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I’m only here for the tarts. (25Ld Tue & Freebie).

The new 25Ld Tue offer from the Lorien shop is a good excuse to show off one of their free group gifts which I have shown to you before.

The dress is a free group gift, you will need to pay 1Ld and it is refunded. It’s one of two freebies on the wall behind the reception desk. The editing of the photo is not one I use often as it does change the texture of the dress so it looks like latex but it’s silkier inworld. It’s such a classy elegant look in a style you don’t see much of which is why I’m glad I have an excuse to reblog it and the excuse is the basket.

The basket is the 25Ld Tue offer. I’m a sucker for baskets esp wearable ones. You get 2 versions with or without a pose and rezzed it’s only 1 prim.


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I’m, not, kidding. (Freebie(sss)).

I’ve already done a post about the Catarsis group gifts and if you went that time you will see the gifts are the pictures on the open lockers.

There is a really nice mix of stuff, dresses, rompers, skirts, tops and this short/shirt set is what looks new.

This shirt and short set does have a child-like/cartoonish feel to it and as it happens some of the options in the fatpack are for an image on the front of the shirt of some very famous children’s TV characters.


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Expect more. (Freebies@Swank).

I don’t normally do events but Faith wondered if I’d like to do the Swank event as it’s just opened and there are freebies so I hauled AV ass.

The freebie is just the top.

Indulge me with this picture as I really should have just zoomed in on the top so you can see the really nice detailing such as the button but yesterday I took some time off to change the landscaping on my home, not finished yet, and as you can see Sunflowers are one of my fav late summer/autumn flower.

This top is just one of many gifts at the Swank Event. I basically found the first item of clothing and then TP’d home to try it out and fortunately for me it ticks all my boxes.

I will be heading back when I log in not just for the freebies as I’ve spotted something I may buy and of course, I nearly always walk away with a whole load of shop LM’s to check out.

PS. Can’t remember which stall this top came off so will add an UPDATE for you when I find out.

As promised UPDATE: This is a gift from the Anna Style stall and since I’ve not been to that shop for a long time I will be paying it a visit.


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It’s a classic. (Freebie).

This is such a classic design I think most of us already have a copy of it in our invents so I wasn’t really expecting too much but again I am happily surprised.

It comes only in this pink pattern which I’m not mad at, a nice fine mesh and can be worn as both a skirt and top which as always is totally appreciated. It’s a Mesh Body Friends gift and there are a couple of other freebies.

The Shanti shop does use a lot of classic templates but has vamped them up with some bold and colourful patterns. I did rather like the coats (of many colours lol).

What got me to the Shanti shop in the first place wasn’t a free outfit it was the free backdrop I’m using. My backdrops always look rather flat in my pictures when most times they’re not I’m just not very good at showing depth. If you’re interested then this is at the back of the shop but this dress is to your left as you go inside.

Shanti & New Mondays.

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Ok, it’s time to just stop. (Freebie).

It’s been a crazy couple of days/week for both free and paid-for items so now I need to just stand still, unpack and sort my way through the hoard.

Although there is an Uber gift in the West End shop they also have this free for all dress.

I have to admit I don’t think my picture has done it justice because although it’s a plain-looking dress it is rather nice and comes with 14 shades and 3 patterns and it looks better inworld than it does in my picture.

West End.

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I can go now. (Freebie).

Most of you will instantly know the brand this dress is and for those who don’t it’s a S@bbia design. As always I love it, love the simplicity and the uniqueness of their “handmade” designs.

That doesn’t mean all of their clothing is like this and for me personally, they have boots that I wear in RL as well. So grab the freebies, this and the other dress I’ve recently blogged then check out the shoes/boots and the rest of the brand.


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I have more shoes! (Dollarbie(ss)).

Don’t worry I will save the shoes till the next post as I’ve already done 3 pairs and even a shoe addict needs a break.

Fortunately, I picked up some none shoe dollabies from the MirageDoll marketplace shop and I was so happy with them.

This dress, called Maiia, has that lovely windblown look to it (photo has been edited a little bit so try the demo out if you’re not too sure).

I also picked up the Bella short/top combo(linked) and the Katy skirt/top (separates) and they all also come with a colour hud and I was also very happy with them.

I had to quickly log out of SL as RL always comes first which is a shame as I was really intending on showing you the other 2 items, also I see there is a link to an inworld shop so I fully intend on checking that out as well.