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Let’s have a quickie. (Freebie(s)).

At the LRD (Loud Rebel Design) shop, you will find on the wall at the bottom of the stairs some free group gifts.

I remember blogging one of the outfits but now it doesn’t come in my fit so all you’re going to see is these shoes.

I’m done!… I’m not “done” as I’ve just realised that these shoes are inc with a rather good sparkly dress and not on their own.

LRD (Loud Rebel Design).

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I’m a lost cause! (Freebie).

Another shop I make frequent visits to is the G&D Italian Style shop as in the past it used to have regular and excellent gifts out for us, I still own them all, and that includes this pair which has been the same gift now for XXXX amount of time.

I’m trying to weed out my shoes, I mean how many shoes does an AV need! The worst thing is since I don’t do many full-length shots I could be wearing animal hooves or a pair of spaceman’s boots and no one would know!

Then I made the mistake of checking out the big hud of colours and nope they’re still keepers. I think it’s not only the great colours in the hud but if you look closely you will see that the front is a little bit higher than standard court shoes and that’s my excuse for keeping them.

G&D The Italian Style.

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My best try. (Freebies).

This is my best “all the single ladies” pose it’s not really that good but I did find some dance poses I’d completely forgotten I had.

I first came across the shoes in my invent, a classic pair of heeled court shoes with a decent hud of really 15 classic shades good colours including nudes.

PS. I’m wearing the Legacy Foot Deformer.

So naturally, I went over to the Rowne shop where they came from and found that they’re still out as a gift as well as a few other things.

This bodysuit has to be pretty new as it does come in my Legacy Perky fit. It not only has a nice hud of 9 very usable colours it also has that very fine jersey feel to it. A nice little extra is that you can use the menu to change it from a bodysuit to a top, then a cropped top.

There are more gifts in the Rowne shop including dresses which I remember well as especially one of them is classy but with a sexy sheer panel over a breast.

OK I will be honest I did another picture of this Mina’s hair and it’s mainly because I’d lost my other pictures and I needed one to upload to Flickr. However, you can also see another one of the excellent shades and I’ve remembered to change the hairband colour.

OH, I’m annoyed!!! I forgot the Bucket Bag! One of the gifts is a bag which is really good and I should have worn it! Never mind that is something else for you to find for yourself.


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The more I think the more I give in. (Freebies & Lesson 101).

It’s getting so hard now to remember if I’ve blogged something before or not but in the end I’m pretty sure the item I’m wearing is new for someone.

This shirt/bustier and skirt are all in the same pack. The only colour hud you get is for the belt on the skirt. Each piece can be worn separately.

I must have shown you these boots/shoes before and yet oddly I don’t still have them in my invent and I would have kept them. If I’ve accidentally deleted them then I’m glad I have got them again. You get a big Hud of colours and patterns.

You don’t have to join a group to get them just subscribe to Mangula and these and other excellent gifts are there for you.

As for “Lesson 101” I use Firestorm and they have a really handy “protect” option now. So I’ve been steadily working my way through my stuff and the things I don’t want to accidentally delete I now click the “protect” option and it stops that from happening.

PS. Thats one of my “protected” Mina hat/hairs.


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A different sort of “Chic”. (Freebie).

It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve blogged shoes so I’m chuffed that I can finally blog not just a really good pair but ones of a style that I don’t have anymore (I’ve previously binned the older ones).

Tick, tick, tick that’s the sound of all my boxes being ticked with these “mules”. Not only do they look great you get a nice big hud of colours to play with.

BTW, I don’t use the feet that come with the Legacy body, they’re teeny tiny little things that are totally out of proportion to any body shape apart from maybe a Tinkerbell shape. Fortunately, in the Legacy pack, you get what’s called “Optional feet deformer(feet)” which gives you a normal-sized foot and more often than not you will be able to find one of the standard mesh foot fits that will fit you.

This is a gift from the “Chic” shop and it’s the shoe department you will find this. This is a big shop and I’ve not had a good look around yet so I don’t know if there are any other group gifts. Once I’ve had a nice wander around I will be checking out the other shops which share the same shopping plaza and who knows what I can find.


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Too good for us. (Men Only Freebie).

I have decided that on my travels when I come across a quality men’s gift I will do a post about it and here is a men’s only gift.

As you can see a lot of quality in the detailing. These also come with a small hud of texture options.

I think they are a previous hunt gift and are now out in the Ohemo shop as a group gift. To find them and there are some free items of women/unisexed jewellery to find them just look on the side of the staircase.

PS. There is also some gifts in the entrance and also so jewellery for both sexes.