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Crush Free. (Freebie(s)).

I finally got to go to the Cosmopolitan Event as now it’s calmed down and it’s been worth the wait as check out this cute combo.

I hate it! I really do as it’s such a quality item in both the mesh, colour and texturing so how can I not keep it! So yeah another “keeper” to stuff in my invent.

BTW I’m not ignoring the other free dress on the easel on the other side of the entrance door. I zoomed in on it and it’s a black, sequined classy dress which would grace any invent but I decided to just go with the pink and leave that one as a nice surprise.


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Spend some time. (Freebie).

I used this pose a few posts ago and I didn’t expect to have to use it again so soon.

This dress is a gift from Mow and it has been designed to drape around the boobies in a sexy/flashy way. A 10 colour hud of some very pretty colours.

AH, when I logged back in to LM grab I remember some more details. I’d gone to the WIP Event and then started to check out the rest of the shopping sim as this is a classy shopping centre. I can’t remember finding many freebies although I think there is a winter sale going on in many of the shops and maybe I should spend more time looking around. That’s how I ended up in the Mow shop but it’s not a Mow group gift, I think that’s 50Lds to join. This is one of the big free groups which I do keep joining then leaving as it is an excellent group but also a very busy group. To find this as you enter the Mow shop turn right and this is on a wall separate but close by to the Mow group gifts.


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Sub for me. (Freebie).

This gown is a subscribers gift from the Sofia shop so head inside, past the reception desk and turn right and down that way is where you will find the Sofia group gift (50Lds to join) and you slap the sub-board you receive this dress as a thank you.

In the entrance is all the old advent gifts which now look to be set for sale at a bargain price. I’ve not had a chance to have a proper look around but from my brief visit this is a “glamour and gown” sort of shop and there are some beautiful designs.


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Classic, Curvy Ebody Only. (Dollarbie).

This is a random find on the SL marketplace from a shop called Telsiope’s Courture (sic). I’d seen it a few times when delving into the deep dark hole of Marketplace Freebies and knew it was limited in fits but for 1Ld I finally decided to give it a go as I’m like a Magpie…I like shiny things.

Not disappointed with the sparkle at all. You really think you can see the beading/sequins on the top part and as you can see the colour continues down into the sheer body. You get 6 shades in the pack and I’ve cut off the lower half of the dress in the picture for obvious reasons but you can see the design in the sellers picture.

The only shame is the limited fit so if you’re an Ebody lover then buy, buy, buy if you’re not then still buy and give it a try.

I’m out of time so I can’t check the inworld LM is a valid one but I will be logging back in soon to check that out as well as any inworld freebies.

Telsiope’s Couture. (Marketplace).

Telsiope’s Couture. (Inworld).

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Don’t Meander! (Freebie).

I went to Meander Me & Sooty Wing just to join the group as it is free for a limited time. When I walked inside I spotted on the wall to my right what looks like the advent gifts which are now priced at 99Lds…apart from this Christmas Day gift as it’s FREE for ALL. Just pay 1Ld and it is refunded.

Although there was no reason to not believe you get this gift I quickly TP’d home just to unpack it and make sure that yes you do get the dress and skin which I’ve not tried on as yet because I don’t know how long the free group and this free gift will be out so I’d not delay and go now.

PS. I’ve not even looked for any group gifts either!

UPDATE: Yes there is a wall of group gifts.

Meander Me & Sooty Wing.

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House Cleaning. (Freebie(ss)).

I used to watch that hoarder shows where the hoarder would hold a single item and debate for ages as to whether they should keep it or bin it and I’m exactly like that with SL shoes and homes. So far today I’ve binned about three houses out of the hundreds I own and it just took a ridiculous amount of time to make my mind up.

So say goodbye to the house in the background as it’s now gone and say hello to this top.

This grey/blue top is lovely, the cups have a slight drape to them. It’s pretty unique for a freebie but then it does come from the Smesh shop.

There are other group gifts and I do recognise a couple of them from previous posts, and they still look great, so some nice stuff is to be had.

PS. I wish I had seen the legwarmers when I first visited…go get them.


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Feeling Cynful. (Freebie).

I must say my freebie hunting today was a bit of a washout so I retreated to Faiths platform and settle down and do some invent cleaning only to come across a top I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen before. This means, of course, I had to TP over to the Cynful shop just to see if it was/is a group gift and as you can see from this picture the top wasn’t there and it was something even better….this dress.

You get two colours this gold and a red version. Sexy, classy with top-class sequin texturing. This is a perfect party dress.

I don’t know how long this gift has been out as yeah I was running out of SL time so don’t wait. Join the group and go grab it from the poster over the reception desk.