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Selfie time. (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is the hair.

If only this was a RL “selfie”, sadly the only thing I have in common with my AV is good skin and the same hair colour lol.

In my last post I was wearing a hair from a shop I’ve not visited for a very long time and it’s D!va.

I do probably already have this hair as it is an old group gift as well as the others but as much as I would have loved to see a newer gift in this case I’m happy they’re still out. This particular hair also comes with a style hud, you can change the colour of the flower or remove it and also wear the hair without the loose pony tail. They all look great.

BTW if I’m wearing something such as this lovely orange top if I don’t mention it then it was either not free or isn’t available any more…if you’re wondering this is a Blueberry top and I paid for it.


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Look for the red bow. (Freebie).

The hair/hat is the freebie.

Super quick post as I should be “adulting in RL”.

This is a gift from Emo-tions. There are other free gifts but this one is behind the 3 posters/stands of what I assume are the 3 newest hairs. Just look behind them for the bright red bow on the poster of this hair and buy it for 0Lds.

PS. You get this lighter beige and a black version.


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Just a bit mad. (Free hair).

This is my season, the end of summer and start of autumn is the best time of year for me. I’ve pulled out all my slightly warmer clothing as I love nothing better than working in my garden or going for walks in the cooler weather with the wind ruffling my hair which brings me to my inworld hair…smooth transition there lol.

I almost TP’d out of the ADE shop as I thought as there is an “under construction” sign and I couldn’t see any hair at all that I was too early or I was in the wrong place but it turns out both were wrong. Most of the full priced hair is just further into the shop and the gifts are upstairs.

This is one of the free hairs but it’s not the one I would have preferred to show you. I did have a bit of a struggle with the fit which since it comes with different head/boob fits was more my problem than the hair. Since the group is free to join it costs you nothing to grab all 5 of the fatpack hairs and I believe there are 2 pairs of glasses.

ADE. (Upstairs)

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O.o Free Hair – Yes Please!


A limited time free gift is out @ FAGA for this gorgeous hair-do! You get a fatpack with styling options too – the group is free to join. Various sizes in the box from large to large +++ – Small – Small +++ not sure I’ve settled on the right size yet but I wanted to get this out to you so you don’t miss out! Only for 72 hours – thanks Faga ❤


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A rare pose. (Freebie(ssssss)).

How often do I do a simple sit pose? Trust me it’s rare as I just struggle with anything other than a standard, standing pose and looking at the camera. In this case I decided to try my best to sit as I needed to cover up my Foo Foo to make sure this is a PG post lol.

This dress is a gift from the Dubai Event which is celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday which means lots and lots and lots of gifts. I did pick up a few random ones and then this which is the gift from the Nyne shop and I love that yellow/grey combo it’s really good. Lots of fits as well which is good because I did get other clothing from this event which I couldn’t model for you.

Also check out the hair, this is the same hair from my previous post in it’s dry stage. “Rachel” is a lovely smooth hair, with the newer fine texturing etc. Check out my last post for the details about it as it’s both a dry and wet hair.

PS. I did find a really good free hair at the Dubai event from No-match. To me when it comes to skin and hair I think it’s very hard to find free or cheap skin/hair so it’s the one thing that I think you should be prepaired to pay a reasonable amount for but so many people are on a SL/RL budget so I’m always happy when I find a decent free/cheap hair so make sure you go get that hair.

Dubai Event.

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OH! It’s Free! (Freebie/Timely reminder).

As I mentioned in a recent post the only hairs I buy are ones that have something special about them or are of a style that Mina hasn’t as yet created which is why I returned to the Hair Fair sale to buy this curler hair.

I’d seen this hair in the gallery, link at the bottom of the post, and I just assumed this came with a price tag so imagine how happy I was that this is in fact the gift from a shop called “One Creations/Hair Studio One”. That name doesn’t strike a bell to me so it’s on my “to do” list for today which also inc eating cinammon bagels, tons of coffee and netflixing(sic).

If you’ve been putting off going to the Hair Fair Event then go now as it lovely and quiet so easy to natigate your way around. You can join the demo group and grab the demo’s of the hair for sale to try on at home however since a lot of the stalls have gifts out for us you really can take your time wandering around and trying on the demos there.

I won’t give you, or I may not be able to give you, the direct LM to the One Creations/Hair Studio One stall as this is a charity fund raising event and as you’re looking for this particular gift you may be tempted by hairs and you will see that a lot if not all of the shops are donating part or even all of the money from a sale to the very deserving “Wigs for kids” charity. Since I was willing to buy this hair when I log in I will return and make a donation as a thank you.

The Hair Fair Gallery.

The Hair Fair.

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“Love” this. (Freebie(sss).

Shi has done my job for me and found some excellent freebies from the “Love” shop and if she hadn’t dropped me a note about them I will have missed them so Thank You.

Any “heads up” from anyone is really appreciated. I may not in the end blog them as maybe they’ve been blogged before or some other reason but I DO check out every note (NOT Im’s as they are capped).

The “Love” shop was quite busy so I did a quick grab and run and out of the gifts I picked up a tracksuit set, another hair which I haven’t tried on and the dress I’m wearing in this picture which does inc thigh high boots and lastly the hair I’m wearing before I quickly TP’d home to try them on.

This hair is a long bum length, and I did take some pictures but they were blurgh! So you get this simple one from the front as you still get a good idea of what it looks like. The texturing is a nice fine one and the colour palette is pretty big. Added to that are the “addons”. You have a choice of roses or crown or roses and crown or no roses or crown as all it takes is just a couple of clicks to change everything.

And I will say that I preferred the “S” fit but there was a telltale white line down the parting so I changed it to the “M” fit which is pretty good and then I spotted that even though you get 3 preset fits, S,M,L in the style hud you can edit the size just that bit more for the best fit for your head so all it took was a couple of clicks to get a great fit.

LOVE. Hair & Apparel.