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Another midnight find. (Freebie(s)).

It’s supposed to be my day off, a day to relax, unwind and just slob the day away but who needs a good/work-life balance lol.

Fortunately, last night I also scored this free outfit from the Appetite shop.

Even though it looks as though that arrow is pointing at me it’s not, it’s pointing to the shop entrance.

This shop is in a small fantastic neon shopping mall. There is a great looking nightclub and lots of opportunities to use the space for backdrops.

As for this gift, it’s definitely new as I remember blogging the other group gifts not too long ago. Comes in a lot of fits as well.

I do believe there is at least one more shop here but it’s time for me to scrape back my hair, slap on some lippy (I have to make some sort of effort) and head on out.

Appetite. (Head on down the stairs but don’t go down the escalator as the group gifts are in the area to your right).

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Another sunny day. (Freebie(ss)).

Blimey, yet another day which is sunny and warm(ish). I think I’m gonna have to be a good girl and once I’ve clicked “publish” head on out as there is still some winter clean up that needs to be done and then I can return to SL with a clear conscience…and a big mug of coffee!

So I’m happy to be able to show you this first and I think it’s new.

I recognise the other gifts in the Catarsis shop as having been blogged by me before but as for this fuzzy two-piece and another skirt/top outfit…hmmm not too sure.

This comes as separates and comes in a fatpack of colours. As for the other gifts, they’re there for you to find.


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Urgh! (Freebiesss & Mesh Head).

The free mesh head is NOT the one I’m wearing.

It feels like a Monday even though it’s Tuesday. I shouldn’t really moan as the rain has stopped and the sun is out so when I have to head out to do the stuff that needs to be done I should be doing it with some sun on my face.

OK enough waffle and here is the info.

I went to the Fiore and Vive Nine shop, the LM takes you outside but you can walk through each shop to the other.

In the Fiore shop is a free mesh head called Charm. I’ve not unpacked it but did have a quick look at the contents and it looks like it’s a ready-made head ie teeth/eyes already attached but you do get shapes and a hud which I assume allows you to play with the head.

Then I went next door to the Vive Nine shop. I blogged this shop not too long ago as I found a random gift box on the palm of the oversized’s gone but I did grab all of the fatpack group gifts.

Some really nice stuff from bikini’s to skirts/tops etc.

Also to get the Vive Nine gifts on the reception desk you will see the words “Free For Vive9 Group Members” and it’s the bag you click on. Don’t ignore the cube next to it as that is a particularly good leather belt choker.

On my return visit to LM grab, I decided to take a picture of the Fiore “Charm” head as you may just miss it as it’s on the wall with all the full-priced heads. So here is a picture to show you what you’re looking for.

“Welcome to Vive Nine & Fiore”.

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It’s a pile up. (Mina’s Saturday Sale Offer & Freebie).

Mina has a Saturday offer on for this messy big bun. Each colour palette cost 50Lds and for that, you get 30 shades in each pack and a style hud. As always I have the fringe/tendrils showing as I think it’s just more face-flattering.

I actually only have this one shade. If I remember this single shade was a one-off special and since I have a few of Mina’s messy buns I’ve not really bothered to get the fatpack of shades.

Again as always try the demo for Carmen, then try the demo’s of the others and then make your choice however for 50Ld and the big 30 colours hud/style hud you cannot go wrong with Carmen.

As for the outfit. It’s a freebie from the Dolly Daydream shop. Again I’m loving anything that has a knitted texture to it. Just as good is that the frilled top can be worn separately and at any time. You get a small hud of green, red and black versions.

The Dolly Daydream shop isn’t a big one so in the next room, you will find some lucky boards. As for the fits it has the standard ones such as legacy, Maitreya but for you slim/thick girls this range is more for the slim/tween body shapes.

Mina’s Shop.

Dolly Daydream.

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Rulebreaker.(Freebie & Cheapie).

I wasn’t going to do any Advent Calenders and yet here I am doing an Advent Calendar gift! But these knitted shorts are to DIE for!

As soon as I saw the picture from WellMade I just had to get them as they’re just my cup of tea (coffee). Would love to own them in RL as I could just see me digging out my Crimbo shorties and ugly sweaters every year as a tradition.

As for the sweater, I think it’s called Cece, it is a well blogged and equally well-loved item and has been a go-to for me for a long time. Costs only 10Lds and come from the Ello marketplace shop and you get a hud of 10 excellent colours.

OK, now I’ve seen the Seraphim list I’m going to have to add a few other places to my daily checklist but unless it’s another “to die for” item I think I will just keep working through the list of shops Nadjanator sent me.

PS. Yeah, all that mess behind me is the remnants of my old home which I need to sort through, pack up or place into my new house.


Seraphim Blog. (Advent Calendar List).

Ello. (Marketplace Shop).

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3 Shades of Summer.(Freebie(s)).

I’ve actually chosen the wrong background for this outfit from Entice. The silkiness, bow and ruffle all scream elegant lounge wear not beach wear. I think it was the bright colour palette of 3 shades of yellow which made me think of a summers day.

You get a decent pack of fits and the bonus of them being separates.

BTW Don’t be a goober like me, I spend ages in the gift/discount room upstairs where I may have won a couple of Lucky Board prizes but couldn’t see the main prize of this new group gift and thats because it’s downstairs on the wall next to the reception desk.


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Just a few. (Freebie(sss)).

Faith got to Promagic first I got to REED first and I’m happy I did.

As always the more I look at this picture the more I suspect that top is a reblog but the shorts are not. The shorts actually come with their own top but since that didn’t fit me I teamed it up with this white one for what I think is a great summer look.

Don’t worry there is actually other gifts as well as a brand new top/short combo which is going to be a lovely suprise for you.

In the main entrance, you will see the 3 lucky boards and the wall of group gifts are just to your left, in the same build, not in the next build….sounds complicated but it’s not as you will see what I mean when you go there.