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Addams VIP, HURRY.

I’m in the Addams group which only costs 19Lds but I’ve been ignoring all the posts and comments till now which is why this is a RUSH job.

Turns out the second Addams group which is their VIP group is now only 5Lds to join and the comments also said there is a 500Ld gift card for all new members and I’m in such a rush to get this post out to you so hopefully you can join and get the gift card I’ve not actually located where it is in the shop, just follow the crowd as you can imagine it’s super busy….good luck and I will race you there.

I’ve managed to find where you click for the credit and hopefully given you a LM which takes you to where you can see me standing.

UPDATE: The offer is still up and running and Addams seems to have quietened down so again, go now.