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Camp with me. (Freebie(ss)).

I think most of us know the “Flair for Events” brand which is a big player in setting up and running events in SL. I wish I had more group space as this would be a good group to stay in as so not to miss anything as I almost missed the “Summer Camp 2” event and this freebie.

“First Lady” is the name of this, linked, skirt and jacket and yup it’s very boob flashing which turns this prim and proper look into something special. You get a big fatpack of colours as well.

Now pay attention as to find this and at least one other gift you have to look on top of the raised viewing platform at the corner of the event. Just look for the deer trying to climb up the ladder and cam up. Honestly pretty simply to find when you get there.

I’ve not done much of this event as yet and although I do know there is at least one other gift on the platform plus the shop “Off-line” which has donated this gift dress also has gifts in their stall.

I’ve edited this last bit as now I’ve had a bit of a wander around this is a bigger sized event than I first though but fortunately they have it laid out in a very simple plan so it’s easy to check everything out.

Summer Camp 2

Flair for Events Website.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Too much. (Freebie(sss)).

I went to a very retro event called “The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt”. Lots of stalls and lots of gifts, I don’t know if when they say “Hunt” that they mean when you click on some of the gift boxes you have to answer a question. I grabbed 5 boxes before I TP’d out and since none of them came with a question to answer I’m not sure how simple/hard they are. I’m going to have to return at a later date but if you have some free time and I do know some of the other events running are super packed then you can’t go wrong wandering around this event.

This outfit didn’t come from the event, I found a small Emerald Courture satelite shop at the event and decided since it had been a while since I was last there to check out the main shop and scored not just this two-piece but some other gifts.

This is a “Fantastic Monday” group gift however I think I just paid “0Ld’s” and thats all. You may miss it because it’s just a little white gift box next to the Fantastic Monday poster and I only bought it as I was curious as to what it was so it was a nice suprise how good it turned out to be.

The shop has updated itself since I was last there which is nice to see. Fortunately all the freebies/group gifts/lucky chairs and special offers are still grouped together in the room to your left as you go inside so it’s easy to find it all.

PS. There are a few hunts going on at the Emerald Couture and I just had to get the “The ice cream cone” hunt gift so check them out as well.

The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt Event.

Emerald Couture.