to you…so here they are.

Normally I’m not into slogan tops but this one is cute and the clothing is quality.

The skirt has a very cheeky cinched up hem at the back and the top can be worn separately.

This gift comes from the Amataria & Evolue shop. There is an obvious wall of group gifts and I do remember blogging a couple of them I’m also sure there are a couple I don’t remember however to get this outfit you join the Mesh Body Friends group and it’s a poster on the front of the reception desk next to another freebie.

Amataria & Evolue.

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Don’t panic, I’m still a Cheap B*. (Freebies).

I should be asleep but then again I should be rich and thin and that ain’t happening either!

So I did my most fav thing and old LM hopped until I ended up at the DUK store. I almost TP’d away as it is a men’s wear shop but we too can have male Alts we need to dress esp since Lelutka is also gifting us with excellent male mesh heads. So I went looking and found clothes for women and a rather good men’s gift as well.

You will see 3 gift posters but some contain more than what is shown on the picture so just grab all 3 of them and start unpacking and sorting through some tops, leggings, skirts etc and some do come with really good colour huds.

Just like RL, I did spot a couple of flaws that I will not point out. These gifts are quality gifts and I think the flaws are just small oversights. Since everything is free then you just try stuff on and have fun.

UPDATE: Because I’m now regretting not taking a picture of the oversized/off the shoulder coat. It doesn’t come with the dress as shown in the shop poster but it can be styled over many clothes. Although intended for women it also looks like it would be a stylish male fit but now it’s well past my bedtime I have to log off.

DUK. (Turn right and they’re on the wall next to the black statue.)

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A Shopping Carol Hud. (Freebies).

As soon as I saw this pose I had to buy it as it’s how I often feel when doing a hunt.

The Freebie is the skirt, however, scroll past a few older posts for the info on the excellent cardigan and of course, it’s a Mina hair/scarf if you want to recreate this look.

The “A Shopping Carol Hud” just turned up in my invent so I wore it and it looks like it shows you a picture of an item for sale and the next picture is the hunt prize? As usual with these huds just click on the picture and it TP’s you to the shop. A nice mix of stuff inc home decor.

To get this skirt it’s the Faida shop you need to TP to. You get a nice amount of colour options so it can be worn all year round and I will say that the lace edging is pretty darn good.

The Shopping Carol Hud can be found in the shops involved and I’ve also put the link to the Marketplace shop so you can pick it up from there. What you’re looking for is a golden bell on a red ribbon.

PS. Naturally, check out to see if there are group gifts such as the ones in the Faida shop so you can score more goodies.

A Shopping Carol Hud. (Marketplace).


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Just updating. (Freebies).

I am now regretting binning all the really good Legacy fits now that I’m wearing my Legacy body more. So I’ve been checking out a few shops to see if I can get some of them back.

The top and skirt are both from Osmia. A nice hud for the top but an even better hud for that skirt. Lots of patterns and colours so I’m glad I went back for them.

UPDATE: As I was snapping away a notice came from WellMade with a picture of their new Advent gift and since I’ve rather liked them I quickly clicked and TP’d. I’ve put the link to the shop so you can go check it out. The older gifts are still up but they will cost you 25Lds.



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OH, Yeah Baby (Monkey). (Freebie).

I can’t help it and I have to do this post now and not save it till tomorrow.

This skirt and top tick all my boxes for colour, texturing and style. Since they’re such good quality I can see these “keepers” being dusted off every time I click my seasonal trees into Autumn mode lol.

I can’t tell you much more because as soon as I spotted these gifts in the Baby Monkey shop I grabbed them and ran home with my fingers crossed they came in my body fit and they do!

Obviously, when I log back in to LM grab I will have a proper look around as it has been a long time since I’ve visited this shop. Till then when you TP in turn to the room on your right and these are the gifts from 2 of the biggest Freebie groups in SL. So join them, if you’re not in them already, pay 1Ld and it is refunded.

As for me, I’m off to get some RL ” Fa La La” in my life. I’m heading off to an overnight stay and a visit to a massive Christmas Market where I will be spending too much money and eating too much food and loving every moment. So I will see ya’s back here on Monday.

Baby Monkey.

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Coffee ‘n’ Carbs. (Freebie(s)).

The title is only about the breakfast I’ve had, coffee and toast, and not this interesting skirt.

It’s always nice to be able to bring something to the blog which is a bit “ooo that’s interesting” and this panel look skirt with its gladiatorial feel to it is certainly that. You get this full version and a half version which is missing the front panel and it barely covers your blushes so I will leave that for you to try out.

This comes from the Fugue shop which also has a stall/gift out for us at the Enchantment Event. There is also a hunt prize out for us for the “Enchantment Hunt”.

Across the way is another shop called NG Designs and it too has an “Enchantment Hunt” prize for us. If I found both of them then you won’t have any problem.

Pay Attention. The Fugue group gift is not on the staircase wall where you think it should be as the group invite is there, it’s simply propped up on the floor. Easy to find when you know it’s there plus it’s hardly a big shop.

Fugue & NG Design.