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I’m pished!(Freebie(sssss)).

I don’t often use the inside of my home for photos and now that I’ve taken this one I’ve realised it’s so grey! I’ve been planning on spending some time faffing around with the decor, it’s so relaxing, and I think it’s time to introduce some colour.

That’s not why I’m “pished” it’s because when I logged in to LM grab all of a sudden the Catarsis shop is heaving! I thought my random TP had scored me a fab find and now I suspect it’s gone out in a freebie group notice…MEH!

Never mind the freebies are definitely worth blasting out in all groups. Lots of skirts, dresses, tops, pants etc and all the ones I picked up were fatpacks so there is a lot to pick through.

Then I walked to the shop opposite called Courtyard and although there is a gift for a woman the others, not as many, are for men.

Catarsis & Courtyard.

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Easy like a Sunday/Tuesday morning.(New Belle Epoque gift).

The big summer hunt is still on at Belle Epoque. I’ve already scored what I wanted, and BTW I spotted that a couple of the items were actually non-copy/trans so I decided to pack them up and will be passing them on at some stage. Now it’s nice and quiet if you’ve put it off go now as for only 10Lds a prize some fantastic items to be found.

I went just to check to see if they had a 25Ld Tue offer out and I didn’t see it but what I did see was a NEW group gift.

A great start to my Tuesday. Not only is this a two-piece you also get a hud of colours. Just excellent.

We all know this shop very well so there are other group gifts as well as a couple of free group gifts and with the addition of the Summer Sale….bargains galore.

Belle Epoque.

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Working on the bottom. (Freebies).

Just like my last post I came across a freebie in my invent from a shop called Appetite. I must have picked it up from an event as both the name and shop itself didn’t look familiar.

Even though it’s a small shop I was pleased it still had free group gifts for us inc these shorts.

Very nice indeed. They do come with a colour hud which is really just all black or all white or as you can see black and white and of course the wording.

Same pose different gift. This skirt has that split side and I will even forgive that it has this on the butt…

I did grab a demo of an outfit, probably won’t buy it but I did notice that if you’re in the free group you still get a discount on anything you buy.

There are other gifts as well, I think some of the fits are for Petites etc.


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Do I need to say it? (FREE Lelutka EVO Mesh Heads for ALL!).

IMPORTANT DETAILS, the rest is waffle.

These gift mesh heads are NOT in the Lelutka shop, they have been super clever and set up 3 locations for you to pick them up. They have requested that you be quick so try to join the group before you go as that’s a bit of a time saver and as you can imagine the sims are heaving.

You do have till the 24th to get this gift so plenty of time.

There is EVEN MORE as you also get a whole list of LM’s for other shops with Freebies, skins, shapes, addons! WOW. I won’t be blogging those but you can bet your last Linden I will be grabbing them all.

Now for the waffle so feel free to ignore it and start TPing for the goodies.

I actually logged in late last night just to grab this freebie as once this hit social media people have gone crazy for it and quite rightly. Lelutka heads are, like other quality mesh heads, not cheap and the newer EVO ones cost even more. What a bloddy brill gift for us.

So why am I wearing a paper bag? There are two main reasons, the first is I always put on a new mesh head and instead of looking like the poster I look like a potato. Yes I know that the shape and skin make all the difference but even when I use the given shape in the pack I lose my slim perky shape and the head still looks potatoish(sic).

I did spend some time playing with editing and managed to retain my existing preferred shape and edit a beautiful nose and lips but by that stage, I’d run out of time and patience to work on whatever happened to the eyes and don’t even get me started on the cheeks or forehead lol.

The other main reason is I am still in love with my Lelutka Greer mesh head and Pumec Skin. To me, this head and skin are as good now as when I first bought them and I have worn them for so long that I find them relatable. So until they start to show their age I won’t be changing soon.

I will absolutely continue to work on the “Kaya” gift head and even the gorgeous male “Logan” head when I have free SL time but I never seem to have much free SL time. I wish I could spend more time in SL but of course like most of us RL always takes first place and then of course when I’m inworld I’m usually doing only two things, cleaning my mess up and hunting the free and cheap lol.

Sim 1.

Sim 2.

Sim 3.

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Coffee ‘n’ Carbs. (Freebie(s)).

The title is only about the breakfast I’ve had, coffee and toast, and not this interesting skirt.

It’s always nice to be able to bring something to the blog which is a bit “ooo that’s interesting” and this panel look skirt with its gladiatorial feel to it is certainly that. You get this full version and a half version which is missing the front panel and it barely covers your blushes so I will leave that for you to try out.

This comes from the Fugue shop which also has a stall/gift out for us at the Enchantment Event. There is also a hunt prize out for us for the “Enchantment Hunt”.

Across the way is another shop called NG Designs and it too has an “Enchantment Hunt” prize for us. If I found both of them then you won’t have any problem.

Pay Attention. The Fugue group gift is not on the staircase wall where you think it should be as the group invite is there, it’s simply propped up on the floor. Easy to find when you know it’s there plus it’s hardly a big shop.

Fugue & NG Design.

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“All the single ladies”. (Freebie(s)).

Good morning Monday. Since it’s too cold to do any gardening, it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, I decided to mooch inworld and scored.

A very nice gift indeed, a decent-sized hud of colours for both top and skirt which can also be worn separately. There are other gifts as well which are to be found on the back wall of the GGVG shop.

As I was walking as usual I was looking at the items for sale and spotted an extra group gift which obviously was intended for Halloween as it’s a very flowing full witchy outfit.

In an attempt to get a good picture the full-on swirl effect of the flexi I’ve used Faiths nice plain backdrop. I do have my back to you so you can’t see that under all that flexi is a bodysuit with pearl effect at the neckline, combined heels/stockings and topped off with a hat. Each can be worn on its own. There is a lot of movement in this outfit and all of that is because it’s quality flowing flexi. Maybe too much for some put you can pick and chose how much you want to wear and of course use you’re preferred bits on other outfits to tart them up.

Because this gift isn’t on the back wall I’ve taken a picture of it inworld esp as a bit further to the left is a very similar outfit which comes with a price tag.

Now you’ve seen the picture of it inworld when you enter the shop just head on to the back but about halfway on your left is where you will see it.


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Why so sad! (Freebies).

I’m sad because I’ve had to take off my freckles to make my Legacy body and Lelutka head skin match better but it was worth it to show you this freebie.

This bodysuit is just an example of one shop quality gifts in the Zahra shop. The addition of colour/pattern huds on all of them is just the icing on the cake.

Not sure why but yet again my LM takes me to the roof! If that happens to you, just walk off it. It looks like this is the start of a new shopping sim as there is a lot of the same small shop builds which look mainly empty apart from the one opposite the Zahra shop called Besan and it too has some shop quality gifts.