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Two out of three ain’t bad. (Free Hunt).

I’m married in RL which means the new Anti Valentines Hunt is the perfect hunt for me lol.

When I looked down at the list of shops with gifts set out for us as soon as I spotted the Web Dew shop I knew that was going to be the first shop I visit and it hasn’t failed with a great gift.

Or rather three gifts. So far I’ve only found two of them, this dress and the jacket and somewhere in the shop is matching shoes but I was too impatient to show you this to find them.

BTW Not too long ago I did another freebie from the shop, a very interesting Watermelon dress. This was one of those random finds which really tickle me when I find them, it’s just a box on the floor near to the stairs/planter.

Sadly for me no pictures and even worse I don’t think there are any hints for this hunt which means a lot of searching for me.

UPDATE: The “bra” part of the dress is also a seperate, its the black part of the top, and I’ve now spotted that the dress can be worn without it and I much prefer it that way.

Web Dew.

Second Life Syndicate Inworld Office. (Get the note with LM’s here).

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It costs nothing to try. (Freebie).

I wasn’t finding much inworld so I started to scroll through the Marketplace and found this freebie from the Renbrand shop.

You do get a skirt and pantie set as well as this jacket in black what you don’t get is any other than the Meshbody fit. So those aren’t wearable and yet the jacket it’s actually a pretty darn good git and I suspect it will fit other mesh bodies as well. Since it’s a freebie it “costs nothing to try”.

I can see a link to an inworld shop so I will be checking that out when I log in and will put the LM to this post then.

Renbrand. (Marketplace).

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I lied to Faith! (Freebie(s)).

The last thing I said in my daily Spam note to Faith was that I’m gonna log out and head off to the pool to get my exercises over and done with but of course, I had to do my almost daily S@bbia check and look what I, and the others who were there, found.

Absolutely love it and the skirt and scrunchy jumper come as separates.

The other group gift of boots is still there and I wear them all the time so make sure to grab those as Jury Gothly is so good at putting up 2 gifts for us each month and since the boots have been out for a few weeks make sure to get them as they just go so well with everything.

Ok, I’m definitely logging out to go and glug glug in the pool.


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I’m wearing the wrong shoes. (Freebie).

A quickie as I got stuff to do.

Not gonna lie, this slinky “latex” dress needs a pantie layer as it’s a bit open for me however some may love that peekaboo effect. Although called Latex to me it’s more satin.

Freebie from. Vizziani then join the free group pay 1Ld and it is refunded.

Whatdafu! So when I logged in to LM grab the shop which was quiet is now full of AVs. Since I’m outta time I’m not sure what’s up but it’s probably a weekend offer?

PS. The gift will be behind you on the wall.


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I’ve censored myself. (Freebie(s)).

There is a separate gift of a similar top which does match this skirt somewhat but I wasn’t keen on it so I whipped out a censor board from my invent and pulled a pose.

This a classic pleated skirt which does stand out as different from the other gifts in the Appetite shop. I’ve blogged those gifts before so it’s nice to find something new and even if you don’t need another “classic” skirt still head on over to check the other gifts.

Just as a reminder as you TP to a neon hall and hopefully you will be facing the Appetite shop which is a doorway, head down the purple stairs and halfway down on the mezzanine level, opposite the giant man-eating pumpkin is where you find the gifts….easy to see once you know where to go.

PS. When I logged in to LM grab I realise I can go shopping for my next freebie just like this, I do have my boobies covered after all lol.


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Nighty night. (Freebie(s)).

It’s been a nice busy and productive day for me then I logged back inworld and the hunt was on till I finally found something decent to blog.

This is a gift from the Entice shop but it is a Mesh Body Friends gift…both groups are free.

The newest Entice gift is always downstairs on the wall at the side of the reception desk and I know I’ve already blogged the Autumnal outfit of a skirt and sweater. So check that out and then head on upstairs as there are other gifts as well as some Lucky Chairs. TBH this outfit is the only new thing, or at least I think it is.


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I’m off. (Free Hunt).

Not too long ago I did a post about the Flamingo shop and at that time for a limited time, the group was free. It’s now gone back up to the full price of 50Lds which is still a lot less than I thought it would be.

I never left the Flamingo group which is how I found out about the hunt but you do not need to be in the hunt to get the gifts.

This skirt and top (fatpack) are the only gifts I grabbed as the shop is very busy so I will return when it has calmed down a bit as I do believe it goes on till the 27th.

This is a free hunt because I think the shop has moved so new shop, new LM and new gifts.