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Free Beer. (Freebie).

Sorry no clothes but I have beer.

This is a gift from the 8f8 shop but is a L’Homme group gift. Look at the detailing. I’ve forgot to click on it to see if you’re sent a wearable but if it doesn’t who cares when it looks this good.

This is a bit of a hidden gift so I’m going to show you where to get it. Look at this second picture and you can see the L’Homme poster and the lighter poster stuck to it is the gift.

The LM will take you to the middle of the Black Kite Sim so just turn left as the floating platorms of the 8f8 shop are in the corner.

If you’ve never visited the 8f8 shop then you have missed a photo opportunity as most of the sim is a watery wonderland with random small builds, props and flattering lighting which makes it easy for anyone to take a great picture.

I’m tempted to join the actual 8f8 group as even though it has a price tag, I think it’s 199Lds some of the group gifts which are scattered around so you have to look closely for them are so pretty. The newest one is the most delicate buttercups I have ever seen.

8f8 (Black Kite Sim).