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Oh Drat, I squinted! (Freebie(sssssss)).

I simply couldn’t wait so I braved the crowd to hunt down all the cakes at the Belle Epoque birthday hunt.

I’m overwhelmed by the amount and quality of the gifts as I made a mistake in my last post because there are 20 Belle Epoque Gifts and I think it’s 10 Gifts from other big designer names in SL.

I actually ended up getting very click-happy and took so many pictures of so many items/outfits it was hard to pick and choose which to show you.

Most of them to me have just a bit of a hint of retro which is why I chose this backdrop.

The fact that there is a lot of clothing is just so generous but even the accessories such as the hat in the first picture are quality and I do love the accessories even if I will never use them.

What I’m not showing you is the full-length coat because I was too cocky and only took one snap only to find when I logged out and then checked the picture did I notice it looked like I was in the middle of a sneeze with both eyes shut. There is also a straw/flower hat which I believe is now a Belle Epoque classic. This is much more of a period piece that needs to be teamed up with a gown rather than a more modern look.

I haven’t even mentioned the gifts from the other shops which I’ve not opened yet as it’s all been too much. The one thing I will say and I’m slightly surprised is that there are no shoes among the gifts and since it seems to have been a long time since I found quality free shoes that’s on my search list when I log back inworld.

Belle Epoque.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Free again.(Freebie(sss)).

The Legindaire group is FREE again, mind you when it did cost to join it was worth it because of all the gifts and discount.

This dress made me go “oooo”. It’s the way it drapes over my boobies, the light frilling of the edge, the draping etc. A nice small colour hud. I’m pretty sure this shade isn’t sheer but it feels sheer on you.

I did spot what I think are new gifts as well as some I’ve previously blogged. A lot of the gifts are full outfits as well.

I did think I’d TP’d to the wrong shop as at the LM is a backdrop of a trending Netflix series but the shop is there and once you’ve checked out all the discounted boards outside the shop turn to your left and thats where most of the group gifts and discounted outfits. Make sure to check the main shop as well as there are other group gifts in the main shop.


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You don’t need me.(Freebies).

Wow there are so many events going on and so many generous gifts/discounts/sales etc. I must admit I’m biding my time before I hit them and I’m just going do a bit of old LM hopping to see what I can find I found these two items at the Yalin shop.

This is a “classic” SL design, stapless top, mini skirt and that sheer overskirt which normally I wouldn’t blog as I think most of us will have had this design but the colour, fit and the flow of the sheer skirt are actually really good and so I’m more than happy to model it for you.

I took a close up of this dress so you can just about make out the fine polka dot but it’s that seam line which is just a great little addition to dress.

They came from Ya….there were a couple of older gifts and I suspect that not everything rezzed for me as my computer is stroppy today. You will find them all upstairs on the wall.


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Be a VIP. (Freebie(s)).

I love it when I see a stylish shop with stylish gifts and then the VIP group turns out to be free.

I almost missed the group gifts in the Rowne shop as they’re tucked away, turn right and they’re on the back of the “events” board, and there are actually quite a few gifts there. Some bold red dresses, a skirt, glasses etc and in the picture I’m wearing this smart high fashion two-piece, the bag and although you can’t see them I am wearing a simple pair of court shoes from this shop as they with the hud you get with them make for a great pair of goto shoes, I already owned them which is how I went over to Rownes.

Sorry, the headdress isn’t a freebie, I will check it out and if it is then you know I will do an update.