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This is how you do it. (Freebie).

Black is one of those colours in SL which can be so unflattering as it can make a good template look flat/matt and featureless and then we have this Hilly Haalan gift.

I normally just show you the one shade but in this case I need to show you all three of them as it was hard to pick just one.

Obviously a very bold and bright colour option.

And lastly another classic combo of dark blue and white.

I was so happy that my preferred fit is included as I’m keeping these. Chances are I may never wear them but they’re so wearable and such good quality I have to add them to my hoard.

As soon as I saw this I rushed in grabbed them but don’t forget the small seperate build packed with freebies should still be close by.

Hilly Haalan.

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Two for Free.(Freebies).

I had to strip off for both of these dresses not only because of the fit but because both of them have some serious boob/nip flashing so for the sake of a PG post I’m blanked out.

This dress is a free for all gift from the Moon Amour shop.

It also has a hint of sheerness. You could rummage in your invent and find a cropped top to cover up the boobies as that exagerated skirt is a joy or just wear it as it is. Comes in a lot of fits as well inc flat chested one for any male AV.

BTW if you’re tempted to join the Moon Amour group, only 55Lds, you will see on the board with the pictures of the freebies one picture is marked as old group gifts, make sure to pick those up as well.

I’m not 100% sure if this dress has been cut low enough to nip flash or was that simply because it didn’t have an SLink fit for me to try it on. As always since it costs nothing to try go try it out for yourself.

The Flamingoes group is another one with a small joining fee but this dress is a Fab Free group gift.

Moon Amour.


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When you see this I will be AWOL. (Freebie(ss)).

Since it’s been a while since I visited the Smesh shop I had my fingers crossed for a new freebie and here it is.

If I stood side ways you would see that this dress has lovely “pert” boobie shape to it, you would also see lots of gaps.

I think this Mina cap/hair suits it well if I’d had a pair of white go go boots in my invent that really would have made what I think is a bit of a 60ties vibe.

There are other gifts both for the Smesh and other free groups. So check out the walls near to where you TP in and also the gifts behind the reception desk.

PS. The title of this post is because I’m escaping the confines of my home and heading off to see a theater performance and staying overnight in a hotel…sweet sweet freedom! So I will be back on Fri but I can’t promise a post as I don’t have anything else lined up so far.


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Finally some “Justice”. (Freebie(ss)).

After a fruitless search for a lovely new freebie I finally scored what I consider a really good one.

Although my face doesn’t look like it I’m really happy with this romper from Justice. It certainly has the texture of I think it’s terry cloth? Some nice detailing with the string belt, folds etc. For me the biggest bonus is the colour pack, 20 shades in the hud and they’re all my shades, just a really good colour palette.

There are other gifts in the Justice shop which I do remember showing you the tops but as usual I didn’t show you the accessories.

The Jusice & Underground shop are oposite each other and I suspect the Underground shop may have gifts in as well but my time was now limited in SL so I’ve left that for a return visit.

To find the group gifts walk into the Justice shop and turn right and on the wall just inside the doorway is where you find this and the other Justice gifts but there is a SL F&O gift of what I would call a ripped t-shirt dress which is very good and to find that walk straight ahead in the shop and it’s easy to spot.

Justice & Underground.

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I can’t remember if someone sent me a link to this freebie or it was in a note/notice so thats why I’m clueless lol.

A most unique shirt and sneaker set which can be worn as separates. I’m not wearing the other accessories. earrings, necklace and an ice cream, simply because I forgot they were included and it’s only when I’m LM grabbing that I remembered I’d not put them on.

To me this outfit has a bit of a retro feel and it has allowed me to dust off an old Mina hair called Doris. I rarely wear his hair because that beehive is hard to style with most of the clothing I show you, however, I do remember that when teamed up with a tiara which fits so well at the base of the beehive it also made for a great updo evening look.

The outfit comes from the R&R Swag shop.

R&R Swag.

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Dreaming. (Freebie).

It’s just been “one of those days” so I’ve not even had a chance to walk around that shopping mall I mentioned in my last post. So I logged in with a cup of coffee and got ready to saunter when a note came through from a shop I know the name of well but not visited very often and as a gift for their 15th year in SL they have this dress out for us.

I should have used the mirror pose so you will have seen that the other shoulder is bare. Anyhow it really is a nice summer/tropical dress in lots of fits and matching panties. Really nice and so many others think so as the place was buzzing when I went to LM grab.

I’ve added this shop to my “shops to revist” list and I think I will do that sometime next week.

BTW this gift is only out for the weekend and if you missed their SL18th Birthday gift called Tiffany then that too has been set out for a limited time. It’s a bikini top with retro style shorts…..very nice indeed.


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No way…rush job. (Freebie).

This is a rush jobbie as the “Trend” event should be over, there are still items for sale at a discount and then there is this.

It was just by chance that I spotted this is a gift as I was going to follow the arrow on the floor which leads you to other, paid for, group gifts. This one is totally free and is a gift for the group.

Obviously because of the fits and style there is no way in heck I can model this for you and since this event is suposed to be over I’d go now for it Then when you’ve safely snagged it do what I’m doing and checking out the rest of this shopping sim as it does seem to be quite popular.

The Trend.