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3 Shades of Summer.(Freebie(s)).

I’ve actually chosen the wrong background for this outfit from Entice. The silkiness, bow and ruffle all scream elegant lounge wear not beach wear. I think it was the bright colour palette of 3 shades of yellow which made me think of a summers day.

You get a decent pack of fits and the bonus of them being separates.

BTW Don’t be a goober like me, I spend ages in the gift/discount room upstairs where I may have won a couple of Lucky Board prizes but couldn’t see the main prize of this new group gift and thats because it’s downstairs on the wall next to the reception desk.


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Just a few. (Freebie(sss)).

Faith got to Promagic first I got to REED first and I’m happy I did.

As always the more I look at this picture the more I suspect that top is a reblog but the shorts are not. The shorts actually come with their own top but since that didn’t fit me I teamed it up with this white one for what I think is a great summer look.

Don’t worry there is actually other gifts as well as a brand new top/short combo which is going to be a lovely suprise for you.

In the main entrance, you will see the 3 lucky boards and the wall of group gifts are just to your left, in the same build, not in the next build….sounds complicated but it’s not as you will see what I mean when you go there.


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FREE to try and FREE to buy.(Freebie(ss)).

Finally a couple of freebies I think are blogworthy.

The top comes from the Ben’s Beauty & Boutique shop and there are other group gifts inc a brand new dres with what looks like a lovely satin almost metalic sheen to it, I was even tempted to pick up one of the pieces of jewelery and then decided against it as it wouldn’t match this top. This top comes with plenty of fits and a small hud of patterns.

I then needed some bottoms and after a quick rummage in my invent I found these previously blogged shorts from the Un!q shop. They’re still out for us as well as some other freebies for different groups.

PS The LM says “Stelzer” as thats the sign over the doorway but it is the Un!q shop.

Ben’s Beauty & Boutique.


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Yass to Yasum. (Dollarbie(ss)).

I’m glad I remembered to visit Yasum as it has been a while since my last visit.

You will find these and some other gifts/dollarbies in the group and discount room…oops popped back in to edit this to say it’s the shorts only, the top is frommmm…..another shop which I can’t remember at this moment.

Love that texture, the rope and cross so muc I actually put on my loved/hated Legacy body to be able to show it off to you as they only come in a legacy/maitreya fit. The same can’t be said for the other sporty dollarbie top and bottom set as they come in 1 fit and I will have to assume it’s a Maitreya.

To get to the group/discount room look on the wall for the Group gift/outlet signs and on the floor is the TP.

There are also some Dollarbies for male AV’s and the pants looked pretty darn good.


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It’s a drama Llama! (Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

Just look at that adorable face looking at me with love in his eyes, don’t we all need someone to look at us that way lol. Faith sent it to me as she knew I could do with a smile and I do adore animesh wearables.

So that means the freebie and cheapie are the clothes I’m wearing.

When I feel happy with my daily freebie/posts I love nothing better to old LM hop, or sim/shop wandering and it has been a long time since I’d check out the Entice shop and found the room with the group gifts, lucky boards and midnight mania.

The top is a “Third life” gift and you get plenty of fits inc my preffered SLink P so I was pleased with that. I may not keep it as I do have a lot of tops I will be keeping the shorts though.

The shorts are the Entice group gift. I just love the colour and normally studded items are not my fav but in this case I also love them. If I remember you do get a small hud of metal colours for those. Although at first glance you think spring summer team them up with a jumper and leggings thats autumn and winter sorted.


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It’s a short(tie). (Freebie).

For some reason I seemed to have missed the past few “The Make Over Room” events, or have they not been running at all as I just can’t remember getting any notices about it.

So I was happy to see a notice and also these gift shorts.

Normally I’d like to try to hunt down a free top to team up with them but they’re very nice indeed with a nice hippy chic feel to them so I’m just going to cover up my boobies and let you see them now and not later.

The Make Over Room.

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Ana has style & (Freebies).

As mentioned in my last post I hopped over to AnaSTyle(sic) and found at the back of the shop some freebies inc this outfit.

Again another full outfit, shorts, fringed top, shoes and even the jewelery. I usually don’t wear jewelery but it’s orange and orange is my fav colour. So glad they’re seperates as I’m keeping those shorts and the earrings but you may want to keep the whole outfit for yourself.

AnaSTyle (sic).