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Old & New. (Freebies).

I know exactly when I blogged this dress previously as I still have it in my invent neatly tucked away in the folder dated 27/08/2021. It’s called “Haunting” which give me an excuse to use this backdrop.

So you may remember it. Comes in this lovely orange or purple colour.

As for this next dress not too sure if it’s new or I just didn’t blog it.

The same goes for this light purple dress. I must say it drapes really lovely especially over the boobs.

Finally this is a totally new gift.

It has a pretty darn good knitted texture, those slashes and bows add an “interesting” look. It also comes with a rather good knitted bobble hat and matching boots. UPDATE: I thought I’d mentioned it but looks like I missed it, this gift is actually just outside of the shop on a board.

The Punk Justus isn’t a big shop which makes it’s easy to find these gifts on the wall to your left. However one of the gifts is the dress on the clothes rail and yes there are a couple more gifts but since they were Halloween themed I didn’t pick them up.

UPDATE: So when I went back to have a proper look around the Punk Justice shop and also check out the two other shops, a pet plant shop and butterfly breeding shop? I spotted another outfit hanging on a clothes rail. It is a dusty peach top and skirt. If I’d spotted it when doing this post I’d have shown it to you as well.

Punk Justus.

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Coffee ‘n’ Carbs. (Freebie(s)).

The title is only about the breakfast I’ve had, coffee and toast, and not this interesting skirt.

It’s always nice to be able to bring something to the blog which is a bit “ooo that’s interesting” and this panel look skirt with its gladiatorial feel to it is certainly that. You get this full version and a half version which is missing the front panel and it barely covers your blushes so I will leave that for you to try out.

This comes from the Fugue shop which also has a stall/gift out for us at the Enchantment Event. There is also a hunt prize out for us for the “Enchantment Hunt”.

Across the way is another shop called NG Designs and it too has an “Enchantment Hunt” prize for us. If I found both of them then you won’t have any problem.

Pay Attention. The Fugue group gift is not on the staircase wall where you think it should be as the group invite is there, it’s simply propped up on the floor. Easy to find when you know it’s there plus it’s hardly a big shop.

Fugue & NG Design.

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It’s weird out there. (Freebies).

I took this picture on the sandbox I use to unpack items I suspect are primmy and this backdrop is primmy.

I love when you pick up a random gift box not knowing what’s inside and inside is some really good gifts.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this grey pattern and laced up fronted skirt and boots. I suspect that they’re using a newer template as the shoulders are less bulky and a nice amount of folds/creases.

I had wanted to show you one of the other outfits but my computer decided it had had enough and went on a go-slow protest which is a shame as it’s not often an outfit with a graphic design on it piques my interest but this one did so I will leave that and the third gift as the surprise.

Pay Attention: As the LM takes you to the outside of the Pink Cherry shop and this is a gift from the Apple Heart shop so you need to turn around and the first shop on your left is the Apple Heart shop and you simply buy the hatbox for 0Lds.

UPDATE Because I hadn’t spotted that the pumpkin was also a gift for 0Lds and yeah it too is worth picking up.

Apple Heart.

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“All the single ladies”. (Freebie(s)).

Good morning Monday. Since it’s too cold to do any gardening, it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, I decided to mooch inworld and scored.

A very nice gift indeed, a decent-sized hud of colours for both top and skirt which can also be worn separately. There are other gifts as well which are to be found on the back wall of the GGVG shop.

As I was walking as usual I was looking at the items for sale and spotted an extra group gift which obviously was intended for Halloween as it’s a very flowing full witchy outfit.

In an attempt to get a good picture the full-on swirl effect of the flexi I’ve used Faiths nice plain backdrop. I do have my back to you so you can’t see that under all that flexi is a bodysuit with pearl effect at the neckline, combined heels/stockings and topped off with a hat. Each can be worn on its own. There is a lot of movement in this outfit and all of that is because it’s quality flowing flexi. Maybe too much for some put you can pick and chose how much you want to wear and of course use you’re preferred bits on other outfits to tart them up.

Because this gift isn’t on the back wall I’ve taken a picture of it inworld esp as a bit further to the left is a very similar outfit which comes with a price tag.

Now you’ve seen the picture of it inworld when you enter the shop just head on to the back but about halfway on your left is where you will see it.


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Be bold. (Freebies).

I pick up a lot of demos along the way so it is time to work my way through them and the first demo I tried on came from the Cold Laundry shop. So I TP’d over and found this “Pride” gift. It does look familiar but I certainly haven’t blogged it, I think I saw it as a gift at a Pride event.

There are a number of other group gifts which are bikinis.

I knew this came with a hud of colours and I will assume the other bikinis will as well.

It also turns out that it’s Cold Laundry’s 1year anniversary and in celebration of that the fat packs are 50% off. I will say that if you like the item in the first picture then there is a couple of different designs but with those oversized frilled sleeves which are pretty darn good!

Cold Laundry.

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I have a shopping list. (Freebie).

On my shopping list next to milk, cat food, bread, bog roll is the Belle Epoque dress, Hideki car, IDK Poses, Paleto backdrop, Tropix backdrop and that’s just from the “The Saturday Sale” as there are a lot of tempting offers this weekend. If you want to see them all just check out Faiths last post as she has them listed.

Before I head off to check all of them out I called into S@bbia and as soon as I TP’d I knew there would be a new group gift as there were other AV’s there and here it is.

As usual with the S@bbia designs, this dress has that “homespun” look to it which I love as it always makes for a nice contrast from the sleeker looks most of us wear. In this case, it’s the addition of that addon Vest that I think really makes it stand out as the underdress has rather washed out duller colours which again does lend itself to that homespun look. Since the vest is an addon you could maybe add it on to other items of clothing you may own.

If this isn’t to your taste don’t forget the other gift of boots. The S@bbia shoe/boot range is for everyone, I may have trashed the clothing but I’ve kept all the shoes/boots as they’re just too good not to.


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Simply frilled with it. (Freebie).

I won’t lie as the last couple of “The Makeover Room” gifts have just not been “my style” and I struggled to model them so much I didn’t do a post but check this out…

This is 100% my style! So much so that as soon as I saw the picture I TP’d over in the nude just to grab it and only then dropped Faith a note to say “back off it’s mine”!

It’s a one-piece and I’m this time I’m not going to complain as it’s a perfect combo. The addition of that cheeky slit skirt and frill is just perfect.

I was in and out of the event so quickly I didn’t check the make-up and other things for sale so thats what I’m planning on doing when I LM grab.

The Make-Over Room Event.