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I’m wearing the wrong shoes. (Freebie).

A quickie as I got stuff to do.

Not gonna lie, this slinky “latex” dress needs a pantie layer as it’s a bit open for me however some may love that peekaboo effect. Although called Latex to me it’s more satin.

Freebie from. Vizziani then join the free group pay 1Ld and it is refunded.

Whatdafu! So when I logged in to LM grab the shop which was quiet is now full of AVs. Since I’m outta time I’m not sure what’s up but it’s probably a weekend offer?

PS. The gift will be behind you on the wall.


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Life! Stop throwing snowballs at me. (Freebie).

I was working my way around the Shop ‘n’ Hop event when it dawned on me I will have missed a new S@bbia gift and unlike my RL plumbing, S@bbia hasn’t failed me.

Just a classic S@bbia dress. Perfect for the winter and Autumn seasons. That frilled collar and wrists are the usual lovely touch.


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Fail-safe. (Freebie).

Why have I not visited the Hilly Haalan shop in forever! It should be on my monthly visit list, so here is this month’s gift.

A perfect party dress comes in lots of fits as well as shoes. So many different fits as well as material/non-material options.

Yup, that’s all folks lol.

Hilly Haalan.

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I have a list. (Freebie).

Last year Nadja made a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the shops that have Black Friday offers and I swear she must have the patience of a Saint because she included LM’s, what they sell plus the details of the sale basically everything which blows my mind.

The only thing is I’m a Cheap B* so I just want the free/cheap(er) stuff but this list has so many shops I’ve forgotten to visit in a long time and so I’m looking forward to visiting them over the next few weeks. The only thing I can suggest to you is just going to your favourite shop and see if they have a sale on first and then check your group notices for any info.

Blackstone is on her list as it does have some clothes at a discount it also has this freebie for us.

I spotted the lovely lacy sleeves straight away which has given this “classic” style dress an extra design notch. This is free because it’s an “MGSN” gift which stands for “Maitreya Gifts, Sales and News”. The Blackstone shop does have its own group and for the 50Ld price tag, some really nice outfits however limited in fits so if you’re tempted make sure to check the sizing out first.

Blackstone Shop.

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Staying home. (S@bbia Freebie).

I decided in the end not to buy that island/cave home as it was just too overpowering. Not that I have much to complain about as I’m loving my little island home.

Freebie is, of course, this S@bbia dress and for once this does come in different fits even though it’s a forgiving style that would fit most shapes.

It has a lovely fine knit texture to it and those folds, wrinkles and big hem it’s just lovely.

I will say that Jury Gothly is so good at these regular group gifts but if you have time then check out the rest of her shop, it has a lot to offer those who just want to look that bit different from the rest. Also for me, I wear her boots/shoes nearly all the time, even now although I cut them out I’m wearing a pair of S@bbia shoes. There is also a couple of Lucky Boards and one of those emm puzzle board prize giver..


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Reblog and why not. (Freebie).

The real me has a full-blown snotty, coughing icky cold, I’ve managed to muster enough energy to shower, dress and suck down more meds so I’m feeling a bit more human and not a fat-assed, desiccated snot rag that I resemble. I’ve also drank so much fluid my belly is making sloshing sounds like a half-filled water bottle.

The pretty me is modelling a freebie that I’d shown you years ago and it’s still so nice here it is again.

The skirt is definitely a bit bum-skimming but if someone is going to cam that closely you may as well give them a cheap thrill lol. I just used the original one I had in my invent and I’d obviously kept the Perky fit so I’m not sure what other fits it does come in. You get a nice hud of mainly pastel shades and even though it’s a one-piece you can still change both parts. Some really nice detailing and the colour has a lovely light sheen to it.

Ok….Pay Attention because this is on the stand in the middle of the shared shopping platform and the three gifts are set to free for all. The other gifts are eyes and poses.


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A Quickie. (Freebie(s)).

I went to the Maker Over Room Event and the new gift is a sweater dress and since it’s an Entice design I know it will be quality when I unpack and try it on.

This is also an Entice design and it too is quality.

A lovely sweater/skirt unliked so even handier. You can’t see it but fantastic texturing as well and also 3 Autumnal shades in the pack.

This new group gift is on the wall next to the reception desk the rest of the group gifts/lucky boards are upstairs and I didn’t have time to check out if there is anything new.


The Make Over Room.