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I know now. (Freebie).

The freebie is the dress only.

I finally received a book I’d preordered as a Christmas present for myself so yeah it’s taken a while but I’m so happy to finally have it. The reason I mention it is that it’s a book to teach you how to sew, repair, maintain and create your own style of clothing and as I always say that is why I LOVE the S@bbia brand.

This one-piece dress is a S@bbia classic. One size fits all and a homespun look to it. Nice pleating on the skirt part.

If you do need boots and I should have used them instead of these old S@bbia group gift boots that I’m wearing then the mesh boots are still in the S@bbia shop but it may change soon so I’d get them now as they will go not just with this outfit but many others.


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I’ve been framed! (Freebiessss)

The backdrop I’m using is a line of doorways behind me which makes for a good backdrop till I spotted I’d managed to catch a door frame in each picture and TBH I just don’t have the will to redo them…I will explain why in my next post.

I did not expect any new freebies in the Hitogata shop BUT YESSSS lots and lots of new freebies but sorry they do seem to be Legacy Perky/Kupra fits only. As always though a lot of them are easy for most mesh bodies and of course it costs nothing to try them out.

I have shown you many of the gifts in previous posts and maybe also this one as I do remember the super frilled panties but definitely not in this chocolate/mint combo.

The Hitagato brand/style is very unique and some is very OTT, you will be noticed by everyone if you wear one of their fun outfits but it was nice to see in the newer gift box lots of more every day wear.

This is a very wearable sporty look. As with everything you get a hud of decent colours so I chose pink for the pants and red for the top.

Normally I only show you one or two items but when there are so many freebies and I adore this unique brand/style I’m going overboard. This top and panties do come with a skirt I just wanted to show off the panties as I love them and the top.

Even their business look has a lovely soft touch to it.

The last one is made up of two separate gifts. I think it’s this top that comes with the collar and a front panel which is designed to be able to fit under jackets/cardies etc.

PAY Attention as they’re easy to miss. You will see 4 large dated boxes and on the shelves above them is some little cute rag bunnies just grab everything then find yourself a nice place to sit unpack and unwind as you work through all the good fun gifts.

I will also say that this shop is on a fab rental sim called “Missing Mile, Dark Rural Community”. When I had a male Alt I used to rent the basement in a large gothic-style house. AH, Sweet memories lol. It’s been a long time since I just wandered around so I’m looking forward to that.


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Me again. (Freebie).

I’m trying to find a decent pair of jeans free or cheap enough for me and since so far I’ve failed here is a pretty “Bunny” dress to make up for it.

I love Bunnies but I won’t lie I would have preferred not to have them on my clothes. That’s just me and this shop quality dress is a lovely gift from the Sese shop. You also get 4 lovely pastel shades in the hud.

PS. If the LM doesn’t take you right to the Sese shop, turn around and head left…it’s not that far away.


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Neon Nights. (Freebie).

I was slightly disappointed when I didn’t see a colour hud in the pack as black is often a colour that can be flat/dull but this dress is such good quality that not only can you make out the wrinkles you can also see the sequin texture really clearly..both are a sign of quality.

Even without the addition of a light source such as a face/body light this dress shines when you’re in different windlight settings.

A nice addition is a single metal chain with some sort of pendant on the end which hangs down the back.


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Pacific sun. (Freebie(s)).

I’m waiting for my working day to start and was lucky enough to find freebies..worth blogging lol.

The dress is from the May24 shop. There are three group gifts, I never got around to blogging one of the dresses which is still in my invent and I will now leave that one as a surprise for you and show you this black one instead.

I nearly ignored it as often black freebies can be rather flat and ok in the pictures I’ve not really caught any of the folds and seams but they’re there and since it’s a free group then free for you to check this and the other two gifts out for yourself.

Then I went to the Asian Pacific Heritage Event. I spotted that there is a list of different talks and performances scheduled as well as stalls and of course Freebies.

The gold fans behind me are just one of the gifts as well as the pretty hair accessory. I didn’t spot any clothing which is why I decided to blog this dress in the same post. Personally, I’m chuffed with the food accessories/wearables and then I unpacked this.

This is labelled I think as a “Traditional Clothes Rack”. It’s really good. I should have stood next to it so you can get some idea of the size, I think since it’s called “Traditional” it’s designed to hold Kimono’s so that gives you some indication of how tall it is. Lots of us don’t even have a Kimono in our invent let alone a hangable one, but you can use it not just as a clothes rack but if you have some sort of draped fabric such as a flag, wall hanging etc that will look so good.


Asian Pacific Heritage Festival.

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1 out of 3. (Freebie).

I’ve got 3 totally different freebies lined up so I will be doing 3 posts.

First is this dress from Normandy.

This dress is only one of quite a few gifts most of which I did end up trashing but only due to the fit and not lack of quality.

To me with my settings that dress is as shiny as it seems which is really impressive plus there is a hint of sheerness to it.

Pay Attention. The group gifts are on the wall and one of the pictures is a plain one labelled I think “Old Gifts 2018-2020” click that and stand back and accept the goodies as they’re sent to you one by one.

Gifts are just in the room to your left.

Oops I’ve just remembered this dress also comes with a hud.


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Call me an Uber! (New Mina hair, Dollarbie/Freebie & Mention of freebie(sss)).

Turns out the new Mina hair I’ve been wearing is on sale at the newest Uber Event….good luck getting in as not only has it just opened I do believe there are freebies for us which is going to make it even busier. I have high hopes for some decent gifts and I’ve had a look at the items on sale and there are some nice things including this new Mina hair to buy.

From the back and one side, it looks like a pretty standard mid-length hair then you have the shaved part.

I must say although I’m showing only the hair base colours that come in the pack I did actually follow the simple instructions and made my own colour/tattoo layer. So you can basically make that shaved area any colour you wish.

So I had fun playing with this hair then I took it off and realised how good the shaved look was on it’s own.

It has some really quality texturing that looks just like a close shaved and those track lines cut into it make all the difference.

Since the hair is not free then the dollarbies/freebie is of course the dress. It’s from a shop called “Uni-qu3” which I do believe has a very similar name to another shop/event but is not that shop.

If you buy it off the marketplace it’s a dollarbie but you can pick it up inworld for free (pay 1Ld get 1Ld back)… The marketplace shop picture does say that there are “2 extra designs” but I can’t see them in the pack all I see is the hud of plain colours…which is plenty for anyone.

Uni-qu3. (Marketplace).



Mina’s Mainshop.