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Still working. (Freebie(s)).

You may spot I’m still wearing the t-shirt from my last post as it just so happens the pink shade out of the hud goes perfect with the new Coco Design floral skinny jeans.

It’s too summery for me as you can see I’m in full Autumn mode both in SL and RL…yeah I’ve shaken the moths out of my woollies and tomorrow I’m off to IKEA for meatballs and Tea lights. So once I’ve checked out S@bbia and Ricielli I’m going to spend more time relaxing and landscaping.

Coco Designs.

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Surprise! (Freebie & Mina Discounted Hair/Halloween Bloody Hair & Free Cute Hair).

Here I am mucking up our sim changing it to autumn colours so before I do any more damage, you should see the mess I’ve made of the river, I decided to take a break and just randomly TP and thats how I ended up at the Class B shop.

There is a free for all gift called “Dimche cloth” and I’ve had to edit this as I’ve returned to the shop and then I spotted there is an actual picture of the gift.

I say “basic” not as an insult as both the t-shirt and pants are good quality mesh and added to that you get a hud of great colours, can be worn separately and you get his ‘n’ her fits.

I can’t really tell you much more as “The Clang of Doom” rang out and so I just TP’d home. Undoubtedly by the time you log in it should be back up and running.

Special mention to Mina’s hair.

I decided to also TP over to Mina’s shop to check it out and it looks like I missed that this hair, Chiara, is her Saturday sale special offer and only 50Lds.

I wear this hair pretty often. It comes with a style hud and a big hud of colours etc so for that price it’s a bloody good bargain and speaking of bloody then if you do want bloody hair then you need to check out the room to your left as you go in as not only is that where you will find this Saturday offer but also some of Mina’s bloodied hair.

As always try the demos out first.

PS. If the Class B LM doesn’t take you right to the front door of the shop as I suspect the LM is set, then just turn around and close by you will see the larger grey builds and it’s just there.

PPS. I’ve just remembered that Mina has an Uber gift out for us and it’s one of her brand new hairs in a single colour which is super pretty.

I can’t help myself and here is a repost of the picture I used. Just so pretty! So get it now if you’ve not picked it up yet.

Class B.


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TPing & Out. (Freebie).

This is how I feel when I’ve been tempted into buying some of the weekend offers (this hotel backdrop, the train station and a rather good smoking pose set).

So I’ve spent enough Lindens and now for the freebie which is the skirt, top, panties and knee-high boots.

A “classic” design which does have a small colour option. Not keen on the head design on the skirt but that’s just my personal choice. As always I appreciate that you can wear each piece separately.

I got this from the Reverse shop which has a couple of weekend special offers on, to find this free group gift then turn left and head that way.

Reverse & Angel n Devil.

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I hate this. (Freebie(sss)).

I know Faith has already done a post on the big FLF 13th birthday event which is now on it the last couple of days so I went over to check it out and scored so many freebies but also some actual FLF offers and of course, LM’s of shops I want to visit.

That’s how I got to the Indigo shop as this stunning feather mask is their gift at the FLF event. Such amazing quality that even though I may never wear it again I just have to keep it with all of my other masks and headdresses. It really is just too stunning to trash.

Once I’d found a free outfit from the gifts I TP’d over to the Indigo shop and found this super wearable bag. Comes with a mix of poses that hold when you walk which is always a nice touch.

The dress is the ValentinaE gift from the FLF event as well and I did manage to resist their FLF offer as I’m pretty sure I may already have it but check it out for sure as they make such classy wearable designs so for only 50Lds…tempting.

FLF 13th Birthday Bash.



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Warning. (Freebie & Cheapies).

The warning is that I have a whole folder of stuff off the marketplace and I will be working my way though them so you may have to go shopping on the MP.

Not for these though as they’re only in the inworld shop. The shop is called BeautyRose(sic).

This latex dress is a freebie for the Designing SL group and for just 5Lds to join the RoseBeauty group there is a total of 5 gifts.

Not bad at all I was particularly surprised at this “Shiny” dress as it’s rather nice which sounds trite but nope it’s really nice.

My only thing is check the fits before you join and you will also see that some come with huds as well.

It’s not a big shop so it didn’t take me long to have a walk around I did spot some interesting designs that I can see a few people would be tempted to buy…just not me cos I am the “Queen of Mean”.


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I can go now. (Freebie).

Most of you will instantly know the brand this dress is and for those who don’t it’s a S@bbia design. As always I love it, love the simplicity and the uniqueness of their “handmade” designs.

That doesn’t mean all of their clothing is like this and for me personally, they have boots that I wear in RL as well. So grab the freebies, this and the other dress I’ve recently blogged then check out the shoes/boots and the rest of the brand.


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Meet Fred. (Freebie).

Fred is not free.

Fred is my little Shetland pony. He was a gift from Faith, heaven knows how many years ago and from the first day, I got him I’ve always had a little home just for him.

That means it’s this outfit which is the freebie. I just love it as it has the S@bbia homespun look that I love BUT it’s not a S@bbia gift it’s a Maitreya, Gifts, Sales & News group gift and you find it in the Kyara Fashion Shop.

Kyara Fashion