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Neon Nights. (Freebie).

I was slightly disappointed when I didn’t see a colour hud in the pack as black is often a colour that can be flat/dull but this dress is such good quality that not only can you make out the wrinkles you can also see the sequin texture really clearly..both are a sign of quality.

Even without the addition of a light source such as a face/body light this dress shines when you’re in different windlight settings.

A nice addition is a single metal chain with some sort of pendant on the end which hangs down the back.


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Filed under “oooo”. (Freebie(s)).

When I save a picture I label it and don’t laugh but I accidentally labelled this dress as “oooo” as that’s what I was thinking as I took the picture.

I started to work my way through the 25Ld Tue Hud and TP’d over to the Lorien shop to try out the poses. I could see some group gifts on the wall to the left of the shop which are very RP/Rustic and if it wasn’t because I was headed up the stairs that I spotted this dress and another really good group gift on the wall next to the desk.

Sadly only two fits but a forgiving style so costs you nothing to try it out. The colour has changed a bit in editing but not much.

This outfit screams out for gold accessories and make-up but all I have is this next gift of wearable glasses case…they are gold-framed.

The glasses come from the Horl shop and it’s a Mesh Body Friends gift. There are other gifts from free groups inc an outfit but as a “speccy four eyes” the glasses were the only thing I had my eye on…geddit?

I’ve had a sh*te day of “adulting so it’s really nice to end the day with a great freebie.



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Saved by an event. (Freebie(s).

I’m excited to log back in later and strip off this completely free outfit for two reasons, it’s not my style and I also want to see what else I’ve picked up from the Saki Event as I did see other clothing gifts.

Yeah, lousy pose. This is what happens when I try to show a whole head to toe outfit off, I just look odd lol.

You get the headphones, that fab cardigan a bodysuit, skirt and the boots. Not shown is another top and a couple of small wearables, a Tamagotchi and a lolly mouthie and everything can be worn as separates…always appreciated.

The Saki event isn’t a big event so it didn’t take me too long to grab the goodies and I will say there is some lipstick that I’m seriously tempted to buy but since I don’t think the items for sale are at a special discount I’m going to check the main shop before I make my mind up.

Saki Event.

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I lied. (Freebie).

I did say that today I would be doing three posts now it’s just going to be two.

The Dreamcatcher shop has all of its old hunt gifts out for sale at just 25Lds. This dress and necklace which frames the neckline are actually from a free hunt and so are free.

This is on the wall to the left of the reception desk as well as the other, paid for, gifts.


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Another midnight find. (Freebie(s)).

It’s supposed to be my day off, a day to relax, unwind and just slob the day away but who needs a good/work-life balance lol.

Fortunately, last night I also scored this free outfit from the Appetite shop.

Even though it looks as though that arrow is pointing at me it’s not, it’s pointing to the shop entrance.

This shop is in a small fantastic neon shopping mall. There is a great looking nightclub and lots of opportunities to use the space for backdrops.

As for this gift, it’s definitely new as I remember blogging the other group gifts not too long ago. Comes in a lot of fits as well.

I do believe there is at least one more shop here but it’s time for me to scrape back my hair, slap on some lippy (I have to make some sort of effort) and head on out.

Appetite. (Head on down the stairs but don’t go down the escalator as the group gifts are in the area to your right).

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Give me credit. (350Ld Free Shop Credit).

Not too long ago I did a post about Tiffany Design and how I seemed to have some random free shop credit turn up in my invent which I assumed was because I’ve been subscribed to the shop for a while. Since I still had some credit left and a time limit to spend it so I went back over only to find MORE FREE CREDIT!

Sadly it is non-trans but happily, it’s going to be easy to spend as there is a great mix of gowns, shoes, casuals and I’m even tempted by the jewellery.

I’m reusing this picture as it’s what I bought and did a post about previously. I will admit I’ve binned the jacket and I think I’ve kept the stappy top but those jeans are keepers as everything comes with a big hud of colours.

BTW Someone mentioned in the comments that the Sub board is right there at the LM, so make sure to slap it as I think over time I ended up with about 700Lds worth of shop credit in total and that doesn’t include this new 350Lds.

Tiffany Design.

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Candy Cream & Kittens. (Redeux Freebies).

The Redeux Event has been the one event that I always enjoy. Yes, they did stop the freebies but the bargains were still there and still good and now it’s celebrating its 5th Birthday and that means the gifties are back as well as the bargains.

From what I could see almost every stand has a gift and I’ve spotted a real nice mix of stuff so there will be something for everyone. The wearable is a gift on the Mushilu stand and the top/skirt is the ZoOm gift.

I’ve plonked myself on Faith’s platform and I’m going to have a leisurely afternoon working my way through all the gifts and of course checking out the shops that pique my interest.

Redeux Event.