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Ricielli & Dhoma. (Group Gift).

For this Ricielli gift you do have to be in the Ricielli group but it’s the Dhoma shop you go to.

This lingerie come as a bottom and top half so can be worn as seperates. Lots and lots of fits as well as 3 pattern choices. I’m wearing the pink lace one and you have an animal print as well as a floral print option.

I’m also going to pop the LM to the Ricielli shop, sadly as yet they still haven’t changed the hunt prizes from the New Year Hunt, which if you’ve not seen before then you’re in for a treat, but I think I keep on forgetting to mention that the Christmas Group Gift is also still out. Fortunately the dress is a stunning deep red which can be worn any time. So if you’ve missed that then it’s easy to find near the LM on one of the pillars.

Ricielli & Dhoma.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

3 Shades of Summer.(Freebie(s)).

I’ve actually chosen the wrong background for this outfit from Entice. The silkiness, bow and ruffle all scream elegant lounge wear not beach wear. I think it was the bright colour palette of 3 shades of yellow which made me think of a summers day.

You get a decent pack of fits and the bonus of them being separates.

BTW Don’t be a goober like me, I spend ages in the gift/discount room upstairs where I may have won a couple of Lucky Board prizes but couldn’t see the main prize of this new group gift and thats because it’s downstairs on the wall next to the reception desk.