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Time to log off and touch the grass. (Small freebie).

WTF! Where has my house gone!

The thing is I’ve learned my lesson well and now things like my home, furniture and landscaping that I don’t want to accidentally delete I lock in place so how has my house gone!

LOL, I should have used the “Frustration AO” from the Hud I mentioned a couple of posts ago as that really sums up how I felt when I spotted it missing.

Never fear as it is just a case of rezzing a new copy or maybe picking another house out of my invent for a change.

Before I log off to go “touch some grass”…literally as I’m going to do some gardening I will leave you with a fun free wearable.

It was a bit like Kismet in that I just used a random TP out of my LM’s but I had recently seen pictures of the Lucky Board prizes and some of the Group Gift. The shop is called “Just Tony” and I got this wearable cloud that you can float your way through SL.

Just Tony.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Broken. (Freebie(s)).

The freebie is the umbrella.

A random TP took me back to the Butanik83 shop. I remember blogging the freebies previously but I’m 99% sure there are some new things added to the table as if I’d seen this broken umbrella I would have 100% blogged it and kept it. Faith has a musical instrument addiction I have umbrellas, bicycles, aprons, trays etc addictions and don’t even get me started on homes and pools! So I know I would have definitely grabbed this to show you.

This is an interesting shop with unique wearables. The freebies are on a small table which is easy to find.

I have to work now, I don’t wanna but my cats need food and my bills need paying so I will leave you with this and see ya’s later.


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Fun fits. (Freebie(s)).

The Apricot Paws shop provides clothes and accessories mainly for the alternative shapes in SL such as furries. Sometimes though these shops can have hidden treasures for us “standards” and this blouse is a prime example of it.

This is the copy I’ve had in my invent from the first time I blogged it as it’s just so good. You get a more cropped version as well as a hud just for the tie. Lots of normal fits as well.

I had to pull a basic pose as these shorts didn’t come in a Legacy fit and the Maitreya was ok just not as good as I’d have hoped.

A very “Beetlejuice” theme to this look. The interesting bit is I’m still wearing the “stand-alone” shorts but you can add the leg parts on as well. Excellent texturing with a leather feel to them.

Just for fun these wearable “Chompy Warmers”

To find these and other gifts then head to the back of the shop BUT veer right and check out a coat for sale. I’ve had a demo of that coat in my invent for as long as I’ve had that purple blouse. It’s just a fab coat, fits of all sizes, reasonably priced etc so make sure to check that and the whole shop out.

PS. On the floor near the wall of group, gifts are a couple of boxes which contain older gifts. So far what I’ve unpacked has been interesting but unwearable for me. Still fun to unpack and work your way through.

Apricot Paws.

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Give me credit! (Free Gift Card).

What a rotten morning of piddling little “meh’s” fortunately I’m in the position I can put things off to tomorrow when hopefully life will stop borking.

So naturally, I log inworld for a little break and find some credit at the LuluB shop and also a discounted sale.

It’s the box you see that you click to get the free gift card. From what I read it looks like the LuluB group is also free for a limited time.

The stock in this shop is mainly wearables and although the rain clouds really tempted me, and suit how my day has gone so far when I spotted the gift card is trans I just had to pass it on to someone else…LOVE doing that.