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A lovely waste of time. (Freebie(s)).

I spent way too much trying to get a good picture of this dress using one of my backdrops only to find when I went over to the Catarsis shop to grab the LM that outside is an even better backdrop so I binned all of them and one snap later here I am outside of the Catarsis shop showing you one of the group gifts.

This is the Goddess dress and you get a hud of 9 bold metallic sheen colours. You used to have to pay a lot of money to get quality metallic clothing so I always get a thrill when I find quality free sheen lol.

If you think this blue is good just wait till you try the pink or red!

I even went to the bother of putting on matching make-up, those dramatic nails and if you look closely I’m wearing the kinky high hair from Mina’s.

I did pick this up off the Catarsis Marketplace shop for 1Ld so I’m glad I checked inworld as it’s not only a freebie but there are other gifts for us as well. I already have the neon wings/halo & horn/bat wings but not the bags even though I had seen them blogged I never got around to getting them at the time.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Fallen Angel. (Freebie(ss)).

Good Morning Monday where ever you are. I love nothing better than a nice easy start to my SL day and I spoke way too soon as I had to log off and sort RL issues and now it’s the afternoon and I badly need coffee!

This set of wings and outfit and gifts from the Catarsis shop. I had actually wanted to show you the other gift of a bodycon/strapped dress as one of the colours in the fat pack was a coppery orange however the fit was not so flattering. So I went with this “Buckled romper” outfit. Both outfits, this set of wings and there is another set of wings that I believe are bat-shaped all come with big fat colour options.

Noooo! I’ve just spotted that I’ve lost my halo! So when I logged back in I popped the wings and changed my backdrop and outfit for one of the gifts from the shop next door to Catarsis which is called Gaset.

The editing has lightened the pink somewhat which I don’t mind as the Gaset group is free and there are so many colours and patterns for you to try on for yourself you will inevitably try the pink on for yourself.

Catarsis & Gaset.