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Gobble Gobble Gobble. (Dollarbies).

I decided to do the “Jerky Turkey” hunt and found in the Artic Storm shop these jeans/top prizes and naturally, because of the colour it was the first thing I decided to hunt for, the next thing I’m hunting for is the wearable turkey on your head lol.

Lots of fits and can be worn separately for only 1Ld.

As for the moon, blimey when I stumbled upon it on the marketplace it was a blast from the past as I already have this or at least maybe the original one as this is “V2”. The version behind me is not the biggest and it’s one of the slow-rotating ones. I also know that the smallest one is hand sized. Extremely reasonable prim, I will check and add it but I’m pretty sure this massive moon is only 6 prims…update soon.


4 prims and I’ve put myself right up to the moon, it’s changed as it is rotating and this is the other side, so you can get a better idea of the size.

Jerky Turkey Hunt 12 Blog. (LM’s Prizes & Hints).

Artic Storm. (Outfit).

Ally*Adventure. (Moon, Marketplace).

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Still working. (Freebie(s)).

You may spot I’m still wearing the t-shirt from my last post as it just so happens the pink shade out of the hud goes perfect with the new Coco Design floral skinny jeans.

It’s too summery for me as you can see I’m in full Autumn mode both in SL and RL…yeah I’ve shaken the moths out of my woollies and tomorrow I’m off to IKEA for meatballs and Tea lights. So once I’ve checked out S@bbia and Ricielli I’m going to spend more time relaxing and landscaping.

Coco Designs.

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Spend to save. (Freebies).

The hair is NOT the freebie.

The only thing in this picture that resembles the RL me is we both have the same black jeans!

I’ll start from the top down, the hair is a purchase from the “Wings” hair shop. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been after a couple of styles of hair that so far Mina hasn’t done and this is IT! The big fat retro-glam curls…what can I say, divine. I did buy a hair recently, I think from Exile which is also “divine” so now I have two. All I need now is a sexy “bed” hair and that’s me sorted. As for price, surprisingly only 299Lds as I’m pretty sure their prices used to be more.

The bustier is a reblog, still out for us and comes with a hud of colours. Just a quality top and there is a couple of other group gifts in the Histeria shop, also blogged. The jeans are basic’s and quality and we all know good black jeans go with everything.

To find the jeans look for the gift box on the floor in the Art&KO shop. You will spot 2 random gift boxes on the floor, now I’m thinking about it I may also have shown you these jeans before! Never mind, look for the 2 gift boxes on the floor…the second one will be a surprise as it was for me.

Wings. (Hair).

Hysteria. (Bustier).

Art&KO. (Jeans).

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Look at Me. (Freebie).

One of this weekend’s offers is from a shop called “Look at me” and it’s a fab bargain so I’m very tempted. I have the demo to try out later and I will say that since I need to update my make-up to EvoX I will be checking out all those offers as well.

While I was at the Look at me shop I spotted this old group gift that I have blogged about before and I’m really pleased it’s still out for us.

Just a lovely understated look, very easy casual wear. Can be worn as separates but the nice touch is how the camisole has been designed to look tucked into the jeans so I keep them in the same folder because of that.

I also won a really good Lucky Board Prize, all of them are worth loitering for and it’s nice that you can see the time countdown so you know how long you have to loiter for.

PS. Faith has done a handy rundown of the weekend offers, if you want to see the outfit I’m tempted to buy then check out her link to the “Happy Weekend” blog for pictures.

Look At Me.

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I’m back and still free or cheap. (Freebies & Cheapie).

Yeah, the jeans and boots are the same jeans and boots you will see in every group notice as they’re Coco Designs newest gifts and we all love their quality gifts.

I think the colour of the jeans is called Khaki but they’re more like mustard colour to me and that is the only yellowish colour I like so I’m really pleased with them especially since I’ve deleted many jeans out of my invent. The boots are Chelsea boots and they too are a new gift.

The sweater is a re, re, reblog as this 10Ld fatpack of colours from the Ello shop is my “goto” sweater in SL. Don’t worry if you don’t have any money as there are still the Coco Design Sweaters you can pick up.

Coco Design.

Ello. (Sweater, Marketplace Only).

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“All the single ladies”. (Freebie(s)).

Good morning Monday. Since it’s too cold to do any gardening, it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, I decided to mooch inworld and scored.

A very nice gift indeed, a decent-sized hud of colours for both top and skirt which can also be worn separately. There are other gifts as well which are to be found on the back wall of the GGVG shop.

As I was walking as usual I was looking at the items for sale and spotted an extra group gift which obviously was intended for Halloween as it’s a very flowing full witchy outfit.

In an attempt to get a good picture the full-on swirl effect of the flexi I’ve used Faiths nice plain backdrop. I do have my back to you so you can’t see that under all that flexi is a bodysuit with pearl effect at the neckline, combined heels/stockings and topped off with a hat. Each can be worn on its own. There is a lot of movement in this outfit and all of that is because it’s quality flowing flexi. Maybe too much for some put you can pick and chose how much you want to wear and of course use you’re preferred bits on other outfits to tart them up.

Because this gift isn’t on the back wall I’ve taken a picture of it inworld esp as a bit further to the left is a very similar outfit which comes with a price tag.

Now you’ve seen the picture of it inworld when you enter the shop just head on to the back but about halfway on your left is where you will see it.


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Quick Post. (Freebie(ss)).

The over the shoulder jumper I’m wearing is I believe the new Coco Design gift. You get 2 versions a nice beige striped one and this yellow one.

I teamed it up with this casual/sporty outfit which is one of the older Coco design group gifts and chances are you already own it as I think we all love to grab a bit of coco.

Coco Designs.