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Free Hair & FLF @ ufo


Lovely surprises to wake up to on a Friday. FREE hair @ Faga as above – fat pack with style Hud included – love it ! Free to join group to grab it. There is also another free hair there and four styles out for the Happy Weekend Sale – fahhhbulous.

Plus a bit of Fifty Linden Friday action @ ufo. This super complete all-in-one outfit called “Dolphin” cardi, top & skirt, two colour packs to choose from – I got both ! Legacy & Maitreya fits only.

Happy Friday !



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It’s true! (Free Hairssss)

The notice said “Free Tram Hair” but until I checked I wasn’t going to believe it.

This is only for the non-rigged hair so if it doesn’t fit you can’t edit it and out of the 4 packs I picked up 2 didn’t fit at all and 2 were ok.

Don’t despair as there are 2 whole shelves of free hair and I’m pretty sure you will find something that makes you go “ooh” or at least have a nice relaxing time going through them all.

I made the mistake of grabbing some demo’s of the full-priced hairs and now I’ve been tempted to spend some Lindens. I try not to visit Tram as I do love their hair, it’s short, kawaii, young, fly away etc and so far Mina doesn’t have many shorties styled hair so now I’ve been very good with my inworld spending I think I will treat myself to a couple of the shorties.

Tram. (Turn left when you go into the main hair shop, they’re the whole wall of hair).

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Time to move. (Freebie & Mention of Freebie).

I’m not really moving my SL home but some of you may remember that not too long ago I upgraded to premium, just to give it a try, and of course one of the benefits of a premium account is you get a home and this is my home.

I think I’ve struck lucky with the location for sure. Since I won’t actually be moving in I think when I have the time I will decorate and then set to the door to allow anyone in and see if I can set up a sign or something to say all are welcome. I may even rummage in my invent to see if there are any items of furniture that have an adult menu.

Now for the freebie.

This oversized hoodie is a “classic” so I wasn’t sure if I had blogged it but as it’s an Arti’s Fashion Christmas gift I may have blogged something similar but not this. It’s quality as well, I love the colour and it comes in a LOT of mesh fits.

As for the mention of freebies. When I was looking for hair to compliment the hoodie I found this old beanie from Dura and sorry it’s not a gift anymore which is such a shame considering it’s from 2015 it has stood the test of time. There are 3 gifts in the Dura shop and I do remember showing you one of them. There was also a hair piece pack, just fringes, for adding to hats/hoods that you may have and want to have some hair peeking out.

Arti’s Fashion.


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Trust me, Lucky Me. (Lucky Boards).

I get my Mina hair for free which I have mentioned a few times and even after all these years I get a thrill when I know there is a new product for sale. Not everyone is as lucky so when I found this big board of lucky board hairs I just knew I’d have to show it to you.

I actually won 4 hairs straight away now for the “but”, I suspect these are older Nyne hairs as they don’t have that fine strand texture that newer hair has. Nothing wrong with that though as it’s also leaning towards a Kawaii/stylised look. So for some, it’s a look they love and for others, it’s free hair for just a little waiting time.

I’ve taken a picture of the shop from the outside to make it a bit easier for you to find it.

This shop is on a shopping platform called “Luminous Hallway.” and it is. Since you may miss the shop entrance as there are fake shop fronts as well as other shops I’ve taken this picture of the entrance to help you find it. There is a group gift in the main entrance, a BOM bodysuit I believe and the wall of lucky boards is on the back wall.

Once you’ve checked this shop out then check the rest as I did spot a few other random gifts and I got myself a dollarbie set of poses as well as some excellent jeans from the lucky board in the Moxxi shop.


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Selfie time. (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is the hair.

If only this was a RL “selfie”, sadly the only thing I have in common with my AV is good skin and the same hair colour lol.

In my last post I was wearing a hair from a shop I’ve not visited for a very long time and it’s D!va.

I do probably already have this hair as it is an old group gift as well as the others but as much as I would have loved to see a newer gift in this case I’m happy they’re still out. This particular hair also comes with a style hud, you can change the colour of the flower or remove it and also wear the hair without the loose pony tail. They all look great.

BTW if I’m wearing something such as this lovely orange top if I don’t mention it then it was either not free or isn’t available any more…if you’re wondering this is a Blueberry top and I paid for it.


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Look for the red bow. (Freebie).

The hair/hat is the freebie.

Super quick post as I should be “adulting in RL”.

This is a gift from Emo-tions. There are other free gifts but this one is behind the 3 posters/stands of what I assume are the 3 newest hairs. Just look behind them for the bright red bow on the poster of this hair and buy it for 0Lds.

PS. You get this lighter beige and a black version.


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Just a bit mad. (Free hair).

This is my season, the end of summer and start of autumn is the best time of year for me. I’ve pulled out all my slightly warmer clothing as I love nothing better than working in my garden or going for walks in the cooler weather with the wind ruffling my hair which brings me to my inworld hair…smooth transition there lol.

I almost TP’d out of the ADE shop as I thought as there is an “under construction” sign and I couldn’t see any hair at all that I was too early or I was in the wrong place but it turns out both were wrong. Most of the full priced hair is just further into the shop and the gifts are upstairs.

This is one of the free hairs but it’s not the one I would have preferred to show you. I did have a bit of a struggle with the fit which since it comes with different head/boob fits was more my problem than the hair. Since the group is free to join it costs you nothing to grab all 5 of the fatpack hairs and I believe there are 2 pairs of glasses.

ADE. (Upstairs)