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Surprise! (Freebie & Mina Discounted Hair/Halloween Bloody Hair & Free Cute Hair).

Here I am mucking up our sim changing it to autumn colours so before I do any more damage, you should see the mess I’ve made of the river, I decided to take a break and just randomly TP and thats how I ended up at the Class B shop.

There is a free for all gift called “Dimche cloth” and I’ve had to edit this as I’ve returned to the shop and then I spotted there is an actual picture of the gift.

I say “basic” not as an insult as both the t-shirt and pants are good quality mesh and added to that you get a hud of great colours, can be worn separately and you get his ‘n’ her fits.

I can’t really tell you much more as “The Clang of Doom” rang out and so I just TP’d home. Undoubtedly by the time you log in it should be back up and running.

Special mention to Mina’s hair.

I decided to also TP over to Mina’s shop to check it out and it looks like I missed that this hair, Chiara, is her Saturday sale special offer and only 50Lds.

I wear this hair pretty often. It comes with a style hud and a big hud of colours etc so for that price it’s a bloody good bargain and speaking of bloody then if you do want bloody hair then you need to check out the room to your left as you go in as not only is that where you will find this Saturday offer but also some of Mina’s bloodied hair.

As always try the demos out first.

PS. If the Class B LM doesn’t take you right to the front door of the shop as I suspect the LM is set, then just turn around and close by you will see the larger grey builds and it’s just there.

PPS. I’ve just remembered that Mina has an Uber gift out for us and it’s one of her brand new hairs in a single colour which is super pretty.

I can’t help myself and here is a repost of the picture I used. Just so pretty! So get it now if you’ve not picked it up yet.

Class B.


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I’m pished!(Freebie(sssss)).

I don’t often use the inside of my home for photos and now that I’ve taken this one I’ve realised it’s so grey! I’ve been planning on spending some time faffing around with the decor, it’s so relaxing, and I think it’s time to introduce some colour.

That’s not why I’m “pished” it’s because when I logged in to LM grab all of a sudden the Catarsis shop is heaving! I thought my random TP had scored me a fab find and now I suspect it’s gone out in a freebie group notice…MEH!

Never mind the freebies are definitely worth blasting out in all groups. Lots of skirts, dresses, tops, pants etc and all the ones I picked up were fatpacks so there is a lot to pick through.

Then I walked to the shop opposite called Courtyard and although there is a gift for a woman the others, not as many, are for men.

Catarsis & Courtyard.

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Peace of Mind. (Freebie(s)).

The title is actually the name of this pose and as it happens something big/sad and yet offers some peace of mind will be happening today.

Nuff said about that, let’s talk about the bikini. It’s just really good, with lots of fit, a cute watermelon pattern and is just one of the freebies in the Dream shop.

I had actually done a whole post on another freebie from the Dream shop, beige floral pants, but it was a shamefully bad photo so I will leave that and the other gifts for you to check out.


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Ooo Yes! (Dollarbie(ss)& free shop credit).

The Drang & SAO shop isn’t a name I’m familiar to me but this top…I’m sure I already have this buried somewhere in my invent so I’m wondering if I’ve picked it up from an event or something and didn’t get around to visiting the shop. The pants are also from the group gift wall and both items come with a nice hud of colours and when I returned to LM grab I grabbed more of the gifts.

So here are the details, the Drang & SAO group normally costs but as a moving shop gift it’s free for the moment…go now!

The group gifts do cost 1Lds for group members and 5Lds for anyone else which is actually really nice as I don’t know how much the group costs to join when it’s back up to full price but it means that people can pick up some real quality clothes for just 5lds without having to pay to join the group.

The lucky board prizes are also pretty darn decent and nice to see some men’s wear as well.

Added to that there is a 250Ld worth of shop credit…and yes it’s trans.

Drang & SAO

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Let’s NOT go outside! (Freebies).

The freebies are pants you can see and the shoes you can’t see as for the top an old purchase.

We have snow in the UK, ok thin and crispy snow which is pretty to look at but treacherous underfoot so I’m staying indoors where I’m as snug as a bug.

Yeah, I should have guessed I wasn’t the first to see these ISON leather pants as the ISON shop is heaving with fluffy orange clouds of the unrezzed grabbing the goodies.

OK, so I may not be the “first” to show you these gifts but I’m glad I got them. You have a massive palette of 60 gorgeous subtle natural shades. All the shades are very shiny almost a latex shine which I think when teamed up with a neutral top looks brilliant.

The other gift is a matching pair of strappy shoes with another big colour hud.

I could be mistaken as it has been a long time since I was at the ISON shop but I would have said it was a paid-for group but not now, it’s free to join but I’d rush over to join the group as it may not be free for too much longer and of course these gifts may also disappear soon.

You will find the gifts right at the main entrance, along with all the fluffy orange clouds, and you still have to pay 1Ld for each gift which is refunded.


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Pants! (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is just the pants.

These pants come from a shop called Dreams you do get a big hud of colours however the colours are all very dark which is a shame as they do hide lot of the interesting details but at least you can see that sheer panel with the embroidery and they also appear slightly darker in this picture than they do inworld.

These are a “Suna” group gift and they’re on the wall with the other free or cheap groups.

The Dreams shop group does cost 50Lds to join and there is a wall of Lucky Boards as well as group gifts and a discount on each purchase for group members.

DON’T rush off without checking the wall of new items esp the “Business Pants”. So tempting! Only 50Lds or 40Lds for a 2 shade pack and then I spotted that you can buy the fatpack of 22 shades for only 125Lds or 100Lds, obviously the lower price is for group members. The only thing that stopped me from buying is of course the fit…my SLink P addiction saves me a lot of money lol but if I do cave into temptation you will see me wearing them in my next post. I’m going to try the demo on again just to see if I can get away with it.