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It’s a keeper. (Free credit).

A shop called Omnia has a 200Ld free gift card for us.

Not that I think you’d miss the sign but I did have to add a picture to this post so this is what you’re looking for.

Sorry it’s non trans, I even rezzed it and took it back into my invent and that didn’t work so when you get it you will have to spend it on yourself…oh the hardship lol.

PS. From my mini map I can see that this is a busy shopping sim so once I head back in I’m off to check the other shops out.


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Time to order an UBER. (New Mina Hair & Mention of 500Ld Trend Shop Credit).

This is Mina’s new hair called Pepper.

Pepper is a smooth fine textured hair, with a light sheen to it and as usual with a Mina hair a vast colour palette.

In this case the style hud is included and allows you to wear the hair with or without the fringe, it also gives you the “average, petite and Kupra” sizing so that means the hair hanging down lies on top of your boobies/clothing just right. Even more is that each size comes in 1 & 2 head sizes so you can with a couple of clicks get the best fit for you. It’s nice that it’s all in a hud rather than having a folder full of the different options.

It’s only for sale @Uber so I will give you the link to both Mina’s mainshop so you can try the demo out and also to Uber.

FREE SHOP CREDIT are 3 words to cheer up anyone lol.

The notice has just gone out from a shop called Trend that in celebration of a new sim?/shop? the group is free to join and for group members there is a generous 500Lds shop credit out for us.

I would like to show you the board you slap or even something I’ve bought using the shop credit but the place is heaving so I was most suprised when the big board in the shop entrance did rezz for me, so I quickly joined and clicked for the credit then TP’d out as it wasn’t fair to add to the lag by trying to shop for something.

Don’t worry as you do have till the 31st to get this credit so it should calm down soon and then till the 15th April to spend it.

Mina’s Mainshop.


Trend. (Shop Credit).

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We broke it! (Free Gift Card).

Hands up how many of us have been trying to log into Second Lifes Marketplace to get the Catwa head? Yup me too lol. Looks like we will have to be patient and keep on trying, we do have 24 hours so it will be a case of try, try and try again.

Till then here is a FREE 250Ld gift card from the Arcane Spellcaster shop. This is free for all so you don’t need to join the group.

If you do decide to join the group, only 150Lds you not only get a 500Ld gift card you will also see that every 3 months you get another 500Ld gift card! Not too shabby!

BTW. It makes a nice change that you have till 20th June to spend your credit so no rush needed.

Arcane Spellcaster.