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Just one of three. (Freebies).

I didn’t know that Coco designs have 3 new group gifts out so that was a nice surprise.

The Coco Design gift is the shorts. You only get one colour, black, and it’s a sign of quality that you can see make out the texture of the fabric, folds, zip etc.

There are two other quality gifts which I will leave as a surprise for you.

Since the shorts to me are for a more autumnal look I am wearing a recently blogged sweater from the UKYAH shop. This has turned out to be my newest “go-to” sweater as it’s so good and out of the hud this orange colour is my fav. I’ve had a quick check and yes it’s still a group gift and for 10Lds you can have this as well as some others.

Just a reminder in that one of the things the UKYAH shop specialises is in clothing designed for both male and female AV’s, that includes the dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes which usually just come in a female fit but if you have a male AV that likes to wear female clothing then check this place out.

Coco Design.


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Not for me. (Freebie(s)).

This newest gift from Coco Designs is their usual quality. A linked shirt, cardie and tie and I won’t be keeping it.

The only reason I won’t be keeping it is that the grey reminds me too much of unrezzedness (it’s a word!). Obviously close up you can see the fine knit detailing and with the addition of the OTT cuffs and collar is pretty interesting.

I’m not too mad as the bold red pants I’m wearing are also a new Coco Design gift. Simply fab, tight fit all the way down to the ankle where they have been split which makes wearing boots/shoes/sneakers look a bit more natural.

PS. Yes, that is a new Mina hair but I don’t know anything about it yet.

Coco Design.

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I’m done. (Freebie(ss)).

I finished the Okinawa Christmas/New Year Festival and walked away with some decor, wearables and quite a few landmarks.

This lovely scarf was a nice surprise from the “velvetbutter” stall. This isn’t actually “orange” it’s supposed to be brown but it sure looks like orangy to me. There are other colours but orange is the best and I do like the design as well.

This off the shoulder cardie is something I picked up from Coco Design. I’m not sure if it’s new I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen it before. It is, of course, Coco Design quality and if it isn’t new to you it’s a timely reminder if you need a party dress or some winter snuggly clothing as there are old gifts inc a very “Jessica Rabbit” clinging dress to some bright red oversized jumpers and leggings.

Velvetbutter@The Okinawa Christmas/New Year Festival.

Coco Design.