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I’m done. (Freebie(ss)).

I finished the Okinawa Christmas/New Year Festival and walked away with some decor, wearables and quite a few landmarks.

This lovely scarf was a nice surprise from the “velvetbutter” stall. This isn’t actually “orange” it’s supposed to be brown but it sure looks like orangy to me. There are other colours but orange is the best and I do like the design as well.

This off the shoulder cardie is something I picked up from Coco Design. I’m not sure if it’s new I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen it before. It is, of course, Coco Design quality and if it isn’t new to you it’s a timely reminder if you need a party dress or some winter snuggly clothing as there are old gifts inc a very “Jessica Rabbit” clinging dress to some bright red oversized jumpers and leggings.

Velvetbutter@The Okinawa Christmas/New Year Festival.

Coco Design.