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It’s an illusion, thinking outside of the box. (Freebie Backdrop).

What a brill gift from Paletto and the L’Homme group.

You get 2 versions this is the one with the better quality light, LOD etc the other has the lower specs but the same quality its just a bit kinder on some peoples graphic cards.

OH Lord I have so many backdrop and a lot of them come from Paletto. Just love them and I understand that for a lot of people a backdrop isn’t very interesting so look at it this way. A backdrop can be rezzed as a tempory playroom for RP or a party or just because you’re bored and you’d like to live in a different type of build. We don’t have to live in a standard “house” so just rezz a room to suit your mood because in SL you can live your life anyway you want.

PS. I got this link through the TeleportHub group and it said get it ASAP…so go now.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Cute but not keepers. (Freebies).

I almost forgot to tell you about these cuties.

Picked up from the Yugen shop, only 1 prim each, nice and small so perfect for shelves, mantlepieces etc.

Now I’m landmark grabbing I remember that there is another gift of a photo album which is for decor and you can also add your own photos.

Although a lot of what is for sale in this shop is child oriented not everything is and I spotted some nice plain sewing decor items. I also spotted something which is a “blast from the past” for me as I think a lot of us when we were small children were taught how to make paper lanters and there are some in this shop which made the RL me smile.